Humint Events Online: Looks Like Trump Used His Casinos to Launder Money for the Russian Mob

Monday, January 09, 2017

Looks Like Trump Used His Casinos to Launder Money for the Russian Mob

How on earth was Trump losing money on his casinos while competitors were making bank?
You can say "haha what a dummy-losing money on casinos" but as I noted, Trump's losses appear deliberate, planned.

But what if there's more to Trump's casino losses, which ran billions of dollars.
Was it to disguise Russian money laundering? Article below from 1995 notes how Russian mafia was laundering money in and out of the US using dummy corps.
A coincidence that Trump's projects–after banks ditched him–were financed by Russian mafia linked Bayrock? Soviet characters–Sater, Arif, Sapir, Mashkevich-suddenly pouring hundreds of millions into a bankrupt Trump?
Were these Russian links established during Trump's casino run-he helps them with laundering-they bail him out?
Recall the lawsuit against Bayrock naming Trump and kids alleges $250 million were laundered, untaxed, to Russia.

We know Trump was getting tax benefits for losing people's investments, but now we have this laundering angle.

Here is the smoking gun: US Treasury fined Trump's casinos $10 million for "significant, long standing anti-money laundering violations".
$10M money laundering fine levied on Trump was LARGEST PENALTY FinCen-Financial Crimes Enforcement Network-ever levied against a casino.
If Congress pursues Trump's Russia ties/grooming, his casino money laundering investigation holds key answers.
Fresh look into the casino would reveal how far back his Russian ties go, activities money laundering supported.
Danny Leung, VP Foreign Marketing at Trump's casino was ID'd by US Senate as member of organized crime/money laundering outfit 14K Triad
After fall of USSR, hundreds of KGB officers entered Russian mafia–which made Brighton Beach, Brooklyn–where Sater lived–its US HQ.

Lots of supporting info here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is disturbing, but is it really any worse or more shocking than who knows how many business deals between prominent American banks, foundations, and businesses - partnering with Russian, Chinese, Middle Eastern etc. businesses? Clintons, Bushes et al.

7:04 PM  

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