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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Trump/GOP Scam Comes into Clearer Focus

Eugene Robinson lays out the big Trump lie:
The Trump administration is an aberration, an outrage, a threat to the nation’s very soul. But most of all, it’s a great big fraud.
Voters who thought President Trump would at least try to fulfill his populist, America-first campaign promises were cynically and cruelly deceived. Trump placates these supporters with rhetoric, distracts them with cultural warfare and encourages them to seek refuge in cultural chauvinism. What he doesn’t do for them is deliver. (snip)
Remember how the president promised a $1 trillion program to rebuild the nation’s roads, bridges, airports and railroads? Well, he claims to be doing even more — $1.5 trillion in infrastructure spending over the next decade. But the promise comes with little or no new federal money, which means it barely qualifies as an idle wish. Trump says he wants to spend just $200 billion over 10 years on infrastructure, with cities and states providing the rest. But mayors and governors don’t have $1.3 trillion lying around; ask them, if you don’t believe me. And since the $200 billion is supposed to come from savings elsewhere in the budget, Trump effectively plans to give with one hand and take away with the other.
Anyone who expected projects on the scale of Hoover Dam or the interstate highway system should realize that Trump will never come through, because he has no idea how. (snip)
Trump campaigned as the purported champion of a working class that was being robbed blind by dastardly elites. He has governed, however, as robber in chief. The tax bill that Republicans passed and Trump signed into law delivers the lion’s share of its benefits to corporations and the rich. The president hopes that middle-class taxpayers will be so transfixed by seeing a little more in their paychecks that they fail to notice how other costs, such as health care, are rising because of his policies.
Trump has changed GOP dogma in one regard: The party no longer even pretends to stand for fiscal responsibility. Republicans are apparently wild-eyed Keynesians now, cutting taxes and boosting spending in an attempt to stimulate the economy. Trump anticipates ballooning the national debt by $7 trillion over the next decade.
House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.), a supposed champion of small government and balanced budgets, goes along like a little mouse.
Trump drew loud cheers at his campaign rallies when he complained about the high cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, saying all that money would be better spent at home. But the deal he signed last week will increase defense spending by $195 billion over the next two years, and his budget director suggested the military could get even more. (snip)
The president pledged to maintain or strengthen the social safety net, but — sit down, you won’t believe this — he lied. His budget cuts $554 billion in Medicare spending over 10 years, which is of concern to anyone over 65. It cuts up to $250 billion in Medicaid spending, which has implications for anybody who has a loved one in a nursing home. Trump wants to cut $214 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, better known as food stamps, a vital source of help for the working poor.
The idea of Donald Trump as some sort of Man of the People was laughable from the start — a boastful plutocrat who lives in a gold-plated aerie above Fifth Avenue, claiming lunch-bucket solidarity with factory workers and coal miners. He sold it, though, largely by cementing a racial and cultural kinship and shamelessly misrepresenting his intentions.
Trump tells little lies all the time. But this is the Big Lie that must be constantly exposed between now and the November election: Trump is worsening society’s bias in favor of the wealthy — and laughing at the chumps who put him in office.

The GOP is bankrupting us by driving up Federal debt and slashing away at the only decent parts of the Federal government. It's evil and sickening. They HAVE to go.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

trump is just another crook liar as every POTUS aside from JFK has been.

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is only one party in the United States: the Property party... and it has two right wings: Republican and Democrat.

3:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's interesting that the attack on Parkland came at an ideal time for Trump, distracting from important developments in the investigation and resulting in severe attacks on the FBI (which had been sent information about the crime) with calls for the director's resignation.

It also obscured coverage of the strange shooting that morning that left three dead in a vehicle many say appears to have been *fleeing* NSA headquarters (contrary to media reports).

There are (as usual) the earmarks of a covert operation:

-The Miami Herald reported: "Some students believe there was a second shooter." Alexa Miednik and Cristina Vega are two such students who have given interviews in which they indicated there was more than one gunman.

-Nikolas Cruz had lost both his parents and was staying with another family. He was undergoing psychiatric treatment and had been prescribed medication, though he stopped seeing his therapist. He had a long disciplinary history in school, leading to the students frequently predicting that he would be their school's shooter. He could / would have been identified very easily as the perfect patsy and in his aimless anger and depression would have been susceptible to manipulation by a charismatic adult(s).

-Cruz was in the Junior Officer Reserve Training Corps, facilitating with military recruiters / trainers, and had, according to several witnesses, belonged to the Republic Of Florida (ROF), a white supremacist militia aiming to establish a "white ethnostate." The group's leader, Jordan Jereb, initially confirmed this before emphatically retracting two days later.

-A male student interviewed on television indicated that the school frequently ran active shooter drills and that students had been told there would be one in which police, posing as active shooters, would run through the school and shoot blanks. Freshman Kelly Friend similarly said that when she heard the shots she believed it was police firing blanks. There had in fact been a fire drill hours before Cruz reportedly pulled the fire alarm. The use of training exercises as "cover" for preparation / execution of covert operations is well-documented.

I've always suspected many of these school attacks are choreographed but with real victims and by rightwing agents for rightwing motives - specifically inflicting terror on society in order to break social bonds and foster public support for expanding the power of the security state.

The right - not left - is more likely staffing the "second (and sometimes third or more) shooters" - professional 'mechanics' in the terminology of Prof. Webster Tarpley.

The nationwide network of paramilitary armies with remote training camps, undocumented weapons and extreme, violence-oriented indoctrination are necessarily suspect in at least the operational level of these attacks. It's also the ultraright to which violent disaffected youth are more likely to turn and there are no shortage of terrorist "mentors" with whom they could make contact.

The timing of this event is ideal for rightwing intelligence factions aligned with Pres. Trump which are in turn connected with this nationwide network of rightwing armies, one of which is the Republic Of Florida.

2:23 AM  

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