Humint Events Online: Trump Backs Out Of Iran Nuclear War Clearing a Path for War

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Trump Backs Out Of Iran Nuclear War Clearing a Path for War

Bogus charges have been flying from Israel against Iran. Just watch for it. The rhetoric is heating up.

The other thing breaking the Iran deal does is piss off our NATO allies, which is exactly what Putin would want. What a coincidence....

Nat. Sec. Advisor Bolton of course wants war with Iran, as well as Trump's butt buddy Netanyahu.  And of course, Trump would love a war to distract from his legal troubles and the Mueller investigation.


Blogger the mighty wak said...

why would breaking the iran deal piss off "our NATO allies"?
the whole world including russia and china urged trump to keep the existing iran deal.
the whole world that is, except the neocons.
oh and israel.


ya now we know who trump's boss really is and it is not russia.

10:04 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

I agree Trump is way too subservient to Israel, but not clear to me that they control him as much as he thinks his base loves it.

Our NATO allies wanted Trump to stay in the deal, getting out pisses them off, makes the US an untrustworthy ally. It's not complicated.

11:27 AM  
Blogger the mighty wak said...

well uncle samuel is indeed an untrustworthy ally.
and now uncle samuel's NATO 'allies' find themselves on the same page as russia in this regard, which must pose somewhat of a dilemma for poor uncle samuel.
trump is an idiot and now he has jumped entirely into the neocon/israeli agenda.

11:37 AM  

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