Humint Events Online: 33 of the Day: Civil Asset Forfeiture Edition

Friday, June 01, 2018

33 of the Day: Civil Asset Forfeiture Edition

This is a good example of a manufactured 33, and a disturbing story overall:

A 64-year-old Cleveland man is suing U.S. Customs and Border Protection after agents strip-searched him at an airport in October and took more than $58,000 in cash from him without charging him with any crime, according to a federal lawsuit filed this week in Ohio. (snip)
The Kazazi family did not hear anything about their cash or why it was taken until more than a month after it was seized, when Customs finally sent a seizure notice to their home. “This is to notify you that Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) seized the property described below at Cleveland, OH on October 24, 2017: $57,330 in U.S. Currency,” the notice states.
“Enforcement activity indicates that the currency was involved in a smuggling/drug trafficking/money laundering operation.”
The first thing the Kazazis noticed was that the dollar amount listed was $770 less than the amount that Kazazi said he took with him. The family said that the cash was all in $100 bills, making it impossible for it to add up to $57,330.

Note, the government agents took the exact amount out of the original money to make it now equal to a number with 33 in it.

Also, note the amount of money they took out had another Illuminati/Masonic number in it-- 77.

Nice coincidence there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tragedies DO happen in 3s.

Airplane crashes and now the suicides of three well known people: Ms.Spade, A. Bourdain, and the royalty family member down in Argentina.

Or is it Ike and Tina Tuna?

9:02 PM  

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