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Sunday, May 13, 2018

What Exactly Happened in the Cockpits of the 9/11 Hijacked Flights?

                          767 cockpit. The 757 cockpit is very similar.
                           On the 9/11 flights there was no crew in the navigator seat.

What exactly happened in any of the 9/11 hijacked cockpits is an almost complete mystery. Officially we have some radio excerpts from the cockpit of flight 93 which indicate a struggle but it really doesn't answer many questions. There is some speculation that the pilot of flight 11 left the radio on so ground control could hear the hijackers, but that's just a guess. The cockpits of flights 77 and 175 were taken over silently, with no clues to what happened (officially).

For each of the 4 flights, we do have calls from flight attendants and passengers describing that a hijacking has taken place, some hints about the hijackers and about the pilots being dead. Flight 93 has the most extensive number of calls, for reasons not entrely clear.

The big question is how exactly did a couple of boxcutter-armed hijackers take over the controls of 4 jumbo-jets?

The official story is that boxcutter-armed hijackers DID take over the controls of 4 jumbo-jets, of course, but like so many other parts of 9/11, it makes almost no sense. The calls from flight attendants and passengers don't really explain HOW the hijacking took place in terms of how the hijackers gained access to the cockpit without the pilots being aware of the hijacking, and how the hijackers got control of the plane.

Thus, there are 3 huge unanswered questions about the hijackings:

1) Why didn't any of the flight crew in the cockpits know a hijacking was taking place and signal via radio or the transponder what was going on to ground control?
--Some flight attendants should have warned the cockpit of the hijacking before the hijackers got to the cockpit.
--It seems impossible that all flight crew in the main cabin would be neutralized early on so they couldn't warn the cabin.
-- The official story says that pilots and crew were completely unsuspecting of hijacking so got caught totally off guard.

2) How did the hijackers gain entry into the cockpits? Possibilities are that:
--The cockpit door wasn't locked and the hijackers just walked after overpowering the flight attendants
--The hijackers rammed their way in by force without the pilots being alerted to a hijacking
--The hijackers coerced one of the flight attendants to open the door for them without the pilots being alerted to a hijacking by noise outside or a call from another flight attendant.
--All of these scenarios seem unlikely

3) what did the hijackers do with the pilots to get control?
--Plane cockpits are quite cramped and it's not clear how the hijackers engaged in murder or fighting effectively in that small space
--Some people have said that the pilots are quite vulnerable to attack from behind and could be killed easily while still in their seats by stabbing or throat slashing. Assuming this is true, it's very hard to see how the pilots would have been taken completely by surprise, and wouldn't their blood have gotten all over the controls, especially if the throats were slashed (which would have been the easiest way to kill) given how the pilots were sitting? Blood on the controls would have made using them difficult, to say the least, and the hijackers already had a difficult time flying.
--Also, how would the hijackers have gotten two large dead men out of their seats? Lifting them out seems very difficult given the configuration of the cockpit seats and the weight of large grown men.
--The pilots would have fought tooth and nail to give up control and many of them were combat veterans.

So this all still makes no sense.

So what's going on here?

Like most aspects of 9/11, we have 4 possibilities:

1) the public information is true and all that is known, the official story is basically true, no matter how unlikely or weird it seems

2) the official story is a pure fabrication, meant to cover up a huge false-flag operation by the government

3) the official story is true, and there is a large amount of information being withheld from us that helps explain the official story, but it is kept secret for "national security" reasons or for reasons that are embarrassing to the government.

4) the official "facts" are true, but the official story is wrong, and there is a large amount of information being withheld from us that is kept secret for "national security" reasons or for reasons that are embarrassing to the government.

The other conundrum we always face with 9/11 is:

1) the official story is ludicrous and flawed and not feasible

2) the idea that "9/11 was a false-flag hoax operation and the official facts are all fabricated" is too elaborate and complicated to be feasible

So options 3 and 4, seem more likely: there is a lot being hidden from us.  Given everything else we know about 9/11, I lean towards option 4. This would mean that the phone calls and radio data from the planes are real and there were some sort of real hijackings of real planes. But much is being hidden from us.

It's impossible to know what exactly happened, but I do like the idea of the 9/11 planes being involved in live-fly wargames that day, and that there was a mirror hoax plane for each flight (for reasons not quite clear). There may have also been an electronic spy plane that helped mimic the hijacked planes, since an oddity of the 4 flights is that one plane could have been in all 4 places within the sequence of the morning's attacks.

Anyway, it seems reason able to hypothesize that there were
1) live-fly hijacking drills
2) real hijackers
3) real planes
4) real passengers

and that somehow these got put together such that the passengers wittingly or unwittingly became part of the hijack drill, which went "wrong". The hijack drill explains how the hijackers took over the planes readily-- it was part of the drill. Maybe the hijackers thought they were really hijacking and the crew and passengers thought it was a drill.

The real rub comes in with what happened then with the planes and passengers.

For reasons I've gone over here for over 10 years now, it seems extremely unlikely that the official 9/11 planes hit the official crash sites, so the planes were either grounded at a secret military base and everyone killed, or the planes taken elsewhere and crashed, maybe over the ocean. What other options are there? 

I don't believe everyone really survived and was given a secret identity.

The only other explanation is some mystical supernatural force made the planes and passengers disappear.


Blogger the mighty wak said...

way back when, gerard holmgren obtained FOIA info from NTSB (national something of transportation something) revealing that neither UA175 nor AA11 ever left the ground that day. subsequent digging revealed that the plane designated as UA175 was not decommissioned until years later, and remained operational until then.

i was at LAX some years ago and asked a gal at the united desk about the two 9/11 united planes, and she told me that they weren't allowed to talk about it. i continued hanging around there for a few minutes and she grew increasingly uncomfortable, looking around for her supervisor.
9/11 planes? ha.

12:27 PM  
Blogger the mighty wak said...

also let's say there really was a 9/11 767. these planes have cockpit doors that remain locked - just in case some idiot manages to sneak a knife on board.
also airliners are mostly piloted by retired air-force pilots because almost no one else is qualified to drive one of these giant bastard planes.
is it even remotely feasible that a couple of feeble saudi guys from afghanistan could overpower a cockpit of yankee air-force tough guys?

2:42 PM  
Blogger the mighty wak said...

ok round 3 here we go::

""For each of the 4 flights, we do have calls from flight attendants and passengers describing that a hijacking has taken place,""

no. 2001 technology did not allow phone calls from high-flying 767s at what, 30k ft altitude, at what, 300 mph? it is all about the cellular towers. bitches.
didn't happen.

8:45 PM  
Blogger said...

This is a very useful information, thanks for shared.

9:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ the mighty wak (12:27 PM):

It was information in the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) and the FAA - both publicly accessible.

AA 11 and AA 77 had no takeoff record for 9/11. They weren't deregistered by the FAA until Jan. 2002 despite protocol mandating deregistration within 24 hours of destruction.

UA 175 and UA 93 had takeoff records in the BTS. They weren't deregistered by the FAA until *2004*.

Until Jan. 2002, all four planes were listed by the FAA as "Still Valid." Researchers attempting to secure documentation relating to all four (such as flight logs and passenger manifests) have been unsuccessful.

1:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What if this was the origin of the "cell phone calls"?

NTSB Summit - Washington, D.C. (10/30/01)
"I’d like to answer that on behalf of the department on an intermodal aspect too. Perhaps you’ve heard this reported. Ironically, fortuitously, take your choice, 12 days prior to the incident on September 11th, we were going though a tabletop exercise. It was actually much more than a tabletop… in preparation for the Olympic games, at the Department of Transportation, which was a full intermodal exercise. During that exercise, part of the scenario, interestingly enough, involved a potentially highjacked plane and someone calling on a cell phone, among other aspects of the scenario that were very strange when twelve days later, as you know, we had the actual event." - Ellen Engleman, head of the Research and Special Programs Administration (RSPA), USDOT

1:20 AM  
Blogger the mighty wak said...

"hello mom? this is todd beemer."

10:54 AM  

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