Humint Events Online: Ace Baker Says His Fake Suicide Was "Performance Art"

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Ace Baker Says His Fake Suicide Was "Performance Art"

His explanation is worth a read.

No matter what Ace's deal is, whether he's being completely honest or not, I have agree with much of what he's saying. That doesn't excuse his obnoxious "suicide" performance, but his recent essay at least puts things in context pretty well. And there's obviously a lot of planned obsolescence in the 9/11 "movement"-- rottenness and irrationality that can't simply be explained by saying all those people are just crazy. In other words, evidence of intel agents scewing up the movement.

The thing is, we never needed the facts of fake videos and no planes hitting the towers to know that 9/11 was fucked up. This is why it always mystified me that so many 9/11 researchers got so completely hung up on the plane videos, and that it caused so much in-fighting. Anonymous Physicist has said that no-planes is true but a distraction from the nuking of the WTC. He says that the no-planes issue is perfect for intel agents to fight over, to make the movement look crazy and to diffuse anger over 9/11. There's no doubt the perps of 9/11 planted agents to diffuse and sabotage the outrage that would arise from people's realizations about 9/11. How many of the prominent 9/11 researchers are intel agents is a huge and important question. Everyone has their own guesses about who is an agent in the movement. All I can really say for 100% sure is that I am not an agent.

Anyone really paying attention knew that things were fucked up long before 9/11. But for many of us, 9/11 woke us up for the first time to the evil.

The biggest question still remains-- how best to fight this massively entrenched evil power? Fight it we must. But we also need to fight it and survive.


Blogger nickname said...

He's a self-acknowledged scam artist. That
absolves honorable people from any obligation to consider what "ace" has to say about anything.

9:37 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

well, Ace was being attacked heavily by other, and so he pulled a stunt to get some attention-- and it worked. And now I think what he has to say is worth listening to.

Putting on an act is not the same as a scam.

1:09 PM  

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