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Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Problem with the 9/11 "Truth" Movement

The problem the 9/11 truth movement has had in getting justice has never been about not having evidence. There is plenty of evidence.

The problem the 9/11 truth movement has had in getting justice has never been about not having smoking guns. There are plenty of smoking guns.

The problem the 9/11 truth movement has had in getting justice has never been about not having proof. There is abundant proof that the official story is wrong.

True-- we've never had a direct admission of guilt from a perpetrator-- but it is completely unrealistic that would ever happen.

There are actually six problems the 9/11 truth movement has had in getting justice:

1) denial -- a huge number of people just don't want to think it is possible that the govt was involved in the attacks.

2) apathy-- many people recognize some funny business with 9/11, but feel like they have no power to change anything.

3) ignorance-- many Americans, either because they are too busy with work/family, they are lazy or they are uneducated, have no clue what goes on in the mainstream news-- much less have any idea about covert operations and deep politics!

4) corruption of government leaders, and the complicity of both political parties in crimes of state.

5) infiltration of the 9/11 activists by disinfo agents and trouble-makers sowing division within the movement.

6) heavy infiltration of intel agents throughout the media, leading to an elitist mindset that hides things from the masses.

Ultimately, the most critical problem is #6-- control of the major media-- because that strongly affects problems 1-4. Problems 1-4 are also a societal problems that undoubtedly have been engineered to some extent by the "powers that be"-- specifically to help keep people in the dark. But much of the overall problem of the "9/11 movement" and so much else that plagues us springs from a deeply corrupt mainstream media (what I prefer to call the "criminal media").

Thus-- perhaps our biggest goal shouldn't be 9/11 truth per se, but rather we should focus on the establishment of a new media coupled with minimizing and of the mainstream media. The internet is a large part of this, but we need to get rid of, or drastically reform, all the mainstream news groups, one way or another.

They are killing us.

Consider the mainstream media ENEMY #1.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

good post S!
it does seem as if the 9/11 *truth movement* is designed towards endless nonsense debate instead of actually physically taking a stand.
i used to pass out "9/11 was an inside job" flyers and bumper stickers and i would always explain why i thought so.
it only took me a short while to realize that even if someone realized that, they did not care.
oh well.

"ow, my movement hurts!"

5:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From 2011

The problem with the Truth Movement is that there are a number of fake members using the movement to further their Jew-hating and Holocaust-denial agenda. If there were no Jews and no other scapegoats, these individuals would not be truthers.

6:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no "movement". It's just a bunch of shills (mainly jews) creating/posting blogs, videos, "research", etc, to manipulate people's perception. They are bent on keeping us immersed in their artificial reality depicted in their media.

3:57 PM  

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