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Thursday, May 21, 2009

122 Reasons Why I Am a No-Planer

1) The dearth of plane debris at all of the four crash sites
2) No matching of debris found with actual official planes via serial numbers
3) Not one tail section found or observed from the four crashes though tails survive all crashes
4) No wings breaking off in 2nd hit videos
5) No broken off wing tip sections photographed or reported being recovered
6) Not one of hundreds of metal seat frames from the planes photographed or reported being recovered
7) None of four black boxes recovered from ground zero, officially
8) Initial eyewitnesses to the south tower hit described a missile
9) The lack of deceleration as “UA175” goes into the south tower
10) The lack of significant deflected debris as “UA175” goes into the south tower
11) The lack of anything clearly breaking off the plane as “UA175” goes into the south tower
12) Discontinuous dust cloud pattern from “UA175” as it goes in the tower in the Hezarkhani video
13) The lack of any alteration in the course of “UA175” as it goes in the tower
14) The impossible behavior of “UA175” acting indestructible as it goes in the tower then shattering to bits once inside the tower
15) The lack of any explosion as the fuel-filled wings of “UA175” make impact with the thick steel columns of WTC2
16) The lack of any significant fire from the port wing of “UA175”
17) The explosions on tower façade away from impact site as “UA175” goes into the south tower
18) The abnormally large explosions produced by wingtips as “UA175” goes into the south tower
19) The way the wings of “UA175” initially slice into the tower in videos, cleanly with no deflected debris, with an unnatural straight edge along the spot of entry (in particular, the wingtips)
20) The strange tube-like explosion that appears under the fuselage of “UA175” in the Hezarkhani video
21) Parts of the south tower hole become larger after plane has already passed through
22) The south tower hole is completely blocked by debris and broken columns, which contrasts the way the plane slips into tower without slowing or breaking up on video
23) The discrepancy in engine puffs (above wing versus below wing) between Fairbanks and Hezarkhani videos
24) Plane path discrepancies in different 2nd hit videos
25) Odd coloring/tinting in several 2nd hit videos
26) The readily available technology to insert digital objects, such as planes, into video (for instance see Ace Baker’s work)
27) The ability of the blue sky on 9/11 to act as natural blue screen
28) Live shot of 2nd hit is same camera feed for CNN, ABC, Fox—they all showed helicopter shot at same key moment
29) In live shot of 2nd hit, camera man “taken by surprise” by plane—plane suddenly enters frame—cameraman apparently not able to see plane approaching
30) Initial 2nd hit videos, particularly live shot, only show indirect view of tower hit; don’t see videos with plane going directly into tower until much later
31) Fox5 side-view shot of plane replayed on CNN, talking heads refer to plane going through the building, but view of plane is cut off by large banner at bottom of screen
32) Both the ABC/CNN/Fox live shot and the Fox5 shots of the 2nd hit have blackouts right after the explosion starts
33) Michael Hezarkhani (supposedly) not allowed to talk about his video by CNN
34) Michael Hezarkhani’s amazing ability to pan at the speed of a plane coming over his head from behind
35) The inconsistent story of where Michael Hezarkhani filmed his video
36) The bad acting/over acting of the voices in the “black plane” video
37) Frames of the "black plane video" appearing as Robert Clark photos
38) The Manos video where the woman rants about suicide bombers as the 2nd hit occurs; the videographer also has a video of him and friends “sneaking” into Area 51
39) The Park Foreman video initially appearing as photo frames on CNN
40) Suspicious history of CameraPlanet, where many amateur videos appeared
41) The CBS video from the north where the plane comes in at a blatantly wrong angle to hit the tower, disappears behind the tower, then the explosion
42) The odd similarity of the Naka Nathtaniel and Park Foreman videos—in particular the same panning motion in both
43) Clear discrepancy in the Anthony Cotsifas photo with the position of the 2nd plane with 2nd hit videos
44) The inconsistent story of Evan Fairbanks and what happened with his video
45) Evan Fairbanks’ alluding to his video being unreal
46) The cartoon-like quality of the plane image in several second hit videos
47) The airframe anomalies in the plane in most 2nd hit videos
48) The fact that high resolution videos of the second hit have not been released
49) The fact that no one has taken up Ace Baker’s challenge for $100,000 for an original amateur 2nd hit video
50) David Handschuh (and others, e.g. Victor Cruzate) not seeing the plane despite being in position to see it
51) Many putative 2nd plane witnesses, when analyzed carefully, only saw the explosion or saw the whole thing only on TV
52) Several extremely improbable photos of “UA175” right before impact
53) The laughable Moshe Bursuker photo of the plane half in the south tower
54) Kathy Cacicedo, who saw the WTC from the southwest, saying the plane banked around the side of the tower—indicating a fly-by
55) Plane is smaller than should be in some 2nd hit videos, indicating a fly-by or flawed video fakery
56) The “white elephant” plane that Diane Sawyer referred to as circling by the WTC before the 2nd hit
57) The lack of official explanation for the “white elephant” plane
58) The fact that Reynolds Dixon, who wrote a paper for a 9/11 journal on the “white elephant” plane, complained of harassment and suddenly left the movement.
59) The endless replaying of the 2nd hit videos on the networks, a form of brainwashing
60) The plane-shaped holes—at all four crash sites—that defy physics
61) The ridiculous absence of debris at the Shanksville crater
62) The conflicting accounts of how much of flight 93 went into the ground
63) The conflicting accounts of how much of the flight 93 plane was recovered
64) The lies about the phone calls on flight 93
65) The wing marks in the Shanksville crater that contradict an inverted Boeing 757 crash
66) The ridiculously idea that amateur pilots flying 767s and 757s for the first time could pilot the planes with such precision at high speed
67) The fact that UA175 was exceeding maximum velocity for low altitude
68) The confusion of air defense systems and easy explanation by no planes
69) The 9/11 hijack drills had fake radar targets
70) Fake plane crashes mentioned as part of Operation Northwoods
71) The inconsistent story of Carmen Taylor; the picture of the burning WTC taken from NJ shown in her camera
72) Fake plane crashes add to the psy-op effect and test ability of system to fool the public
73) The incredible series of zoom-ins for the Fox5/WNYW video, with the cameraman seemingly oblivious to the plane but zooming in tight just in time to capture the 2nd hit
74) The miraculous zoom-ins/zoom-outs right before the plane strike in several 2nd hit videos
75) The blatant nose-out frames of the Fox5/WNYW video contradicting that the plane officially didn’t exit the tower
76) The blatant nose-out frames of the Fox5/WNYW video contradicting the lack of a major exit hole for the South tower
77) The two different edited versions of the Fox5/WNYW video that appeared
78) The fact that a few people who took videos of the second plane were professional video animators (Devin Clark, Luc Courchesne, Scott Myers, Naka Nathaniel)
79) WABC news chopper pilot, Paul Smith, who helped get WTC footage on 9/11 killed in freak accident
80) Inconsistent stories of WABC Cameraman John DelGiorno
81) Fox5 helicopter reporter Kai Simonsen, a green-screen expert
82) Devin Clark’s slip-up referring to “those fake videos” in his interview with Jeff (Pumpitout) Hill
83) The very very strange behavior of all other 9/11 plane witnesses and experts called by Jeff (Pumpitout) Hill
84) The pathetically unrealistic Purdue simulation of AA11 going into the north tower
85) The “curtain-chewer” hyperactive 2nd plane witness
86) The NYC 1st plane witnesses interviewed on TV who weren’t in a good position to see the plane or who were network executives or both
87) The very obscure history/origin of many-- if not all—2nd hit videos
88) Peter Hanson’s fake-sounding phone call from flight 175
89) Inconsistent stories about engines landing around the WTC
90) The too obviously planted “plane debris” north of the WTC that no one can explain
91) The large engine fragment at Church and Murray, that ended up under a construction canopy on its end, without leaving a major impact crater.
92) The unlikelihood of the Naudets filming the 1st hit
93) The lack of similarity of the object in the Naudets 1st hit video to a Boeing 767
94) The curiously cut version of the Naudet’s 2nd hit video
95) The multiple pieces of plane debris that are clearly planted
96) The inconsistent story of Barbara Olson’s phone calls from flight 77
97) The fact that the official Pentagon-AA77 story violates aerodynamics as a 757 can’t fly a few feet off the ground at 500+ mph
98) The plane path contradictions in the Pentagon-AA77 story
99) The easy ability of “flight 77” to overfly the Pentagon and land at Reagan National
100) The delay in releasing the 2nd Pentagon security camera video
101) The strange lack of attention to the blurry object in the 2nd Pentagon security camera video
102) The conflicting accounts of how much of the flight 77 plane was recovered
103) The high preponderance of painted fuselage debris found on the Pentagon lawn
104) The curious Pentagon entry hole, with intact windows above
105) The round Pentagon “exit” hole
106) The aircraft nosecone being reported as being outside of the Pentagon “exit” hole
107) April Gallop’s Pentagon story
108) The discrepancy in aircraft debris blown backwards out of the entry hole at the Pentagon versus not at the WTC
109) The (initial) absence of records in the BTS database of AA11 and AA77 existing.
110) The lack of transmissions from any of the four flights indicating a hijacking, or the hijack alert code being set off.
111) The hysteria that greeted and still greets no-planers from so many in the controlled 9/11 truth movement
112) the RNC cutting the plane out of their video montage of 9/11 shown at the 2008 convention, adding in a mischievous twinkly sound as they show the south tower exploding
113) Oliver Stone not showing any plane in his 2006 movie "World Trade Center"
114) The incredibly fake Harley Shirt 9/11 witness
115) the last-second high-speed bank ("course correction") made by "UA175", which is very difficult for an experienced pilot and likely impossible for a first-time 767 pilot.
116) the missing helicopter in most 2nd hit footage
117) renovations of floors where planes allegedly hit the WTC before 9/11; perfect opportunity to rig up demolition charges to mimic a plane hit
118) UAL175 Still Airborne After South Tower Collapse according to MSNBC flight tracking software
119) ACARS messages suggest that UA175 continued flying after WTC2 was hit.
120) UA93 conclusively airborne far away from Shanksville and long after official crash time.
121) the bizarre timing of the four official plane crashes, such that one plane could have flown to all four spots during the morning of 9/11 and done a fly-by hoax.
122) the strange case of the Pentagon light poles and especially the bizarre story of Lloyde England


Blogger MichaelW said...

Any chance you could provide links for all these points? I know, it's a lot, but they are all fascinating

10:55 AM  
Blogger nickname said...

I've never read any accounts of people saying they accompanied
someone to the airport and watched
as American flight 77 took off.

I've never read anything by
"inside job deniers" claiming they
have seen proof of credit card statements which included transactions for tickets related
to 77 or 11.

I've never read or heard of any
accounts of relatives or friends
of alleged 77 or 11 passengers talking about going to the airport to retrieve a car that was parked
in a lot because its owner was
aboard 77 or 11. Nor have I read
of any airport parking lot managers talking about helping
relatives get access to such
parked vehicles that were at their lot.

The only car I'm aware of that has ever been mentioned is the one in Boston that was left behind by one of the patsies.

11:05 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

MichaelW-- all this stuff has been posted on this blog over the years. There is a google function on the side of the blog if you want to search something. If you want a specific reference that you can't find, email me and I am happy to look it up. I didn't have time to properly reference everything so I left the points all unlinked.

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The FBI uses polygraphs to eliminate suspects.

Google "Quadri-Track ZCT"

11:52 AM  
Blogger K.L. Ashley said...

Were there even flights? Yes. good question.

Planers say there were plane parts. Can’t show us any.

The planers compare the Sandia test with the Pentagon affair, plane went to confetti, but can’t show us any confetti., and then they discuss the fact that segments of the plane went all the way back to the exit hole. Amazing!

Navigate from Ohio in the standard east-coast power-company/forest haze, with no electronics. Navigate by compass, of course; good luck with any kind of cross wind. The West Virgina woods are an expansive mass of bewilderment.

The last 2 miles are covered in 15 seconds!!! Banking, turning, descending, 10 feet off the ground at the target, compensating for ground effect, first time in the bird! Oh, and this a 100 ton beast with lots of inertia. Does not lke to correct, like landing an oil tanker at a dock.

What a joke!!

Anyway the whole movement has degenerated into profit motivation; old retired links will send you to buy this, buy that, on and on.

5:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


What about the 1st strike video
and the Fireman looking up at the
"sound." That was not the sound of a 757/767 at 700 ft and a impossible 450 knots . It sounded like a cruse missle .

How about the 2nd strike fade to black "just to be sure "

4:37 PM  
Blogger skaff said...

How can '1' and '95' both be reasons??

11:40 AM  
Blogger Saul Trane said...

120 reasons why you're ignorant.

Get the truth:

8:26 PM  
Blogger David Howard said...

Sandy Hook conspiracy

8:44 PM  

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