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Sunday, August 08, 2010

The "Ultimate List" of Improbabilities and Coincidences Around 9/11

The idea here is that rather than focus on "proofs" of how 9/11 was an inside job-- proofs that can be endlessly debated-- is to show exactly how many unlikely things we must accept if the official 9/11 account is true. Even if these various events are 50% probable (and most are much lower), together, the odds of 9/11 happening as officially described are incredibly low. Also, the goal here is to note fairly concise and seminal low probability happenings for 9/11, not to note every little odd thing. Other lists of 9/11 coincidences and oddities are here and here. (Note-- I'm trying to make a good catalog here, I know this is not complete. Please let me know via email or comments if you know of other good Improbabilities and Coincidences.)

Improbabilities and Coincidences in the Official Hijacker Story, pre-9/11

Operation Northwoods plotted by the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, proposed a false-flag terror attack involving plane hijacking and fake plane crashes, in order to spark war with Cuba. President Kennedy rejected idea, and was coincidentally assassinated a year later with apparent complicity of the US govt. Thus, improbable that US military would not use a false-flag terror attack involving fake plane crashes to start a war.

A year before 9/11, NORAD ran an exercise simulating a hijacker crashing a plane into a NY city skyscraper and ran other exercises simulating hijackings and plane crashes into symbolic targets, yet officially 9/11 was a surprise.

A 1998 CIA report says Arab terrorists planning on flying bomb-laden plane into WTC; FBI supposedly investigated and says plot is unrelated to Al Qaeda; both FBI and CIA caught off-guard by 9/11.

US military had planned to hold exercise in week after 9/11 based on a plane hitting the WTC!!! -- highly improbable 9/11 was unforeseen.

USGovt informant Randy Glass meets with ISI agents in 1999, who warn that WTC towers are "coming down"; passes info along to US officials, yet officially 9/11 was a surprise.

An FBI informant, Abdussattar Shaikh, lives with two hijackers in San Diego-- supposedly fails to learn of plot.

The Defense Dept "Able Danger" program identifies Mohamed Atta as part of a group of terrorists in Brooklyn in January 2000, when officially Atta did not enter US until May 2000. Thus, unlikely that Atta was not being tracked by elements of the govt, and that the attacks were a surprise.

Several VISA applications for 9/11 hijackers are shockingly incomplete, but they are still allowed into the country.

Several hijackers go to flight schools in US, engage in dubious activities, FBI agents Robert Wright and Colleen Rowley give warnings, they are completely shut down by higher ups, yet the the govt was completely caught by surprise.

A white American male at University of Oklahoma knowingly bought one of the tickets for a 9/11 hijacker, CIA and FBI covers it up. Extremely unlikely intelligence agencies were unaware of hijacking plot (more here).

One flight school attended by lead hijacker Atta had illegal drug and CIA connections, yet the the CIA was improbably caught by surprise by 9/11.

Multiple chances to catch hijacker Nawaf al-Hazmi, but improbably he is not caught before 9/11. Same for Khalid al-Mihdar.

An incompetent, seemingly mentally challenged hijacker Hani Hanjour was able to obtain a commercial pilots license.

One hijacker, Ziad Jarrah, was interviewed by authorities at the request of the CIA before entering the US, yet the the CIA was supposedly caught by surprise by 9/11.

Several govt officials stop flying commercial aircraft prior to 9/11, and some specifically were warned on 9/10 not to fly on 9/11, due to security concerns, yet the the govt was completely caught by surprise by 9/11.

US govt receives a large number of warnings from foreign countries of a major terrorist attack, plane hijackings, etc, including very specific information from the Israeli Mossad, and fails to enact policies to stop 9/11.

Richard Clarke went around the Bush White House in the summer of 2001 warning people there about an upcoming terror attack, but no one really paid attention to him enough to do anything to prevent the attacks.

Dick Cheney was assigned to revise the country's anti-terror policies, but apparently didn't think it was important enough to do in the first nine months in office to prevent a terrorist attack.

Bush was warned on August 6th, 2001 about bin Laden trying to strike the US mainland, but was apparently not particularly concerned enough to do anything to prevent the attacks.

Hijackers did not act at all like devout Muslims prior to the attacks, yet supposedly they were on a holy "jihad" suicide mission. They did things like return rental cars when there was no reason for them to be responsible.

Coincidentally, on September 10, 2001, in a speech to the Department of Defense, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld announces that the Department of Defense "cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions." This was erased from the news the next day.

Improbabilities and Coincidences in the Official Hijacker Story, on 9/11

Lead hijacker Mohamed Atta and Abdul-Aziz Al-Omari took an early morning flight into Boston from Portland Maine, and rented a car in Boston, increasing chances of missing their hijack flights in Boston. Many other unlikely aspects to their actions here.

Not one hijacker was caught by airport security for taking a boxcutter or fake bomb parts onto the planes.

The hijackers, only armed with boxcutters and fake bombs (and possibly pepper spray), were improbably able to overpower flight attendants, passengers and pilots to take over four out of four planes.

An early FAA report of a gun and a gunshot victim on board one of the hijacked aircraft was apparently erroneous-- improbable that the account was truly a mistake.

Elite Israeli commando Daniel Lewin was seated next to hijackers on flight 11 but apparently was unable to stop them (some reports have Lewin as the gunshot victim)(bizarre coincidence).

Improbable cell phone calls made from hijacked planes -- notably Ed Felt and Tom Burnett on flight 93.

Ed Felt calls 911 dispatcher from bathroom of flight 93 and seems not to have any idea of passenger counter-attack even though is monitoring last few minutes of flight. Felt improbably knows tail # of flight 93 plane.

Not one pilot on the four hijacked aircraft was able to notify ground control of a hijacking, either by radio or by typing in the hijack code into the transponder.

Aviation GPS signals at WTC improbably highest during "plane strike" times.

The highly sophisticated US air defense system was caught completely off-guard by the hijacked craft, despite having practiced for such scenarios previous to 9/11.

NORAD was actually running a live-fly hijack drill on the morning of 9/11 (bizarre "coincidence").

NORAD commander Eberhard was strikingly uninformed and lackadaisical about the attacks.

Normal hijacking procedures involving coordination with the National Military Command Center were not followed.

Coincidentally, a special communications procedure meant to only be activated during a national emergency, was activated on 9/10, a day before the attacks.

The AA77 pilot Charles Burlingame, had worked on anti-terror strategies at the Pentagon.

Half of 9/11 Pilots Were Only Assigned to Flights at the Last Minute (many attendants and passengers also joined/booked the flights at the last moment)

Security footage purportedly from Dulles Int'l airport, showing two AA77 hijackers going through security, mysteriously fails to record time/date stamp.

Improbably, AA77 hits the only part of the Pentagon not heavily occupied.

Improbably, AA77 hits a recently renovated and reinforced part of the Pentagon.

Improbably, one hijacker passport (Satam al-Saqami) found on the ground near WTC during the attacks.

US Bureau Transportation Statistics (BTS) had no records of AA11 and AA77 existing for Spetember 11th.

The timings of the four official 9/11 plane crashes were such that one plane could have been at all four crashes, in a fly-by type hoax.

Improbabilities and Coincidences in the Physical Events-- "Crashes and Collapses"

Amateur pilots were able to control the planes at speeds far over normal operating speeds, and were able to hit their targets on three out of three real attempts.

Highly improbably, the emergency transmitters for both flights 11 and 175 went off significantly before planes hit towers.

Coincidentally and/or improbably, not one of the massive tail sections from any of the four crashed planes is recovered and no piece of any tail section is photographed-- even though typically tail sections survive planes intact.

Videos of flight 175 show it entering the south WTC without any significant debris breaking off and without a hole for the tail to go through.

Videos of flight 175 entering the tower show a explosion away from impact site-- highly improbable this was from plane impact.

Flight 175 port horizontal stabilizer does not have a hole for it to enter the tower, there is not even an indentation, and yet no evidence of it breaking off.

Videos of flight 175 entering the tower show wingtip making a massively improbable explosion.

Pure coincidence that at least four people who disseminated videos of the second plane were professional video animators (Devin Clark, Luc Courchesne, Scott Myers, Naka Nathaniel)

Another plane was flying near WTC at time of attacks, that Diane Sawyer said circled the towers, and that has been covered up.

The exact floors of WTC1 and WTC2 where the "planes" impacted, underwent significant renovations in the years before 9/11.

All four planes completely disintegrated upon impact, leaving only small pieces of debris: a few engine fragments, a few landing gear pieces and a few fuselage fragments.

One fuselage fragment photographed south of the WTC, improbably had neither the livery of AA or UA.

Mystery plane-like debris was photographed north of the WTC, but improbably there is no record of this debris in any 9/11 accounts, even though it appears to have injured a woman when it appeared.

A large engine fragment, officially from UA175, landed at the intersection of Church and Murray after transiting the south WTC tower, improbably ended up: UNDER a construction canopy, on one end (as oppsed to its side), without making any significant impact crater.

Flight 93 crash site is a relatively small hole in the ground, with no large debris in the hole or nearby.

Much of flight 93 burrowed underground, black boxes for flight 93 found up to 25 feet in the ground, however the hole is only 5-10 feet deep and has only dirt at the bottom.

Flight 93 plane burrowed underground, at the same time it exploded, simultaneously "cremating" all people on board.

Despite being hit at very different spots, both WTC towers undergo almost identical complete global "collapses".

Both WTC towers are strong enough to absorb hits from high-speed Boeing 767s, but then, improbably, completely disintegrate a short time later from fires.

The destruction of both towers is associated with massive pyroclastic clouds reminiscent of a volcano eruption or a nuclear bomb test, which is unlikely for a simple collapse.

The destruction of both towers produces extremely fine dust; the energy needed to produce this dust cannot be accounted for by a gravitational collapse; a pure gravitational collapse is therefore highly unlikely.

A large number of steel core columns ends up disappearing from the rubble of the twin towers-- unlikely for a simple collapse.

WTC7 undergoes improbable symmetrical collapse, from only facade damage and limited fire.

WTC7 improbably undergoes main "collapse" at free-fall speed, as it there was no support at all inside the tower.

BBC improbably reports collapse of WTC7 before it actually happened.

Steel beams from the WTC7 rubble show evidence of extremely high temps, which is extremely unlikely to be from a normal building fire.

Not one of four flight recorders recovered from WTC rubble, despite human remains from plane supposedly being recovered from WTC.

At the Pentagon, a plane flying low strikes a lamp post, knocking it flying into a speeding cab. The post flies into the cab, through the windshield, and lodges in the backseat. The driver is not injured and is unable to move the pole himself. He requires a stranger to help him get the pole out, so he can drive away, however, after the pole is taken away, he remains on the scene for hours. The hood of the cab is strangely unscratched and undented. Later, when questioned, cab driver says he was not at the location where pictures show him to be. Photos of him next to his cab appear to show slightly different scenes.

At least 10 witnesses of the Pentagon plane report a different path than the official path.

Improbabilities and Coincidences in the 9/11 Aftermath

Improbable that initial news reports that three hijackers attended school at military bases was just a mistake.

An air traffic controller supervisor went to extreme lengths to destroy a tape of NYC air controllers statements made on 9/11, but really, there was nothing to hide.

No one can decide how much of flight 93 was buried underground though 95% of plane was supposedly recovered.

Ground Zero generates severe heat in the rubble for months, despite clean-up effort and massive quantities of water (both from rain and from fire hoses) showering the debris.

Steel from WTC was shipped on trucks under extremely high security because it was so valuable, yet it was then sold away to China.

US Senators who questioned 9/11 either lost their elections in 2004 (Dayton, Torricelli), left the Senate (Graham) or died in a plane crash (Wellstone).

National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice testified before Congress that she apparently had no idea that terrorists might use airplanes as weapons to attack the US.

The Bush administration delayed and stonewalled the 9/11 commission-- it is highly unlikely that this was done if there was no govt complicity.

US govt improbably continues large-scale cover-up of evidence of the attacks, such as photos, videos, pieces of debris, for years, because of "national security".

NIST promotes highly unlikely collapse mechanism for WTC twin towers involving weakening of trusses supporting one floor failing and pulling the whole tower down; they improbably suggest that this resulted in the massive, complete, global collapse.

In 2007, horrendous VaTech shooting occurs coincidentally right after appearance on news a story that the French had warned the US very specifically of 9/11.

Reporter Jeffrey Scott Shapiro says Larry Silverstein had WTC7 wired for demolition. Witnesses who were there on 9/11 described a countdown to when the building would be coming down.

US Defense Dept buys up and burns copies of book describing "Able Danger" program, that tracked Mohamed Atta in early 2000.

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