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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Farewell, Ciao, Adieu, Sayonara, Aloha, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

After posting on this blog for 8 years and 4 months, I have decided to retire from blogging for some time.  As some of you probably know, even in the last few years, I just have not been able to do the kind of research and writing that is required for a top-notch conspiracy site. Nonetheless, I have still knocked out a fair amount of posts and kept up with the news at least.

But now, I will stop altogether.

The posts here, will remain of course, and people are free to still comment or contact me via email.

The two main reasons for stopping are: first, I just don't have the passion for this research anymore and am kind of burnt out on conspiracy issues, and second, I really just need to spend more time focusing on my personal life.  My real job has gotten very intense of late, and I need to spend more time on it. Finally, overall, I just feel like life is rushing by in many ways, and blogging is something I can quit, in order to get more time.

I really had a great time writing on this site. I think I made amazing progress in getting at conspiracy truths (considering where I started), and progress just figuring stuff out in general.  I got to know some really interesting people, and at its best moments, doing the research was quite exciting.  The other part of what I wanted to do was start some some of awareness and grow an activist movement for 9/11.  Certainly, I think I helped grow the awareness about 9/11 to some degree-- I was a small cog in a much larger truther machine.  As far as activism, that didn't go as I had planned.  I was really new to the conspiracy world when I got into 9/11 research, and I had little idea how much resistance there was to conspiracy issues not only in the media, but also in the general public.  It turns out that few people are brave enough to fully take on the "machine", especially politicians and others in the public sphere, and who am I to criticize anyway, as someone who hides behind a pseudonym. At least in terms of accomplishments, I take pride in being an early no-plane and WTC-nuke proponent, and as far as I know, this was the first site to really espouse those two ideas together.

The thing I have always loved about doing this site is finding new things, and especially discovering NEW IDEAS, and sharing them with people and learning more from other people.

I really need to acknowledge two people who influenced me a lot here: Judy Wood and Anonymous Physicist. I was fairly good friends with Judy Wood from about 2006-2006, and then things just got really weird with her.  She's an interesting person for damn sure, and I wanted to do a long write-up about what I knew about her, but I didn't out of respect for our old friendship. Anonymous Physicist is another character, who I could write quite a bit about, but will not do out of respect for our one-time friendship.  Like Wood, AP turned really really weird, and I have lost contact with him (assuming he is still alive -- he always said how he was close to dying from the porphyria he developed supposedly from mercury poisoning by intel agents).  In any case, I learned a lot from both Wood and AP, and in particular, I learned a huge amount about deeper conspiracy issues from AP.

I do regret not having more time to spend on this research, and publicizing my findings more.  Although, it's not clear how much this would have changed anything.  The powers that be are just too strong on the 9/11 issue and the most evil and deep conspiracy issues-- worse, there are SO MANY INJUSTICES and scams that it is a full-time job simply keeping track of them, much less exposing them.  The HUGE PROBLEM is that there are so many scams and conspiracies, that all our outrage is very easily diffused, and simply ranting against the evil PTB or the conspiracy machine or even the government, makes you look like a crank or a kook.  Plus, getting into the weeds of anyone conspiracy can be incredibly time-consuming and complex and draining.  This is a real operational problem for anyone trying to change things, and I really don't know what can be done about this.

In one sense, all we can truly do is simply try to live our lives decently and honestly and ethically, and try to make a better world around us... but then that leaves bigger issues to the wolves.  At this point, I think the only way we can possibly make a difference is through conventional political means, and then only very slowly.  On the positive side, I think our society is progressing slowly but surely towards less religion, less dogma, more enlightenment, more tolerance, more worldliness, more humanity.  The internet has surely helped in this regard.  There are still huge problems, of course, and far too many close-minded people, but I am still reasonably optimistic about the future.  The world WOULD be a better place if more people got involved in democracy, and didn't just opt out.  Otherwise the psychopaths really do take over.  And there are so many basic problems that can be solved democratically and by pushing the rule of law, if more people got involved.

One thing I have always tried to do here was be honest, realistic and open-minded about what is clearly a lot of weird conspiracy stuff, at the same time trying to keep from getting TOO weird.  It's a difficult balance, but I feel like at least I have maintained my sanity and some level of integrity.  I have also really TRIED to make things understandable, and not bog people down with a lot of unnecessary and boring details.  SO many conspiracy sites seem to put out work that is far too dense and/or poorly organized, so even if there is good stuff in there, it is hard to find.  I don't know if it is intentional or not, but it's almost as if they are trying to obfuscate.  I am not sure what is hard about having a simple summary of the findings, if the piece is long, so people know whether it is worth their time.

In terms of weird conspiracies, a lot of what I have learned is amazing! Most of these are not provable beyond any shadow of doubt, nonetheless, many of these conspiracies are true beyond a "reasonable doubt". It is the PROBABILITIES that are important, and the odds are massively in favor of 9/11 being inside job, that the plane crashes were faked, and that the WTC was nuked.  The odds greatly favor many other conspiracies being true, too, such as ETs, the quarantine of the earth, alien PTB, the moon landing hoax, JFK assassination (really no doubt at all for that, actually), and so much more. Finally, despite what some people may have said over the years, I really am an independent researcher, who owes no allegiance to any agency or group.  I have never gotten any payment for writing here, nor have I even taken any ads.  I have promoted AP's books and some other books to some extent, but I never received any compensation for that.  Overall, my blogging here has cost me a lot of time and effort over the years, and I am sure my professional career (real job) has suffered as a result. However, I do feel like I had to do this for my own sake and do not regret it (too much).

I always felt like my whole 9/11 research experience and with this site would make a good book or screenplay-- appropriately dramatized and semi-fictionalized, but alas I just don't have the time.  Hopefully some day I can do it.  I've always wanted to write a novel, and I think the whole bizarre world of conspiracy and conspiracy researchers and intel agents, given a full treatment, would make a fascinating book. At least it would be different, and I don't think I've seen something quite like what i have in mind.

The one post that I really really wanted to do was to do a thorough scholarly critique of Zdenec Bazant's papers on the WTC "collapse".  I just never had the amount of time required.  I know there are major flaws in his work, and I and AP have posted some of those here, but what I really wanted was to write a full scientific take-down that could possibly even be published in an engineering journal.  I also wanted to get an engineering professor to collaborate with, and go over Bazant's papers, but again this required a time commitment and public exposure that I just wasn't ready for (and unfortunately I just don't know when I will be ready for this).  At one time, I thought that all we needed was some good proof to show people that the official 9/11 story was wrong, and we could get an investigation and bring justice to the "perpetraitors".  Now I see that this was unrealistic.  But this critique would be a worthy goal to try to bring more scientifically-minded supporters of the official story to our side.

One funny personal story relating to this last point is that my wife's cousin is actually a pretty big guy in the Purdue University Engineering Department, where a lot of infamous 9/11 modeling was done by Mete Sozen and others.  Small world, right? This cousin took a leave of absence a couple of years back to go work in some special program at the State Dept.  We went for lunch at his place, about a year ago, and he was a bit off-putting.  He was talking about being buddies with the governor of Indiana, and working with Hillary Clinton and talked about the CIA being deeply involved with the State Dept and hinting at some interaction with them.  At one point, he asked me about this blog, which he found out about from my bother-in-law (who found that I did it from snooping around apparently). I deflected questions on my conspiracy research because I frankly was a little intimidated by his connections.  I initially had thought maybe I could get his help with critiquing Bazant, but then realized that pursuit might land me in some trouble.  At one point, I asked this guy (wife's cousin) about Mete Sozen and 9/11 research, and he said he knew Sozen really well and thought he did great work.  The odd part was then, he immediately switched gears and asked me about my job and asked me who my boss was!  It was a not-overly-subtle bit of intimidation.  Obviously I was not exactly a profile in courage here, but I realized that in this point in my life, I was not ready to go deeper into this.  Once some things get more settled with my life, I would like to go back to this professor and really take on 9/11.  At this point, the potential cost was not worth the potential gain though.

Another project that I would like to get into is researching vaccines.  This actually relates to my real job, and there are of course many conspiracy angles to vaccines.  I would like to have a chance to fully research this topic, and since this relates more to my real job, perhaps I can fit it in to my normal duties.

In any case, it has been quite a ride here over the past 8+ years and while I am stopping blogging for now, I still believe in the cause of 9/11 justice and going after the evil PTB.  I do want to resume this research at some point in a few years, when I hope to have real serious time to devote to it.

So goodbye, and thanks for all the comments, info and support.  I am not going anywhere, and will check email once in a while.  Please feel free to contact me at

Cheers-- and I wish everyone a good 2013!!!!
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Monday, December 24, 2012

What the Fuck? Alert

Firefighters shot and killed when responding to fire in upstate NY.  A mass shooting while the NRA gives their absurd and arrogant press conference.  On top of 151 killed this year in mass shootings.

Madness, pure madness.  This is like attack of the zombie gunmen. 

If it's a conspiracy, it's fucking massive and out of control.
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Was Adam Lanza Abused as a Child by a Catholic Priest?

This gives as plausible a reason for the shootings, as any I've heard, if you don't really buy the full-on conspiracy/hoax angle.
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Sunday, December 23, 2012

"Zero Dark Thirty"-- Prime Hollywood/al-CIA-duh Propaganda

I am kind of torn about these sorts of movies.  I want to boycott them on the one hand, but then I also want to see just how bad and/or blatant they are.  You also never know what kind of subtle clues they might leave at deeper truths, or what kind of bullshit they might put out that non-conspiracy oriented writers will ignore.

Lots of people have been complaining about how the movie implies that torture worked to get info on bin Laden-- even going so far to say that it glorifies torture.  If US Senators are complaining about the torture promoting aspects, you know it has to be bad. 

This also sounds horrible:
As it turns out, the most pernicious propagandistic aspect of this film is not its pro-torture message. It is its overarching, suffocating jingoism. This film has only one perspective of the world - the CIA's - and it uncritically presents it for its entire 2 1/2 hour duration.
All agents of the US government - especially in its intelligence and military agencies - are heroic, noble, self-sacrificing crusaders devoted to stopping The Terrorists; their only sin is all-consuming, sometimes excessive devotion to this task. Almost every Muslim and Arab in the film is a villainous, one-dimensional cartoon figure: dark, seedy, violent, shadowy, menacing, and part of a Terrorist network (the sole exception being a high-level Muslim CIA official, who takes a break from praying to authorize the use of funds to bribe a Kuwaiti official for information; the only good Muslim is found at the CIA).
Other than the last scene in which the bin Laden house is raided, all of the hard-core, bloody violence is carried out by Muslims, with Americans as the victims. The CIA heroine dines at the Islamabad Marriott when it is suddenly blown up; she is shot at outside of a US embassy in Pakistan; she sits on the floor, devastated, after hearing that seven CIA agents, including one of her friends, a "mother of three", has been killed by an Al Qaeda double-agent suicide-bomber at a CIA base in Afghanistan.
In any case, despite all the typical Hollywood official government story and America is awesome bullshit, even those who are complaining in the media about this movie will never get into the bigger lie of al-CIA-duh and that the whole bin Laden raid and death was a hoax.

Layers of lies, layers of truth.
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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Personally, I'm Getting Tired of the Idea That Every Mass Shooting

is some massively evil staged psy-op, all for the sake of "taking away guns from Americans", and enacting some sort of martial law, or whatever.

Too much right-wing paranoia, for me.

Too much bad conspiracy-theorizing-- too much grasping at straws and weak clues.

Too many gun freaks going absolutely nuts about the prospect of even weak gun regulation.

Too much Alex Jones and too much NRA and too much gun adulation.

I just don't have the stomach for it, personally.

Note-- I am not saying Sandy Hook *wasn't* a conspiracy of some sort, or that other gun massacres didn't have funny business with them.  I just am tired of all the stuff that people put out for each one of these incidents, and I find it hard to believe EVERYONE of these was a set-up.  There ARE real crazy people-- drugged up or whatever-- who do go on massacres with guns, without government assistance.  Limiting their access to guns would help save lives.

Meanwhile, I do think the NRA and gun manufacturers have a very evil aspect to them.  They are NOT simply about protecting American's freedoms-- their primary goal is to make money and they do spread a good amount of death and destruction.

The NRA arrogantly refused to soften their stance on gun control and horrifically says the solution to gun massacres at schools is posting more armed guards at schools. This is basically the "shock doctrine"-- a national tragedy becomes a prime business opportunity for the NRA's gun manufacturer sponsors.

The NRA has MILITARY connections.  Historically, the military aspect of the NRA makes sense, but now it just seems gruesome and evil.

The NRA is a huge supporter of the GOP, and the GOP is a major part of what is wrong with this country, in my opinion.

The NRA won't even allow funding for proper studies into gun violence, for fuck's sake.

The NRA does have blood on their hands, as far as I am concerned.

Moreover, the gun manufacturers have completely immunized themselves from wrongful death suits, leaving no recourse for victims, through Congressional legislation.

Look-- I am NOT suggesting to repeal the 2nd amendment by any means. I am fine with Americans having guns in general. But at this point, I think it has become a sick sick business, and I think anyone who wants to carry serious weaponry (semi-automatic rifles, large capacity magazines, concealed handguns) needs proper training and certification.

At this point, Americans' guns are not going to overthrow the government or help Americans fight off the police state.  That is a fantasy that needs to be discarded.  Having guns to protect your home and family from outright anarchy is also a bit nuts.  One needn't be obsessed about that, as we are nowhere close to that, and I still believe civilization will last quite a while.

Having guns to protect your home and family from robbers or crazies, sure, I can understand that.
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Thursday, December 20, 2012

If the Mayans Were So Good at Predicting the Future

... there would still be Mayans.

Just saying.
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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Call of Duty"?

Looks like Adam Lanza was under the influence of a bad combination of three things-- violent video games, anti-psychotic medication, and the presence of automatic weaponry. 

The simple fact remains that if you take away the AR-15, he doesn't become a mass murderer. 

If you take away the Fanapt (which oddly, the original source has now deleted from the article), who knows. 

If you take away the video games, who knows.

But remove the AR-15, and definitely there's no massacre.  This is why people are talking about gun control.  

I'm just saying. 
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Selective Serotonin Re-Uptake Inhibitor Drugs = SSRIs

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Song of the Day

"Gimme Some Truth"

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Tides Have Shifted-- Gun Control Is Coming

The people have spoken and seem to be saying this time "enough is enough".  An assault weapons ban is almost certain to be passed.

Whether this really is the true zeitgeist, or some evil plot by the PTB, it does seem to be happening.
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Today's Worst Person: Megan McArdle

... who wants to train little kids to rush the shooter. Hey, some of them may die, but it's all for the common good, you know?

I mean, shit-- even in the 2009 Fort Hood shooting, where trained soldiers were shot on, they didn't rush the shooter.
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Monday, December 17, 2012

When I Heard Bill O'Reilly Wrote a Book on the Death of JFK, I Figured It Would Be Bad

I had no idea it would be THIS BAD.

What a mother fucking asshole shill. 

I wish there was a hell so he could rot in it.

Besides the obvious opportunity to cash in, what is the book’s purpose? It seems to be to re-sell the Warren Commission Report’s initial assessment of the assassination to a new audience in a new millennium, except in an abridged version, jazzed up with some novelistic writing and some juicy tales of extramarital sex.
This book upholds every dubious central tenet of the Warren Report. It says that Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed Kennedy by himself; that Jack Ruby then marched down the Main Street ramp of the Dallas Police station and killed Oswald alone and unaided; and that neither man knew each other or was part  of a larger conspiracy.
In other words, even though 4 million pages of material have been declassified since 1964, none of this matters in the least to O’Reilly and Dugard. In Killing Kennedy, the Warren Commission got it right way back then and the hundreds of trenchant and book-length critiques of its faulty investigation aren’t worth considering.
Indeed, one of the most startling things about the O’Reilly/Dugard book is its heavy reliance on the Warren Report because, since 1964, there have been other major official inquiries that have shown that the Warren Commission was not just a flawed inquiry, but that it was deprived of crucial information. With important pieces of the puzzle missing, the commission’s conclusions were surely questionable.
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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Was the Newton Sandy Hook Shooting a Distraction from Other News?

Rather than this apparent horror being a psyop designed to enact gun control, a more likely scenario is that this was a pre-programmed incident with a mind-control psycho patsy, with the PTB waiting for the right moment to set it into motion, depending on what news they wanted to cover up.

I strongly think this was the case was the Virginia Tech massacre, where that morning, there were several headlines about 9/11 pre-warnings from the French, that totally blew away the Bush administration's story, and it was starting to get airplay that day-- right before the shooting occurred. 

That day there was another story about Cheney getting impeached that was totally forgotten.

What might have been covered up by this Sandy Hook story?

Lots of things, potentially.

This story about insane levels of criminality at HSBC and the perps not getting any jail time by the Obama administration could be one.  It is freaking outrageous.  But so are SO MANY stories these days that are OUTRAGEOUS!  We live in seriously fucked up times.

Anyone know of any major stories that might have broken bigger if it weren't for the Sandy Hook massacre?

Also-- note that these kinds of stories are like IV cocaine to the media.  The media directly benefits from them and they even continue the vicious cycle. 

TV news should be avoided at all costs when these things happen.

Also, note at the beginning here, they mention how the shooting was a DISTRACTION from a PEACE MARCH.  Crazy.

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Obama Wept

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The Connecticut Shooting Conspiracy?

Was it?  Who knows -- there's just not enough info.  Strange how few details there are.   At this point, it wouldn't surprise me if it was a set-up of unimaginable evil. The fact that the mother was shot at home then the son went to the school to kill a bunch of little kids is highly bizarre.

But if it was a set-up-- to what end?  Banning guns is simply not going to happen here, and even if they did ban the sale of guns, there are SO MANY guns out there already, it is impossible to get rid of them.  Ban ammo? Possibly, but I doubt.  Plus, people would stock up on ammo if they knew a ban was coming, and many already have anyway.

The one reasonable gun control measure that is possible is to ban high capacity ammo clips, the ones that allow so many shots to be fired without reloading.  But would the PTB really do something so evil just to ban high capacity clips????  That seems hard to believe.

Really, this could just be the product of one highly disturbed individual-- and mental health care is badly underfunded in this country.

But who knows what really happened.

What I do know is lots of real liberals are going nuts over this, screaming for gun control all over the internet.  Will they be actually able to do anything this time?  Hard to say.  I bet there will be some attempt to enact some laws, but nothing close to the delusions in the minds of right-wing gun owners.
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Friday, December 14, 2012

Another Gun Massacre-- 20 Little Kids

Just gets worse and worse.

Obviously, Americans are hopeless about gun control.

But one thing we CAN do something about is inequality.  It is actually a huge driver of violence in every society examined.
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The "Fiscal Cliff" and Federal Budget

In a sane, just world, the obvious solution to budget woes would be to raise the top marginal tax rate dramatically, close to what it was pre-Reagan, and dramatically slash defense spending.  Social programs should not be touched-- but if they are touched, they should be strengthened.

The other thing that would greatly help-- and would also serve to rein in Wall St a bit from their excesses-- is a financial transactions tax.  Except no one in the fucking corporate media is talking about it, and few politicians are.

As it is, any "deal" that barely raises taxes on the super-rich and cuts Social Security and Medicare is a massive gift to the elites, the top 1%, the evil powers that be-- the people who have made out like bandits over the past 30 years while every one below them has struggled.

Unfortunately, we don't live in a just and sane world...

Of course, even the "fiscal cliff" narrative is a conservative frame-- the problem we have isn't really the deficit.  And Congress has put in plans to cut spending-- the sequestration plan that automatically comes into play-- that is the only hope of even cutting defense spending.  But of course, that probably won't happen, because defense spending is holy and untouchable in Wash DC.

What we really need is MORE federal spending-- INVESTMENT-- in people and jobs.  A dramatic surge in renewable energy projects would be a great way to grow jobs and help save the planet.
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Right-Wing Paranoia Much?

"The ten worst ways your children are being poisoned right now" by Mike Adams of Natural News... there are some valid points or semi-valid points here, but the whole thing is so cherry-picked, over the top and reactionary, it's just too easy to write off as paranoid crankism. Especially the bit about kids being taught (gasp) socialism and communism in schools.  I wish!

But the whole tone of the piece is just so typical of what appears on Alex Jones' sites.... just too easy to write off.

Speaking of right-wing cranks--- Ron Paul is a perfect example of this and of course, he is strongly supported by and promoted by Alex Jones. Ron Paul of course has some good points about the American empire and being anti-war and the Federal Reserve, but gets lost in right-wing kookdom and paranoia.  Let's not forget even Ron Paul made similar offensive remarks as wingnut Republicans about honest rape.  He and Adams really exemplify the problem with Libertarianism.  It sounds great in principle but in reality, it's a total fantasy to think everyone will act morally and decently and non-psychopathically in the absence of government oversight.
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No Witnesses to OBL Funeral at Sea

Nothing "fishy" about that...right? 

And it's not as if the whole story didn't stink already.
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

To Clarify About the Nuking of the WTC

I think mini-nukes had to be used to completely flatten/pulverize/disintegrate those massive structures... I am primarily unsure about how much steel was actually vaporized.  Lots of outer wall sections and core columns just seem to have disappeared... but it's not clear to me how these could have been obliterated without the use of huge blinding bombs.  And how did so much of the internal objects including floor slabs, get completely disintegrated?

The only thing, as I pointed out in my last post, is that it's just bloody hard to know how much of the structure was indeed obliterated, given the public information we have.  However, the picture we have show there WAS a HUGE AMOUNT of STEEL DEBRIS, contra to Judy Wood/Morgan Reynolds.  Joel Meyerowitz's book "Aftermath" shows this very well, but so do many other pics of ground zero from other sources.  The big question is what was in the footprint of the towers-- and how far down the debris went.  That makes all the difference.
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Sunday, December 09, 2012

I Still Don't Completely Understand What Happened to the WTC

After all the years I've spent on this, I still don't feel completely comfortable with any of the explanations put out for the WTC destruction:
1) collapse (official story)
2) conventional explosives
3) thermite
4) beam weapons/directed energy weapons
5) mini-nukes
6) hollow-tower theory with explosives
7) nukes in basement
8) combination of high-tech devices

I still think mini-nukes is the best explanation.

But still, it's hard to fathom many small nukes whose blasts were not observed to any significant extent, leading to that degree of disintegration. Part of the problem overall is just we don't really understand how much of the tower was indeed disintegrated, and how the remaining debris was situated at ground zero. For instance, some pictures show an extensive pileup of debris in the basement region-- even floor-like remnants stacked. How many floors were like that? We just don't know. How much of the inside stuff-- doors, walls, furniture, toilets, sinks, people-- was completely wiped away? The pictures we have just do not enlighten me as to the state of the debris-- a lot of it is just random pipes and steel and dirt that just looks like part of a collapse. A simple collapse cannot explain so much missing material.

Nukes would leave a lot of molten type debris-- which there is some evidence for but not as much as you might think would result from nukes that vaporized huge amounts of steel.

There were reports of pools of molten  steel in the basement, but no pics.  Some reports say the garage under WTC1 was barely affected, with some pics, but still a selective view and no comprehensive idea of what happened.

DEW just doesn't make sense in terms of energy or the selective and random nature of what was disintegrated.

The overall state of the debris -- especially how much was underground-- is still a huge mystery to me.

I think until we have a better view of the debris, we will not really know for sure how the WTC was destroyed.
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You Don't Need To Be Much of a Conspiracy Theorist To See That....

... America's Global War on Terror is a self-perpetuating scam that enriches the massive military-industrial complex and the global police state and provides the CIA with covert drug money.

... America's war on drugs actually supports America's massive police state, America's massive prison industry and America's alcohol industry. 

... America's toxic corporate food and alcohol industry and vaccine industry is actually a boon for America's massive pharmaceutical industry.

Also... that 9/11 was an inside job, JFK was not killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, the Apollo landings were a hoax, there's something to the whole extra-terrestrial UFO business, and that the planet is run by a powerful group of elites who really don't have the best interests of humanity and other living things at heart.
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Friday, December 07, 2012

On This 71st Anniversary of Pearl Harbor-- Out of Fucking Afghanistan NOW

God, this is sick!  A war really doesn't get much more evil than this.

"In October, I blogged about an incident in Afghanistan in which three small children were killed in a US airstrike.

In that one small incident, which drew little attention at the time and since, three children aged 12, 10 and 8 were blown to smithereens in a NATO bombing while they were out gathering dung for fuel.

Now, in a despicable article in Military Times, the US military says that children are legitimate targets in the war in Afghanistan because sometimes the Taliban and other insurgents use kids."*

Three children living in Afghanistan, aged 12, 10 and 8 were targeted and killed by a NATO bomb as they dug for dung to use as fuel. It wasn't an accident. According to the Military Times, "Some children aren't bystanders." Cenk Uygur discusses the despicable act of purposely killing children and what it means for foreign relations.

*Read more from Robert Dreyfuss/ The Nation:

Read the article from Military Times:
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Thursday, December 06, 2012

"Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura" Page Facebook Fun

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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Whether You Believe In It or Not-- Global Warming/Climate Change Is Coming Fast and Hard

"Carbon Tsunami: World Bank Study Warns of Lethal Global Temperature Rise Even If Emissions Pledges Are Met"

I am of the opinion that this is a real issue, and needs to be addressed soon, otherwise we are facing massive planetary catastrophe in the coming decades.  Humanity is putting massive amounts of carbon into the atmosphere, carbon that had long been underground, accumulated over hundreds of millions of years.  This is not natural.  We are polluting the atmosphere with our increasing and never-ending burning of hydrocarbon-based fuels.  There are better ways of generating energy, and we need to implement them as soon as possible.

The REAL scam is FRACKING:
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Monday, December 03, 2012

It's Really All About the Elites, the PTB, the 1%

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Sunday, December 02, 2012

US, Israel Slapped Down at UN by Vote to recognize Palestine


Really shameful stance by the US.  Hearing Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton denounce the vote was sickening... especially Susan Rice. Disgraceful.
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News Round-Up

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Dumb Right-Wing Conspiracies, Continued

Obama only won because of vote fraud!

If he did, their evidence sucks.

I swear, wingnuts continually give a bad name to conspiracy theorists.
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Saturday, December 01, 2012

The Book of Mormon Is Heavily Plagiarized

Very interesting interview:

It's long been clear that the book of Mormon, is sort of a made-up version of the bible, as if written by someone living in the early 1800s who was copying bible-type language.

What this interview says is that the book of Mormon copies heavily from a early 19th century travel book!  From the book website:

As a young man, Joseph Smith Jr. claimed he spoke with an angel who gifted him with golden plates inscribed with hieroglyphics. A self-proclaimed unlearned farm boy, he was given the ability to translate the symbols. From that improbable premise sprang The Book of Mormon and a church with millions of members, all following the teachings of Smith and identifying themselves as Latter-day Saints, commonly known as Mormons.
In Book of Mormon, Book of Lies, authors Meredith Ray Sheets and Kendal Sheets present The Book of Mormon and the story surrounding its creation as one of the greatest deceptions in the history of America, if not the entire world. Over twenty-five years in the making, Book of Mormon, Book of Lies will alter the course of global religion, finance, and politics.
It proves that The Book of Mormon, written by Smith and published in 1830, is nothing more than cleverly disguised plagiarism of The Travels of Marco Polo, the voyage of Christopher Columbus to the New World as recorded by his son, histories of the Spanish conquest of Mexico, and travel journals…all readily available to the charlatan.
As I've said many times before, only a fool or a fraudster can believe in Mormonism.
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Bradley Manning Testifies About His Torture

Really disgusting what the military did to Manning-- a hero whistleblower. 

Of course, criminals never like having their evil deeds exposed.
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