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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Another Day, Another Fucking NSA Outrage

Big brother is literally watching you:

N.S.A. GathersData on Social Connections of U.S. Citizens

WASHINGTON — Since 2010, the National Security Agency has been exploiting its huge collections of data to create sophisticated graphs of some Americans’ social connections that can identify their associates, their locations at certain times, their traveling companions and other personal information, according to newly disclosed documents and interviews with officials.
The spy agency began allowing the analysis of phone call and e-mail logs in November 2010 to examine Americans’ networks of associations for foreign intelligence purposes after N.S.A. officials lifted restrictions on the practice, according to documents provided by Edward J. Snowden, the former N.S.A. contractor.
The policy shift was intended to help the agency “discover and track” connections between intelligence targets overseas and people in the United States, according to an N.S.A. memorandum from January 2011. The agency was authorized to conduct “large-scale graph analysis on very large sets of communications metadata without having to check foreignness” of every e-mail address, phone number or other identifier, the document said. Because of concerns about infringing on the privacy of American citizens, the computer analysis of such data had previously been permitted only for foreigners.
The agency can augment the communications data with material from public, commercial and other sources, including bank codes, insurance information, Facebook profiles, passenger manifests, voter registration rolls and GPS location information, as well as property records and unspecified tax data, according to the documents. They do not indicate any restrictions on the use of such “enrichment” data, and several former senior Obama administration officials said the agency drew on it for both Americans and foreigners.
N.S.A. officials declined to say how many Americans have been caught up in the effort, including people involved in no wrongdoing. The documents do not describe what has resulted from the scrutiny, which links phone numbers and e-mails in a “contact chain” tied directly or indirectly to a person or organization overseas that is of foreign intelligence interest.
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Why It's Difficult to Photograph UFOs or Capture Them on Video

While there are many famous films and photos of UFOs, there aren't that many compared to he thousands of sightings every year. Further, some of the bona fide classic UFOs images are probably fake. Other images may not be fake, but appear to be good to be true, such as the Billy Meier photos and the Gulf Breeze shots. In these cases, there may be some level of extraordinary contact with the ETs and these are anomalous examples. To make things worse, many newer images out there are definitely faked, not surprising given the ease of digital fakery in recent years.

Nonetheless, I've heard so many times, why aren't there good images of UFOs?

In the past 6 years I have had three UFO sightings, two of them recently, so I can offer some thoughts on how getting UFOs captured by camera is not a simple matter. By UFO, literally I mean there was a strange object in the sky that was not obviously an airplane or copter or balloon or some candle parachute or other simple man-made object.

For two of these sightings, the main thing is they happened extremely fast-- just one or two seconds.  By the time you realize you are seeing something extraordinary, the thing is gone. There is just no time to get a camera out.

For another one of these, it was dim in the night sky, and all I had was my cell phone camera. It just couldn't capture the image, due to the lighting and it being small.

Because of my interest in the 9/11 plane videos and pictures, I also have tried to get pictures of low flying planes, mostly using my cell phone camera but also with a regular camera a few times. The result is that I find it is extremely hard to locate an object in the sky with a camera view finder, much less track it. So this does add another layer of suspicion to all those amazing, perfectly framed images of the 2nd plane. And when I have been able to get a plane in my camera shot, it is really small in the overall scene! So it is incredibly difficult to get a big, detailed image of even a large airplane in the sky.

Thus, there are several reasons for people not being able to get UFOs by camera:
1) not enough time to get out a camera for many events that are just quick sightings
2) the camera may not be good enough quality to capture the UFO image, particularly if it is a cell phone camera, which is the most common kind these days
3) it is hard to locate and track moving objects in the sky by camera
4) even if an UFO is captured, it may be just a tiny image with no detail
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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mexican Government and US DEA in Bed with Mexican Drug Cartels

Not too surprising, but still important to have a journalist come out and say this:
ANABEL HERNÁNDEZ: What I found in official documents and by testimonies is that the Secretary of Public Security in Mexico, General García Luna, was the most powerful chief of police and the government of Felipe Calderón, he was really involved with a drug cartel, with the Sinaloa Cartel. He was on the payroll as the same as the most important chief of police of the federal police. So these guys, not just protect the to the Sinaloa Cartel, they also help them to traffic drugs and money in the most important airports in Mexico.
AMY GOODMAN: You name a number of prominent government officials. Talk about who they are.
ANABEL HERNÁNDEZ: I’m talking about General García Luna. I’m also put the names of other presidents, before–
ANABEL HERNÁNDEZ: Felipe Calderón. What I found is since the case of the ‘60s until the last day of the government of Ernesto Zedillo, who the last president that came from the party, PRI, all that government used to protect all the cartels. The drug cartels in Mexico as you know is not new. It’s a very old story—that government made them very powerful.
AMY GOODMAN: What does it mean when the U.S. government gives millions to the Mexican government? You say the Mexican government is for the war and drugs, and you say the Mexican government is not fighting against the drugs, but as part of the drug cartels and supporting them?
ANABEL HERNÁNDEZ: What I discovered in my investigation is that much of that money, much of that technology, much of that equipment now is in the hands of the drug cartels.
JUAN GONZÁLEZ: The amazing story is, here you have Felipe Calderón launching this war that has led to 80,000 deaths in Mexico, and yet you’re saying that his main federal police chief was involved with one of the cartels. What has been the reaction in Mexico among the justice officials or authorities to some of your revelations?
ANABEL HERNÁNDEZ: When I published his book, I really was able to put many of the proofs in the book. It was published in Spanish. Because I of course know that it maybe could be very difficult for the people to understand and believe, what it is really happening. So I published it, the government didn’t say anything. Anything. They just kept quiet. They’re still protecting to the Sinaloa Cartels. But now I think the society in Mexico really knows that the bloody war, it was just a sham, it was fake, it wasn’t true. The federal government didn’t want to fight against the drug cartels. The federal government choose to fight against some cartels—enemies of the Sinaloa Cartels—and protect them.
AMY GOODMAN: I shake as you speak, Anabel Hernández, because Mexico is one of the dangerous countries for journalists to work again, especially Mexican journalists. I want to talk about your safety. But first, your father was a journalist? Can you talk about what happened to him?
ANABEL HERNÁNDEZ: My father represents everything for me. He was kidnapped and murdered in December 2000. He was a businessman. He was not a journalist. He was just a businessman. In that year, many businessmen were kidnapped by little gangs just for money. He was murdered. When we cried for justice from the police, the chief of police said, well, if you want justice, if you want that we investigate, you have to pay. Of course, we chose not to pay. My family choose not pay because you can’t buy the justice. So until now, I don’t know who killed my father. I learned that corruption hurts.
JUAN GONZÁLEZ: He was killed in Mexico City?
ANABEL HERNÁNDEZ: Yes, he was kidnapped in Mexico City and his body was found in a Mexican state, it’s a very near place to Mexico City.
AMY GOODMAN: What about you? You travel with two bodyguards?
ANABEL HERNÁNDEZ: Well, yes. Since I published this book in December of2010, I have received death threats. Not from the head of the Sinaloa cartels, or the other cartels, the threats that I received came from the chief of police, General García Luna.

AMY GOODMAN: What is the role of the DEA, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the U.S. agency in Mexico?
ANABEL HERNÁNDEZ: I am now investigating that because I really cannot believe how they use government of the Drug Enforcement Administration, really didn’t saw what is happening in Mexico. And I found one document in 2011 in one court of Chicago that really proves that the Drug Enforcement Administration has a connection with the Sinaloa Cartel.
Amy Goodman, good gatekeeper that she is, failed to follow up on this important piece of information...

UPDATE Feb 2014 from "Business Insider"--
An investigation by El Universal found that between the years 2000 and 2012, the U.S. government had an arrangement with Mexico's Sinaloa drug cartel that allowed the organization to smuggle billions of dollars of drugs while Sinaloa provided information on rival cartels.
Sinaloa, led by Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, supplies 80% of the drugs entering the Chicago area and has a presence in cities across the U.S.
There have long been allegations that Guzman, considered to be "the world’s most powerful drug trafficker," coordinates with American authorities.
But the El Universal investigation is the first to publish court documents that include corroborating testimony from a DEA agent and a Justice Department official.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

UFO Sighting #3

Saw it just tonight as I was driving; my passenger in the car saw it too. We saw a light speeding through the air, fairly low, maybe 2000 feet up. It was going really really fast for that altitude. It was unlike a normal plane and certainly was not a helicopter. Then it just disappeared-- the light went out and it was gone. That's what made it particularly weird and "alien".
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Condi Rice: The Face of Evil

Wow, I knew she was bad, but this is really sick:
The film follows her step-by step quest for power, starting at the age of ten, when, on a visit to the White House, she turned to her father and said, “Daddy, I'm barred out there because of the color of my skin, but one day I'll be in that house.”
Forty years later, having achieved her dream, Secretary of State Rice said, “I want to leave office without anyone knowing where I stand on any of the issues.” (snip)
Author Laura Flanders relates how she was such a devoted board member for Chevron (despite its violent repression of Ogoni tribes-people in Nigeria) that they named an oil tanker after her.
Rice’s record as National Security Advisor is devastatingly attacked by CIA Director George Tenet and Counter-Terrorism chief Richard Clarke. They reveal how she ignored scores of warnings in the spring and summer of 2001 that an Al Qaeda attack was imminent. (snip)

With the winds blowing towards Baghdad, Lawrence Wilkerson, Colin Powell’s Chief of Staff, says she had no qualms about pumping up the case for waging war in Iraq (“we don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud”).
Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Florida, pinpoints 56 times that Rice misled the American public. Richard Ben-Veniste, a senior 9/11 Commissioner, points to the techniques that Rice used – wordplay, filibustering, amnesia – to avoid telling the truth. (snip)
“American Faust” documents how, while Provost of Stanford, she pulled up the ladder of affirmative action that had secured her tenure, and implemented budget cuts that led to dozens of lawsuits for unlawful dismissals of female professors.
Rice’s behavior while the levees were breaking during Hurricane Katrina infuriated black groups who felt that she had dishonored her position as the senior black member of the government. Spike Lee comments in the film: “She was buying Ferragamo shoes on Fifth Avenue and went to see ‘Spamalot’while people were drowning.” (snip)
Yet, I suspect that both Ms. Franklin and the concert organizers at the Mann Center are unaware of the film’s most explosive revelation: that it was Condoleezza Rice who is primarily responsible for the Bush Administration’s torture program.
It was Rice who ordered the CIA to use the torture techniques and dictated which procedures to use for how long. The CIA agents who carried out these brutal interrogations were acting under orders that came directly from the chairwoman of the Group of Principals: Condoleezza Rice.
The role of the Principals – a group that included Vice President Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Attorney Generals John Ashcroft and Alberto Gonzales – was to select and authorize “enhanced interrogation methods” proposed by the CIA.

According to Christopher Anders, attorney for the ACLU: “The CIA would come in and give a presentation of what they wanted to do, to the point where, where they were choreographing interrogations and the torture from the basement of the White House itself.”

Journalist Glenn Kessler said: “These ‘enhanced interrogation methods’ included water-boarding, fingernail extraction, and sleep deprivation. Condi signed off on the orders to the CIA with the words, ‘This is your Baby, go do it!’”
Richard Clarke, chief counter-terrorism adviser between 1992-2003 concurred: “Rice decided what torture to use on what person.”
“American Faust” reveals that the techniques that Rice approved went far beyond the mock executions and water-boarding already made public. Our film has first-hand accounts of torture techniques that make stress positions look like a slap on the wrist.
Binyam Mohamed had his penis cut, and acid poured into the wounds. Khalid el Masri was drugged, sodomized and imprisoned without charges. Abu Omar was tied to a wet mattress and subjected to jolts of electricity through the mattress coils. Mamdouh Habib had his fingernails torn out.

Even John Ashcroft, known for a nutty rendition of his song “Let the Eagle Soar” but not for his leniency toward Moslem prisoners, objected to the torture meetings that Rice chaired: "Why are we talking about this in the White House?” he asked. “History will not judge this kindly."
Ashcroft’s concern was well-placed. According to historian David Rothkopf, author of Running the World: The Inside Story of the National Security Council and the Architects of American Power, “it was recognized by Condoleezza Rice, among others, that they did make a pact with the devil. They essentially said we will do whatever it takes, regardless of morality, regardless of law, in order to protect the American people.”
Rice did what she could to conceal the torture. She authorized the CIA to send detainees outside the U.S., to ‘black site’ countries, including Thailand, Italy, Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Syria, Jordan, Macedonia, Egypt, Morocco, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, as well as to the ‘torture ships’ USS Peleliu, USS Bataan, and USS Ashland.
When congressional and legal investigations began into the detention program, videotapes of CIA interrogations of terror suspects were destroyed. She avoided all questions about this felony, and stepped up her work as an international ambassador for the most blatant legal black hole of all, the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, which she called “essential for the war on terror.” (snip)
Brigadier General Patrick Finnegan, Dean of the Academic Board at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, agreed in last week’s New Yorker: “Torture is wrong under any circumstances,” he asserted. “The publicity surrounding Guantanamo, water-boarding and other ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ have created far more terrorists than most people understand. For a country that professes to stand for the rule of law and individual rights, we look like the worst kind of hypocrites.”
I have thought long and hard about how such a highly educated, cultured woman of faith as Dr. Rice could have fallen to the infernal point of ordering medieval acts of torture, fomenting a catastrophic war, and supporting the trampling of the rule of law and the Constitution.
This is a similar conundrum to the one posed by historians and philosophers after World War II. How could well-schooled Nazi officers spend their evenings weeping over Rilke poems, and playing Schubert in string quartets, and then wake up the next morning to gas thousands of men, women and children?
Education and culture did not bring more humanity to man, just more knowledge to create more sophisticated forms of violence and barbarity – just as it did with Dr Rice and the decisions she made on which “torture cocktails,” which combination of techniques, to be employed. (snip)

The same principle of command responsibility applies to the Bush Administration’s torture program. Its legacy will continue to poison U.S. military and civil society, and act as a rallying call to her enemies, until Rice and her accomplices are held accountable.
War Crimes
In “American Faust,” Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, whose position as Colin Powell’s Chief of Staff made him a first-hand witness to her actions, states: “I think Americans should be appalled that Dr. Rice was sitting giving the authority to water-board.”
Marjorie Cohn, former President of the Lawyers Guild, calls for her to be removed from her current research position at Stanford University: “We hope to continue this pressure until Rice and her fellow war criminals are punished for their crimes.”
Alan Gilbert, Rice’s former history professor at the University of Denver, identifies the specific laws she has broken under the U.S. Constitution, the UN Convention against Torture (of which the United States has been a signatory since 1988), and the Geneva Conventions of 1949.
Manfred Nowak, the UN’s chief Torture Commissioner, says: “There’s an obligation under the Convention against torture, to investigate every allegation against torture, and there is a responsibility to bring this person to justice.”
Christopher Anders of the ACLU states: “You can be sitting in the State Department and if you’re making decisions that are authorizing and facilitating a crime being committed, you’re responsible for that crime.” 
With such a “smoking gun” still in her hands, it is flabbergasting that Rice remains at large. We filmed her at Stanford University (where ABC news cheerily reported her new love of golf) claiming, Nixon-like, that “by definition, if the President authorized it, it did not violate our obligations under the Convention against Torture.”
This is as brazen a perversion of the law as the memos written by Bush administration attorneys claiming water-boarding was legal, which Rice used as further justification for her torture program.

Escaping punishment is one thing. Flaunting her infamy like a pop star is another. 
And that’s where the Fairmount Park concert becomes a real outrage. Her appearance is the equivalent of Sergeant Larry Shafer, the one National Guardsman who has admitted firing on the Kent State students, accepting an invitation, two years after the shootings, to sing an aria at the Metropolitan Opera; or Gov. Rhodes taking a cameo role on“Dynasty.”
There’s no artistic reason for Rice, a mediocre pianist by her own admission, to be on that stage with the incomparably more qualified Ms. Franklin, whom Rolling Stone magazine ranked No. 1 on its list of “The Greatest Singers of All Time.”

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Starfish Prime, Operation Fishbowl, Quarantine and UFOs

Anonymous Physicist explained several years ago how the high altitude nuclear detonation of Operation Starfish Prime in 1962 was part of a quarantine breakout attempt. The gist of this is that the earth is held in quarantine by ETs, who are trying to keep humans and their related evil ET creators from escaping the earth and wreaking havoc on other parts of the galaxy/universe.

This idea is certainly better than the official story, at explaining why the US would nuke the upper atmosphere MULTIPLE TIMES (!) -- an incredibly dangerous move with unpredictable consequences for life on earth.

An interesting new thing I found is the larger operation for nuking the atmosphere was called Operation Fishbowl. Isn't this a perfect name for an operation about breaking out of the quarantine-- "fishbowl" being symbolic for "Quarantine"? The earth was the fishbowl, and the alien "fish" were trying to escape!

Moreover, if you read a history of UFOs, there were clearly huge numbers of craft (hundreds to thousands) visiting the planet all through the late 1940's- late 1960's. But I have not seen any UFO history incorporate this nuking operation into their overall history. I believe part of this nuking plan was to disrupt and send a message to the ET craft.  It would be good to know if UFO sightings changed after Operation Fishbowl, but getting accurate information on sightings is difficult. One interesting thing, as A.P. noted in his piece, is that the radiation in the van Allen belts increased after these tests, and that perhaps this was done by the quarantiners to add another layer of the quarantine. As this wiki page says, the Fishbowl tests actually created new, artificial radiation belts. Radiation belts that still persist. Was this intended or an accident? Perhaps it was the other way around, with humans setting up these new radiation belts to try to damage the various visiting UFO craft as well as the quarantiners.


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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

SSRIs and Psychotic Murderers?

Interesting to see this discussed:

Also, apparently Adam Lanza's medical records are not being released, records which would show his medications.

The problem with this theory is that again takes the blame away from the controllers of these events, and puts it back into official story-land, with a limited hangout twist. It certainly is not clear what Adam Lanza actually did at Sandy Hook, and a lot of evidence suggests a weird psyop event there.

That being said, the SSRIs may be part of the control mechanism for the designated patsies of these events.

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The Nairobi Mall Attack and Israel

Obviously, it sounds horrible, and I worry about what this portends for more terrorism.

I heard the end of a discussion about this incident on the Diane Rehm radio show, and the guest was saying the mall was actually quite well guarded and that it wasn't trivial for attackers to get in. He didn't say it, but implied they had help. Then he made some comment about how it wouldn't have happened without Israeli help, which no one followed up on. He may have been referring to Israel commandos who supposedly have come into to help take back the Mall, but it didn't really sound like that was what he was talking about.

I was trying to search this online and found this:
American officials have long warned that Nairobi’s malls were ripe targets for terrorists, especially Westgate, because a cafe on the ground floor, right off the street, is owned by Israelis.
Ilana Stein, a spokeswoman for Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said the attack took place near the ArtCaffe, an Israeli-owned coffee shop and bakery popular with foreigners that is one of 80 businesses in the mall. Ms. Stein said that one Israeli had been lightly injured, that three others had escaped unharmed and that Israelis had not been specifically targeted. “This time, the story is not about Israel,” Ms. Stein said. 

That first sentence can certainly be read to imply that the mall is a ripe target because of Israeli influence.

Interesting, wasn't Westgate Properties the name of Larry Silverstein's company that owned the WTC?

No, that was Westfield Properties, apparently. But there is a common Israeli owner for both-- Frank Lowy.

The last link gets in to the idea that it was a false-flag attack.

UPDATE: A curious, related 33 of the day--
The focus on al-Shabab comes amid news the United States has quietly begun deporting people to Somalia for the first time in years despite ongoing violence there. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports 33 Somalis have been deported since last year
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Keyhoe: "Flying Saucers from Outer Space"

It's amazing how many people "doubt" that UFOs are extra-terrestrial visitors, when this point was essentially proven in the affirmative 60 years ago, by Donald Keyhoe in his 1953 book "Flying Saucers from Outer Space". He goes extensively through the overwhelming evidence for flying saucers/UFOs being extra-terrestrial, and then extensively through the various rationalizations by the Air Force and US government for how to deal with it. The saucers were *clearly* not US or USSR technology, and were clearly real flying machines. Back in 1953, the Air Force was pretty ambivalent about what to say about UFOs, whether to admit they were extra-terrestrial or cover it up. The argument was if they told people the truth, it might freak them out and cause a lot of societal disruption. At the same time, Keyhoe was very much of the mindset of disclosure, with the rationale that the American people needed to be prepared for the aliens in case they attacked and there was a war for the planet. Obviously, Keyhoe's view lost, and the CIA clamped down and shut off all disclosure. Since then, anyone who has talked about UFOs or ETs has been ignored or branded as a kook, due to the CIA influence. And god knows how the alien presence has messed up with our politics since 1953...
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gordon Duff Part of MJ-12?

A wild, yet still believable interview with Duff.

Undoubtedly, some degree of disinfo here. Duff admits he is intel, and his site Veteran's Today is for military and intelligence veterans. But there is still lots of interesting info about ETs, as well as what JFK and Reagan knew about the ET threat.

This clip of Reagan is amazing-- him saying there are aliens among us and they are driving war!
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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Financial Sabotage and Economic War: What the NSA Is Really About

A really good bit from Max Keiser that puts a lot together on what the NSA spying is really about-- the big banks:

"Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss economic espionage and, perhaps, sabotage by the NSA against the corporations and innovators of competitor nations. In the second half, Max interviews author, journalist and filmmaker, Greg Palast of, about the Larry Summers' secret 'End Game' memo and the decriminalization of what were once financial crimes."

My personal theory is these gun massacres are not about gun control at all, but events just waiting to go off when the controllers want, to distract from news coming out that the elites don't like. This story about the NSA spying on financial transactions, is such a story, imo. Which goes along with this: The NSA Is Also Grabbing Millions Of Credit Card Records

Also Emptywheel on this-- pretty weedy stuff.
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33 of the Day

A good one: "How the U.S. Narrowly Avoided a Nuclear Holocaust 33 Years Ago"
Thirty-three years ago to the day, the United States narrowly missed a nuclear holocaust on its soil. The so-called "Damascus Accident" involved a Titan II intercontinental ballistic missile mishap at a launch complex outside Damascus, Arkansas. During a routine maintenance procedure, a young worker accidentally dropped a nine-pound tool in the silo, piercing the missile’s skin and causing a major leak of flammable rocket fuel. Sitting on top of that Titan 2 was the most powerful thermonuclear warhead ever deployed on an American missile. The weapon was about 600 times more powerful than the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima. For the next nine hours, a group of airmen put themselves at grave risk to save the missile and prevent a massive explosion that would’ve caused incalculable damage. The story is detailed in Eric Schlosser’s new book, "Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety," which explores how often the United States has come within a hair’s breadth of a domestic nuclear detonation or an accidental war. Drawing on thousands of pages of recently declassified government documents and interviews with scores of military personnel and nuclear scientists, Schlosser shows that America’s nuclear weapons pose a grave risk to humankind.
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Aaron Alexis-- Intel-Controlled Murderer?

The alleged D.C. shooter, Aaron Alexis, bought a shotgun used in the rampage just this past Sunday. Officials in Virginia say he passed both state and federal background checks, despite at least two gun arrests and being under treatment for psychiatric problems. Just last month, Rhode Island police alerted the Navy after Alexis told them he was hearing voices and was being followed by three people harassing him with a microwave machine.

In addition to his gun purchases, alleged shooter Aaron Alexis was also able to maintain an all-access security pass to a number of military sites.

Yeah, nothing fishy there...

Plus, there's this funny business in Seattle, where it looks like someone really was controlling his journey through the criminal justice system. Likely, they moved him to a different court system, that they had better control over.

UPDATE: "Analysts are also trying to determine the meaning of two phrases that were etched into the side of his shotgun. In an area closest to where bullets were loaded, they found the phrases "better off this way" and "my ELF weapon" etched into the metal. ELF may be a reference to extremely low frequency radio waves the Navy uses to communicate with submarines."
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cookie Cutter Mass Killing Incident #249

Your recipe:

Mass confusion/conflicts in initial reporting-- number of deaths, number of shooters, types of guns (AR-15 initially reported, other long guns-- officially now shotgun and pistol), description of shooters.

Reports of multiple gunmen early on, then they get away. Later, story is refined to one lone gunman.

Lone gunman:
-- had mental problems
-- probably was using anti-depressants
-- was a heavy player of violent video games
-- inexplicably passed security check, despite clear problems
-- had unusual religion (Buddhism)
-- link to another mass event (here 9/11)

This one though, is noteworthy for the:
1) obvious mental issues and ability to buy a gun
2) "failure" in being able to get security clearance at a military base despite mental health treatment at VA.
3) he had "secret" military clearance
4) possibly some racial hatred motivation, a trending theme?

Major weirdness-- using a shotgun. Not exactly your weapon of choice for shooting people from a distance. Granted, he was messed up, but still hard to see how he would have killed 11-12 people like this--

The gunman then perched himself above an atrium where he fired down on people who had been eating breakfast, officials said, adding that he used shotgun shells that had roughly a dozen large ball-bearing-like shots in them, increasing the lethal nature of each shot.

“When he discharged, the pieces of lead would spread the farther they went,” the one official said. “It is similar to weapons used in bird shooting but on a more serious scale. These were not bullets but many small pieces of lead flying through the air.”

After firing down on people, the gunmen began to search for more people to shoot, and as he searched, he was confronted by a security guard near an exit, according to the officials. The gunman shot the security guard and took his semiautomatic handgun, then headed back to atrium.

“He runs back upstairs and cranks off more rounds with the handgun and then heads to another stairwell where he confronts a worker there and shoots him,” the official said.

The gunman is believed to have shot the Navy employee, who worked in maintenance, with the pistol near another exit.

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33 of the Day

In "Dana Milbank: Benghazi, as seen from the grassy knoll":
But investigators haven’t shown such discipline, which makes it easy to discredit the inquiry. A report issued Monday by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), who leads the congressional investigation of Benghazi, mentions Clinton 33 times ....

This, after Milbank calls the idea that the CIA might be working with al Qaeda "lunacy".

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Alien Disclosure

Worth a watch... though I'm sure Greer is wrong about the lack of evil aliens. He is curiously quiet about what is actually preventing disclosure-- what the powers that be are afraid of. The implication is it's just the greedy elites who are destroying the planet and enriching themselves are the problem, but it is absolutely deeper than that.

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We Like War

Great Carlin bit-- we've haven't changed in 22 years.

Maybe even should be "we love war".
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Unbelievably Freaking Outrageous-- NSA Shares Raw Intel Data on Americans with Israel

Unbelievably Freaking Outrageous-- NSA Shares Raw Intel Data on Americans with Israel

This is treason, pure and simple. Fucking bastards.

This country is so far beyond sanity, it is seriously making me want to move to someplace far away.
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If American Leaders Can Drop Napalm on People, I Can't Put Anything Sick and Evil Past Them

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

General Keith Alexander-- Twisted Intel Scum

This is so wrong (bold section in particular):
Alexander is also as skilled a Washington knife fighter as they come. To get the NSA job, he allied himself with the Pentagon brass, most notably Donald Rumsfeld, who distrusted Hayden and thought he had been trying to buck the Pentagon's control of the NSA. Alexander also called on all the right committee members on Capitol Hill, the overseers and appropriators who hold the NSA's future in their hands.
When he was running the Army's Intelligence and Security Command, Alexander brought many of his future allies down to Fort Belvoir for a tour of his base of operations, a facility known as the Information Dominance Center. It had been designed by a Hollywood set designer to mimic the bridge of the starship Enterprise from Star Trek, complete with chrome panels, computer stations, a huge TV monitor on the forward wall, and doors that made a "whoosh" sound when they slid open and closed. Lawmakers and other important officials took turns sitting in a leather "captain's chair" in the center of the room and watched as Alexander, a lover of science-fiction movies, showed off his data tools on the big screen.
"Everybody wanted to sit in the chair at least once to pretend he was Jean-Luc Picard," says a retired officer in charge of VIP visits.
Alexander wowed members of Congress with his eye-popping command center. And he took time to sit with them in their offices and explain the intricacies of modern technology in simple, plain-spoken language. He demonstrated a command of the subject without intimidating those who had none.
"Alexander is 10 times the political general as David Petraeus," says the former administration official, comparing the NSA director to a man who was once considered a White House contender. "He could charm the paint off a wall."
Alexander has had to muster every ounce of that political savvy since the Snowden leaks started coming in June. In closed-door briefings, members of Congress have accused him of deceiving them about how much information he has been collecting on Americans. Even when lawmakers have screamed at him from across the table, Alexander has remained "unflappable," says a congressional staffer who has sat in on numerous private briefings since the Snowden leaks. Instead of screaming back, he reminds lawmakers about all the terrorism plots that the NSA has claimed to help foil.
"He is well aware that he will be criticized if there's another attack," the staffer says. "He has said many times, 'My job is to protect the American people. And I have to be perfect.'"
There's an implied threat in that statement. If Alexander doesn't get all the information he wants, he cannot do his job. "He never says it explicitly, but the message is, 'You don't want to be the one to make me miss,'" says the former administration official. "You don't want to be the one that denied me these capabilities before the next attack."
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FBI Wanted to "Memorialize" Michael Hastings' Work

Well, that's pretty ominous, apart from the whole thing that the FBI said they weren't investigating him.  I wonder if this was some code for "Michael Hastings, in memoriam".

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September 11, 2001-- Never Forget

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

UFO Sighting 9/9/2013

Last night I had an unexpected, odd UFO sighting. Technically, it wasn't flying, it was just hovering for a long time. So maybe it was more of a unidentified aerial object. The object was about 1000 feet up, maybe a mile away. There was no sound and it was perfectly still. I was waiting for someone in a parking lot, just looking out of my car into the night sky, listening to the radio. I saw what look like an oblong gray smudge in the sky. I kept staring at it, trying to figure out it is was a trick of the light or an object. Then after a few minutes, a couple of lights starting moving across its width, from right to left, for about a minute.  There was a yellow light and a reddish light then the lights stopped, and the object was just a gray smudge again. When it was flashing, I tried to a picture of it with my phone, but the lights in the parking lot were creating to much glare in the phone camera. So I kept looking at it. Then realized if I tilted my head a little, I could see a bright light. From one angle, there was no light at all, then from a slightly different angle, there was a very bright light. It was totally bizarre. Normally, something lit up wouldn't be completely hidden from another angle like that, so it kind of ruled out some sort of normal plane or even lights from a radio tower. Unfortunately, I had to leave before I could see what happened to the object. 

Just to make sure there was no tower there, I went back to the spot this morning, and there was no tower visible from that angle. There was nothing in the sky there.

I had seen a UFO before, but that was just a really brief glimpse of twin quickly streaking lights. This was a much more extended sighting. Both sightings took place near my home in central Indiana.
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This is wild--

Britamgate: Staging False Flag Attacks in Syria
On January 22 a telling leak cropped up in the Internet. British defense contractor’s BRITAM server was hacked and megabytes of classified internal files of the firm were released to the public. Now the case is acquiring a Britamgate scale due to the publication on Prison Planet. What is the story behind the leakage? Why this scandal is likely to turn around the situation in Syria?

This sounds a bit bogus to me, though: 
We’ve got a new offer. It’s about Syria again. Qataris propose an attractive deal and swear that the idea is approved by Washington.
We’ll have to deliver a CW to Homs, a Soviet origin g-shell from Libya similar to those that Assad should have.
They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video record.
Frankly, I don’t think it’s a good idea but the sums proposed are enormous. Your opinion?
Kind regards David

But who knows. If so, this would be smoking gun evidence of a false flag CW attack.

Thanks to a commentator for the link.
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Sodium Fluoride Is a Nerve Gas Chemical?

This is madness-- this is the same chemical used in municipal water supplies throughout the US to make fluoridated water. 

This means:
1) the case for Syrian chemical weapons is exceedingly flimsy and evidence is being manipulated to start a war.
2) US cities are putting highly toxic chemicals into their municipal water supply.
3) a combination of the above
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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Some Progressive Ideas

I really like this:
For those with assets, technological savvy, and a sense of adventure, the state is the enemy and a cryptographic currency is the solution.  But for those more focused on the decline of the middle classes, the collapse of the entry-level jobs market, and the rise of free culture, the state is an ally, and the solution might look something like an unconditional basic income. Before I explain why this concept is going to be creeping into the political debate across the developed world, let me spell out how a system like this would look:
  • Every single adult member receives a weekly payment from the state, which is enough to live comfortably on.  The only condition is citizenship and/or residency.
  • You get the basic income whether or not you’re employed, any wages you earn are additional.
  • The welfare bureaucracy is largely dismantled.  No means testing, no signing on, no bullying young people into stacking shelves for free, no separate state pension.
  • Employment law is liberalised, as workers no longer need to fear dismissal.
  • People work for jobs that are available in order to increase their disposable income.
  • Large swathes of the economy are replaced by volunteerism, a continuation of the current trend.
  • The system would be harder to cheat when there’s only a single category of claimant, with no extraordinary allowances.

How about also really going after US companies that hide their profits offshore?

And of course massively regulate the banks and audit the Fed.

Let's also ban companies that profit from terrorism and of course dismantle the military-industrial complex.

A truth commission for all the horrible crimes of our military-intelligence complex would be a great thing to really change our world for the better.

A truth commission on UFOs and ETs would be nice too.

What a wonderful world it could be....
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Intel Scum Fighting "Civil War" on Humanity

This is fucked up:
The full extent of the N.S.A.’s decoding capabilities is known only to a limited group of top analysts from the so-called Five Eyes: the N.S.A. and its counterparts in Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Only they are cleared for the Bullrun program, the successor to one called Manassas — both names of American Civil War battles. A parallel GCHQ counterencryption program is called Edgehill, named for the first battle of the English Civil War of the 17th century.
Unlike some classified information that can be parceled out on a strict “need to know” basis, one document makes clear that with Bullrun, “there will be NO ‘need to know.’ ”
Only a small cadre of trusted contractors were allowed to join Bullrun. It does not appear that Mr. Snowden was among them, but he nonetheless managed to obtain dozens of classified documents referring to the program’s capabilities, methods and sources.

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Criminal Regime, Eh?

How could any regime be so inhumane and evil as to use chemical weapons?
"Agent Orange, a chemical weapon derived from herbicides, was also used by Americans during the Vietnam War. Between 1962 and 1971, the U.S. military sprayed nearly 20 million gallons of material containing chemical herbicides and defoliants mixed with jet fuel in Vietnam, eastern Laos and parts of Cambodia, as part of Operation Ranch Hand. A 2008 Globe and Mail article reported that “Vietnam estimates 400,000 people were killed or maimed by the defoliants, 500,000 children have been born with defects from retardation to spina bifida and a further two million people have suffered cancers or other illnesses. Yet they have received no compensation from those who produced the chemicals and those who made them a weapon of war.” According to the the United Nations, Agent Orange is “one of the most toxic compounds known to human,” and the Vietnamese Red Cross has estimated that “as many as one million people in Vietnam have disabilities or other health problems associated with Agent Orange.”"

Of course, U.S. depleted uranium is not as quickly killing but is horribly malicious as any chemical weapon.

And never mind the countless children the US has killed in Afghanistan.... (not to mention Pakistan and Yemen)

Also, ignore the oil pipeline behind the curtain.

The hypocrisy is literally sickening.
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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Deep Thought of the Day

There is several orders of magnitude more (>1000X) evidence for ETs than Jesus.
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Friday, September 06, 2013

Shit Is Fucked Up and Bullshit: NSA Edition

How the NSA is destroying the internet:

The End of Internet Privacy? Glenn Greenwald on Secret NSA Program to Crack Online Encryption

"Undermining the Very Fabric of the Internet": Bruce Schneier on NSA’s Secret Online Spying
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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Yippie Yippie Kiyee! Here Comes World War 3!

Although I should have known better, I really have been taken aback by the way the Obama administration, particularly John Kerry, has pressed the bogus case for war with Syria.  The argument for action is so full of huge, massive holes we can only wonder what their ulterior motives are.  Is it just a distraction from the NSA and other scandals? Is it the start of a major war for Israel, or oil or pure evil intent? All of the above? I just don't know. It doesn't help that the CIA trained Syrian death squads and god only knows what they have been up to.

While I can't rule out that Assad used CW, it's just not at all clear why he would do this on such a large and obvious scale. And is it possible both Assad and the rebels used CW and tried to each blame each other to cover up their own deeds? The larger picture is that even if the Assad regime solely carried out the CW attack, there is no real military intervention solution that will give a safe outcome, and there are so many horrible outcomes. So for now, ideally we just need to be cool, and build international support for solving the Syrian crisis in a humane way and not just lobbing bombs.

Good luck with that...

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Old Captured Alien Picture

Simply bizarre. 

Found by googling "mckennerich phoenix aluminum man" -- key words taken from Keyhoe's book.

Like so much in the UFO field, this has elements of hoaxery and genuineness. Genuine in the sense that the little man is clearly not quite human, not quite monkey, and fairly detailed. The little guy doesn't seem to be an obvious fake. The picture however, is likely faked. As I have noted before, I think this is a common strategy in the UFO field, to taint every piece of evidence as a hoax and discredit the ideas of ET UFOs. And I'm sure this is done in every conspiracy field, as well.

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"Flying Saucers from Outer Space" by Donald E. Keyhoe, 1953

It's a pretty interesting book, easy reading. What's striking is:

1) lame Air Force explanations for UFOs go back over 60 years

2) the argument about UFO's being extra-terrestrial versus secret US craft go back over 60 years-- Keyhoe presents why the US secret technology argument doesn't hold up and he strongly supports the ET origin of UFOs.

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Sunday, September 01, 2013

Snowden Releases Document Confirming Official bin Laden Death Story

SECRET budget documents show that a US military lab in Afghanistan analysed DNA from Osama bin Laden's corpse and confirmed his identify shortly after he was killed by a Navy commando team.
The Pentagon denied more than a year ago it had any records of these tests in a response to a Freedom of Information Act request filed by The Associated Press a day after President Barack Obama announced bin Laden's death.
The Washington Post reported on Thursday that classified intelligence budget files provided by National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden state that a forensic intelligence lab run by the Defence Intelligence Agency performed the DNA testing.
The Post reports that the tests "provided a conclusive match".
Bin Laden was killed at his Pakistan hideout in May 2011.

Isn't that convenient? You gotta wonder how much other similar official story-supporting docs Snowden has... is this part of the Snowden op?
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Obama Deferring Syrian Decision to Congress Means Little

Let's not forget Congress was strongly against military action in Libya, and Obama still went ahead with the bombing campaign.

The apparent deference to democracy by Obama, is probably more just a tip of the hat to how very strongly the public is against getting involved in another war.  And good for the public for at least being conscious of the war lies.

And... about that gas attack -- clearly there were some underhanded doings from Saudi Arabia.
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