Humint Events Online: November 2013

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Our Sickening and Dysfunctional World, November 2013 Roundup

Ten Most Radioactive Places on Earth Mapped Out (horrible stuff)

DHS agent cites private medical history to deny disabled Canadian woman entry to U.S.

Government Chemist Tampered With 40,000 Cases, Locking Countless Innocent Americans in Prison

 Fucked up abnormal clouds and chemtrails

Texas boy tasered by officer after breaking up school fight, remains in a coma

"Florida vegetable garden banned, couple sues for right to grow"-- the horror of vegetables grown in the front yard

Insanely ridiculous NSA bullshit detailed in the NYTimes:
N.S.A. Report Outlined Goals for More Power 
Relying on Internet routing data, commercial and Sigint information, Treasure Map is a sophisticated tool, one that the PowerPoint presentation describes as a “massive Internet mapping, analysis and exploration engine.” It collects Wi-Fi network and geolocation data, and between 30 million and 50 million unique Internet provider addresses — code that can reveal the location and owner of a computer, mobile device or router — are represented each day on Treasure Map, according to the document. It boasts that the program can map “any device, anywhere, all the time.”  
N.S.A. May Have Penetrated Internet Cable Links
End the N.S.A. Dragnet, Now (oped)
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Ultimate Truth Watch/Ancient Alien Watch

Genome analysis suggests there was interbreeding between modern humans, Neanderthals, Denisovans and an unknown archaic population.
Updated genome sequences from two extinct relatives of modern humans suggest that these ‘archaic’ groups bred with humans and with each other more extensively than was previously known.
The ancient genomes, one from a Neanderthal and one from a member of an archaic human group called the Denisovans, were presented on 18 November at a meeting on ancient DNA at the Royal Society in London. The results suggest that interbreeding went on between the members of several ancient human-like groups in Europe and Asia more than 30,000 years ago, including an as-yet-unknown human ancestor from Asia.
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Thoughts on Video Fakery

1) So I'm reading Fetzer's "The Great Zapruder Film Hoax" which has a ton of interesting info. Specifically I've been reading John Costella's chapter, where he goes into excruciating detail about how the film was faked, and he starts going into the fake blood spray and gaping head wound, and how originally, a few frames of the putative Z film were published in Life magazine in 1963, way before the full Z film were shown to the public. These original frames did not show the fatal head shot and specifically excluded it. Costella hypothesized the fakers originally were not sure how to present the heat shot and how to fake the wounds in the film until later in time when the Z film was officially released (1975 or so). While I like the idea that the fakers did not know how to fake the head wounds, it's also possible that Life magazine did not want to show the fatal head shot sequence, for sensitivity reasons. But IN ANY CASE, what this reminded me of, was the 9/11 second hit videos, and how the original 2nd hit videos shown on 9/11 did not show the plane penetrating the tower, and really, the plane going into the tower and exploding was only implied. It was only much later in the day of 9/11, when the "Ghostplane" video was shown, that people could see the plane smoothly penetrate the south facade of WTC2. The idea was put out, I think by Nico Haupt originally, that the fakers did not know how to show the plane going in, until well after the event and had to rig up the videos that did show the actual penetration.  So, this was not unlike the Z film of the JFK assassination, where the detailed fakery took some time to create.

2) Thinking about the fake 2nd hit videos made me think of how the fakers could have kept bona fide videos of the second hit out of the public view.  So I realized that perhaps one important reason for the massive NSA dragnet after 9/11 was to identify anyone who might be disseminating a 9/11 video that showed the tower exploding without a plane going into it. And this may not even be a new thought, but it still makes sense!
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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Assuming the Zapruder Film Was Altered, Part 2

Noel Twyman’s book, “Bloody Treason” shows good evidence for the Zapruder film being altered heavily. For instance, the driver Greer turns his head 2-3x faster than is humanly possible. The alteration is likely meant to hide, among other things, that Greer brought the limo to a complete halt during the shooting, while the Z film shows a steady slow speed of the limo. This fakery was probably done by super-imposing the limo image onto a moving background. Now, if we assume this was done, we really can't trust the Z film for any info about where the limo was when JFK was shot. Thus, all these careful, "scientific" analyses of assassination shot angles, are meaningless: For instance, the grassy knoll was ruled out for the fatal head shot here, because the angle was wrong. But if we don't know where the limo was exactly, then we don't know the angle of the shot from the grassy knoll.
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Monday, November 25, 2013

Wanker of the Day: Noam Chomsky

MIT professor Noam Chomsky doesn’t know what happened to “Building 7″ of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

But he is convinced that so-called “9/11 Truthers” don’t have the answer. During a lecture on “Policy and the Media Prism” at the University of Florida a few weeks ago, 9/11 truth activist Bob Tuskin said the mainstream media had covered up evidence that Building 7 imploded in a controlled demolition. Tuskin asked Chomsky if he was finally ready to “jump on board with” 9/11 conspiracy theories.
“You’re right that there’s a consensus among a miniscule number of architects and engineers,” Chomsky replied. “They are not doing what scientists and engineers do when they think they’ve discovered something.”
“What you do when you think you’ve discovered something is write articles in scientific journals, give talks at the professional societies, go to the civil engineering department at MIT or Florida or wherever you are, and present your results, then proceed to try to convince the national academies, the professional society of physicists and civil engineers, the departments of the major universities, convince them that you’ve discovered something.”
“There happen to be a lot of people around who spend an hour on the Internet and think they know a lot physics, but it doesn’t work like that. There’s a reason there are graduate schools in these departments,” he continued.
Chomsky dismissed the claim that scientists and engineers hadn’t followed typical procedures because they felt intimidated by the government. He said publishing an article in an academic journal was virtually risk-free compared to other forms of political activism.
“There is just overwhelming evidence that the Bush administration wasn’t involved,” Chomsky added. “Very elementary evidence. You don’t have to be a physicist to understand it. You just have to think for a minute.”
Chomsky is smart enough to know better, so he's got to be an agent or totally bought off.
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Assuming the Zapruder Film Was Altered

and it was absolutely altered significantly, if not fabricated completely, can we rule out that it wasn't faked to support a bogus theory, such as that Greer shot JFK?

There's no doubt that in the extant Z film, it looks quite a bit like Greer turns around and has a gun just next to Kellerman's head that lines up with JFK, and that this is timed with the fatal head shot. Then we see that red bulge on the right side of JFK's head, which actually fits a bit with the trajectory of a shot from Greer's gun. Could this have all been manufactured? Remember where this theory came from? From William Cooper, who said he got the truth from some intel people in the Office of Naval Intelligence. Was this whole sequence by design?

Some of you know that I had "Anonymous Physicist" pushing the Greer story here on this blog for many years. A.P. eventually flipped out on me when I completely rejected his outlandish claim about one of the Altgens' photos showing a man in the street with a bazooka or rifle in front of the limo.  That was definitely one of the oddest incidents of my whole experience on this blog, which has had a good share of oddities. Now AP calls me a gestapo agent on his blog. It just doesn't get much more deluded than that. The sad thing is AP had done some really great work on so many conspiracy issues-- he was right about so many things--  and he destroys himself over this flag issue. Just freaking weird.

Now, back to the JFK assassination-- there is no doubt that the Secret Service were in on the plot. The main problem I had with Greer shooting JFK is that it was just too messy. Yes, there is an interesting psy-op angle, where the regime is saying how they can kill the president so openly in the street by the regime's agent. And there were some witnesses who seemingly said they saw Greer shoot JFK. But we all know witnesses can be unreliable and other witnesses said other things.

The major problem with the Greer scenario is:
1) it's a damn awkward way to shoot the president-- to turn around from the drivers seat, to aim at the back seat, and it's a difficult maneuver since Greer also had to drive the limo.
2) if they conspirators set up a kill zone, with multiple riflemen, why have the driver shoot him? At least Greer could give the other shooters time to finish the shooting.
3) it just seems like a needlessly hard way to cover up such a huge crime.

In any case, I do have to wonder if the Greer scenario, and maybe even AP's role too, was an extensive psy-op.

The two most interesting people I have worked with on this blog are Dr. Judy Wood, and "Anonymous Physicist".  Both of them had really good info initially, were really smart, and both of them went nuts before we parted ways. They also both had threats on them, apparently. Wood had her student Michael Zebuhr  get killed under odd circumstances, and "Anonymous Physicist" was mercury poisoned.

It's all so fucking strange.

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The Depressing State of Conspiracy Theorizing

I was actually surprised to see how little attention JFK assassination conspiracies got in the past week. I spend a fair amount of time on Facebook, and actually have been pleased how open people are to 9/11 conspiracies. Thus, I thought JFK assassination conspiracies might get some decent attention, but there were almost no comments on anything I put up on Facebook. We all know if you look into the evidence, it's a slam dunk case that Oswald was a patsy and the official story is a joke. But no one cares? Or hardly anyone has looked into this?

In the media or blogs or on TV, there was fucking NOTHING of significance on the JFK assassination that questioned the official conspiracy. I had really expected a bit more opening up, but it was the same crap. It has literally made me sick to my stomach to see so many people in the media still say they think Oswald acted alone. I did see or hear a few bright spots, but mostly I felt like the fix is in more than ever.

Overall, the whole field of conspiracy theorizing is in a bad state, even though the conspiracies are more relevant now than ever! Alex Jones is the only person getting media attention, and it is not good attention. He is a joke. 

I know the PTB want it this way, but it is fucking amazing just how fucking compliant 99% of the people are about the official story-- the official story of everything.  Are people scared or just don't care or just ignorant? Some pathetic combination of those three things? Or everyone is just tired and too distracted? I know I haven't done as much work on this stuff for a couple of years because it just seemed to be going nowhere.  I still wish I could devote myself to research and writing on these issues full time. But real life has beckoned me.

We stuck in a trap, living in a conspiracy theory world, and we can't seem to get out of this fake reality...
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No End to the US Evil Empire

Depressing as hell--
Rather than ending the war, the Obama-Karzai pact institutionalizes it, making the occupation of Afghanistan a permanent feature of US military operations in the region. It even maps out a place for this new US colony in the annual budget, and there is no time limit on any of this: "2024 and beyond."
The agreement means we’ll be in Afghanistan forever, obligated to not only defend its government but to make sure that government is functioning at a bare minimum. And while we’re going to be rid of the crazy Karzai quite soon – the Afghan "constitution" doesn’t allow him to run again – someone equally daffy (and unpopular) is likely to take his place. Which means we’ll have to start all over again, propping up an inherently unstable central government in Kabul – whose jurisdiction only barely extends to the city limits.
From this quagmire there is to be no extrication – that, in short, is the sum total of our great "victory" in Afghanistan.
This was supposed to be the "good" war, the "bad" war – Iraq – being bad because it was started by a Republican president. This was the war everybody – except for the most dedicated peaceniks (and, of course, us libertarians) – was for: it was a good war, a just war, a defensive war. They attacked us first, right? So we went in there and – twelve years later we’re still there, with no sign we’re leaving anytime soon.

And then this-- 
For the first time, the Pentagon has a comprehensive strategy for the Arctic. This move is prompted mainly because climate change is causing the sea ice to steadily melt and allow ships to access more of the Arctic Ocean.
On Friday in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel helped to open the 5th Halifax International Security Forum by speaking about the Department of Defense’s Arctic Strategy. The Strategy opens by saying the Arctic is at a “strategic inflection point” because “its ice cap is diminishing more rapidly than projected.” This brings increasing “human activity, driven by economic opportunity” that ranges from shipping and fishing to fossil fuel extraction and tourism. Most experts believe there will be no Arctic sea ice in the summer by 2030.
Secretary Hagel said in his speech that the U.S. “will remain prepared to detect, deter, prevent and defeat threats to our homeland and we will continue to exercise U.S. sovereignty in and around Alaska.” He continued: “Throughout human history, mankind has raced to discover the next frontier. And time after time, discovery was swiftly followed by conflict. We cannot erase this history. But we can assure that history does not repeat itself in the Arctic.”
The focus for the Pentagon in the region, according to this document, is to prepare the United States to “work collaboratively with allies and partners to promote a balanced approach to improving human and environmental security in the region.” Arctic nations like the U.S. must focus on cooperative security at the top of the globe is because there has already been conflict over how this new access to the region should be managed. The more ice melts, the more that governments and oil companies will be tempted by the oil underneath the ice.
Earlier this year, Rear Admiral (Ret.) David Titley (and Former Chief Oceanographer for the Navy) said “the opening of the Arctic is the most immediate national security challenge presented by climate change.” In September, activists from Greenpeace protested Russia’s first offshore drilling rig, and were jailed for piracy.
The main goals outlined in this new document are: security and stability in the region; protection of the U.S. homeland and national interests; cooperation with other nations to “address challenges”; and preparation for a “wide range of challenges and contingencies.” Military goals include “missile defense and early warning; deployment of sea and air systems for strategic sealift, strategic deterrence, maritime presence, and maritime security operations; and ensuring freedom of the seas.”
All of these goals change as the globe warms, sea levels rise, and sea ice melts. Hagel said that “the challenge of global climate change, while not new to history, is new to the modern world.”
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Friday, November 22, 2013

50 Years of Official Lies About the JFK Assassination

The mainstream media, as usual, refuse to admit any official government complicity or official lies.

The Powers That Be are still determined to cover-up this most obvious of conspiracies.

But why? Why, 50 years on, is it so important that the government and the media still lie and to not admit the truth? Who cares anymore?

Here are a few major reasons I can guess at:

1) The history books. The PTB really don't want it to ever be in the history books that the secret government killed the president because he was acting against them. It is too ugly. They want the people to naively believe that their government is a democracy or at least never does such terrible things.

2) Conspiracy theories are gauche and low class. I suspect the media and national politicians simply think it is impolite to talk about "conspiracy theories"-- they are above all that. They are the elites, and only the low class masses talk about conspiracies.

3) Social stability. Even though it was 50 years ago, lots of people still have strong memories about the JFK assassination and most Americans know about it. For the government to admit NOW that they were lying about this seminal event in history, could be very disruptive-- at least that is what the PTB worry about. I think most people wouldn't be surprised and not much would happen, but the PTB always worry about the people uprising and doing something rash. Something that might uncover their other deep secrets.

4) The 50th anniversary is important. Lots of people are paying attention to this event on this anniversary and subsequent anniversaries will not be nearly so important. If the PTB can keep the lid on this secret for the 50th, then they are set for basically another 50 years.

Why the JFK Assassination Still Matters

1) the "official" story was obviously very wrong from the very beginning

2) government officials covered up what really happened and created a false reality, and elected officials went along with it

3) THE MEDIA LIED to help cover up the truth

4) when the truth started leaking out to the public through various channels, a massive disinformation campaign was created to continue the cover-up-- many JFK researchers were government-sponsored disinformation artists

5) there still has been no justice for what happened

6) the course of the US changed markedly for the worse after they assassinated President Kennedy.

7) the assassination was a seminal conspiracy event-- one of the 3 great conspiracies of the last 60 years: UFOs, JFK, 9/11. At the heart of each of these conspiracies lies the secret government, the military and the ultimate powers that be.

8) In a nutshell, the JFK assassination is a lesson in why we can't have nice things in this country.
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fetzer on the Greer Scenario


I know AP will hate me for this post, but he already hates me-- and the truth is the truth.

First, I will say, for whatever reason, Fetzer ignores that the idea that Greer shot Kennedy originally came from William Cooper.

However, Fetzer makes two very crucial points that kill the Greer theory, I think.
1) the Zapruder film is clearly altered and cannot be trusted (I think even AP admits the film was altered)
2) the ballistics are wrong -- Kennedy’s brains were blown out to the left-rear side of his head, while if Greer had shot Kennedy, the brains should have come out the right side. (Ironically, the Z film does show a right-side blob, but even AP admits this is fake)

The key point, imo, is that the SS were completely involved in the assassination. So Greer was complicit either way. But, logically, it doesn’t make much sense for Greer to be the shooter-- right in the open, too obvious.

Fetzer’s take-down of the movie *Parkland* is well-worth a listen.  Very few people know more about the Kennedy assassination than Fetzer, and he is remarkably articulate on assassination facts.
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Evil PTB Watch

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Monday, November 18, 2013

The Greer Scenario

Hmmm... weird. There was a Facebook page called-- JFK Assassination Scenarios. I joined it and posted a couple of times there, just news pieces of the assassination. They said they were open to all scenarios except the official one. Then I posted something about Greer being the shooter... and I was blocked from the page!
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Rich Delarosa-- The Other Zapruder Film...

this is quite fascinating-- not really another Z film, but another, better, more detailed film altogether-- which has been kept secret to date. According to Delarosa, several people have seen it.

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Imminent Fascism via Ubiquitous Surveillance

God, this is creepy as hell--
Recent reports have revealed that several companies are currently pushing “intelligent street lights” that are capable of being loaded with various kinds of sensors including, as Reuters reported late last month,
sensors for moisture, ambient light, seismic activity, radiation, wind, temperature, air quality, audio, MAC address tracking to detect cellphones, and yes, audio and high-def video, all joined together via a 5 gig wireless system that supports both point-to-point and mesh networks, connects to intermittent Internet backbone, and uploads the largest trove of planetary data the world has ever known up to the cloud.
That’s the vision of a company called Sensity Systems, which wants to build a “billion-node network of global sensors” based in street lights. And in another report by a local TV station we learn (via C-NET) that Las Vegas is already installing audio- and video-capable street lights made by a company called Illuminating Concepts.
Meanwhile, recently reported on a contracting notice the FBI has put out for video recognition technology. The agency wants technology that can “scan crime scene footage against tapes of known people, places and objects to derive names and possible whereabouts.”
The desired connect-the-dots abilities include computing the degree of similarity among pedestrians, graffiti designs, buildings in the background of photos, and other recurring images in videos and stills….

FBI officials said they are interested in technology that would automatically "cluster" or group the images—for example, programming a computer to cluster all media with the same t-shirt logo.

A function called “tracking and re-identification,” would follow a specified individual across multiple videos to eventually help find the person’s name.

Another feature would follow certain behaviors. The "automated recognition of individuals based on behavior" would use algorithms to analyze similarities in "gait, expression, voice," and other mannerisms, according to terminology for the video analysis project.
As I have observed before, accurate interpretation of complex physical and social spaces is a very difficult artificial intelligence problem, but plenty of work is being done on video analytics, and such work promises to greatly intensify the assault on our privacy.
Both of the above stories represent different dimensions through which the privacy of our public spaces is being eroded. I see that challenge taking place along three major dimensions:
  1. Increased distribution and density of sensors. We are currently seeing our public spaces filled with more cameras, license plate recognition systems, RFID readers, and other sensors. All of these devices will produce oceans of data about individuals.
  1. Increasingly intelligent analysis of data. The FBI’s hunt for video analytics is but the tip of the iceberg here. Increasingly, the need for analysis will impel the deployment of artificial intelligence techniques to sift through all the data and make judgments about where security resources should be deployed, who should be subject to further scrutiny, etc.
  1. Expansion of purpose. The third dimension of surveillance-expansion is an ever-growing scope of purpose to which all this data and all this analysis is likely to be devoted. Sold as helping catch terrorists and other high-importance wrongdoings, they will inevitably expand to cover far pettier offenses, from unpaid parking fines to speed limit-violators. Not to mention political protesters and dissidents.
If allowed to continue, these three dimensions in the expansion of privacy invasions will in turn contribute to three significant dynamics that threaten our way of life:
  1. Automated enforcement. The increasing ubiquity of sensors in our public spaces, combined with constant analysis of their data, will increasingly lead to attempts at setting up automated law enforcement systems. An early example that we are already seeing is automated red light and speed cameras. The problems with automated enforcement include the fact that computers lack the judgment to fairly evaluate the diverse circumstances surrounding a violation, or may be susceptible to bugs or hackers. They may also fail to fairly and properly translate the state of the law into computer code.
  1. Total enforcement. Automated enforcement, in addition to raising issues of fairness and due process, may also make possible 100% enforcement of all our traffic laws, and many other laws as well. As I discussed in this post on “Extreme Traffic Enforcement,” we are rapidly reaching the point where this is becoming technologically possible. It may sound like a good idea at first blush, but most laws have a fair amount of “play” in them—gray areas and extenuating circumstances where human beings with good judgment would not enforce them. Total enforcement of laws would prove disruptive and problematic in many ways.
  1. Chilling effects. Ultimately, the fear is that we become a society riddled with rigid enforcement of petty rules, and where our public lives become weighed down by an oppressive sense of constant monitoring and control.
Right now we are in a situation where, as my colleague Catherine Crump put it, capability is driving policy, but if we do not restrain the capabilities of our technology in order to stay consistent with our values, we may find ourselves living in a country we scarcely recognize.
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wankers of the Week

Secretary of State John Kerry and Thom Hartmann, for putting out a ridiculous, insidious and nonsensical limited hangout about the JFK assassination.

Blaming the mob completely for JFK's killing is the weakest beer in the whole entire conspiracy universe, but worse than that, it is sickly perverse-- Hartmann really has to know better.
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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Insane "chemtrails"

Two weeks ago, before a lot of rainy weather, we had an insane number of "contrails" building up in the sky.

It doesn't come out very well, but in the #2 photo, there were two jets, flying fairly close to each other-- one was putting out trails that faded immediately and the other had trails that lasted, like all of these others you can see here. 

In my mind, that proves the long-lasting trails are not normal and are likely "chemtrails".

We have had very similar weather since then, and have not had these "chemtrails" since the rain.

Geo-engineering, anyone?
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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Fakery Again-- LAX Shooting Mannequin

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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Best "Crazed Gunman" Name Ever

LAX TSA shooter-- Paul Ciancia (i.e. CIA n CIA)

 Apparently, Ciancia was an NWO believer and conspiracy buff. The PTB really love this meme of conspiracy theorists going nuts and shooting people up, lately. They are so bloody obvious with these psyops these days, as if they are just shoving it in our faces.

Truth be told, I've been quite busy lately and kind of just ignored this LAX incident. I really haven't had conspiracy stuff on my mind much lately.

But we should all be prepared for the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination coming up in a couple of weeks. Will the PTB maintain their ludicrous cover-up of the assassination or come out with some surprise?

(Thanks to J. Ha for the tip about CIAnCIA)

Interesting post on this shooting, here.
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Corporate ETs?

Generally, conspiracy types who believe in aliens/ETs, think of evil ETs controlling political or military leaders, or certainly influencing government.  Which makes sense.  If we assume this, isn't it just as likely that evil ETs are influencing corporations?  Think of all the mega corporations that are polluting us, poisoning us, killing us, robbing us and spying on us-- oil giants (such as BP, Chevron, Exxon/Mobil), Monsanto, banking giants (Goldman-Sachs, JP Morgan), pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies, military contractors, armament makers, intelligence contractors, Google.

It's hard to know the extent of this, how the ET control might manifest itself, but there's no doubt that:
1) ETs are real
2) we are being fucked with by corporations as much as the govt

The grand-unified ET conspiracy theory from Anonymous Physicist is that our evil ET creators are quarantined on earth by other ET species, and the evil ETs are the source of much of humanity's suffering.

It's perhaps more believable that an outside force such as ETs, is doing the terrible things to humanity that have been increasing over the past 100 years or so. Not that humans themselves can't do terrible things themselves, but the influence of evil ETs quarantined here on earth can't be dismissed.
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