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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Assuming the Zapruder Film Was Altered

and it was absolutely altered significantly, if not fabricated completely, can we rule out that it wasn't faked to support a bogus theory, such as that Greer shot JFK?

There's no doubt that in the extant Z film, it looks quite a bit like Greer turns around and has a gun just next to Kellerman's head that lines up with JFK, and that this is timed with the fatal head shot. Then we see that red bulge on the right side of JFK's head, which actually fits a bit with the trajectory of a shot from Greer's gun. Could this have all been manufactured? Remember where this theory came from? From William Cooper, who said he got the truth from some intel people in the Office of Naval Intelligence. Was this whole sequence by design?

Some of you know that I had "Anonymous Physicist" pushing the Greer story here on this blog for many years. A.P. eventually flipped out on me when I completely rejected his outlandish claim about one of the Altgens' photos showing a man in the street with a bazooka or rifle in front of the limo.  That was definitely one of the oddest incidents of my whole experience on this blog, which has had a good share of oddities. Now AP calls me a gestapo agent on his blog. It just doesn't get much more deluded than that. The sad thing is AP had done some really great work on so many conspiracy issues-- he was right about so many things--  and he destroys himself over this flag issue. Just freaking weird.

Now, back to the JFK assassination-- there is no doubt that the Secret Service were in on the plot. The main problem I had with Greer shooting JFK is that it was just too messy. Yes, there is an interesting psy-op angle, where the regime is saying how they can kill the president so openly in the street by the regime's agent. And there were some witnesses who seemingly said they saw Greer shoot JFK. But we all know witnesses can be unreliable and other witnesses said other things.

The major problem with the Greer scenario is:
1) it's a damn awkward way to shoot the president-- to turn around from the drivers seat, to aim at the back seat, and it's a difficult maneuver since Greer also had to drive the limo.
2) if they conspirators set up a kill zone, with multiple riflemen, why have the driver shoot him? At least Greer could give the other shooters time to finish the shooting.
3) it just seems like a needlessly hard way to cover up such a huge crime.

In any case, I do have to wonder if the Greer scenario, and maybe even AP's role too, was an extensive psy-op.

The two most interesting people I have worked with on this blog are Dr. Judy Wood, and "Anonymous Physicist".  Both of them had really good info initially, were really smart, and both of them went nuts before we parted ways. They also both had threats on them, apparently. Wood had her student Michael Zebuhr  get killed under odd circumstances, and "Anonymous Physicist" was mercury poisoned.

It's all so fucking strange.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the return of flag-man!

1:25 PM  
Anonymous joe b said...

If there really are 3-4 seconds missing from the Z film, as Fetzer/Capella and others say, it is possible that Greer had time. Or the cuts were to remove evidence of gunsmoke, a man's head, whatever, that was in front of Zapruder. Or many things. I was convinced by Capella's u tube demo that all filsm were altered, some damaged in idential frames, which seems pretty clear as to why, such as Hughes and Towner.

if you watch Z film you see that Hill and Moorman are on the grass, but the polaroid was shot from the street level, per Jack White and others, also the two women wore black shoes, per Moorman's previous polaroid shots, but in Z film their showes are white.

so, tampering it is. the "why" it is the hard part...

4:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Informed people know that no matter how many "it's possible that..."
the evidence of Greer as shooter simply isn't worth anything except to those who seek to create doubt about the truth.

Ditto evidence of where, when, and how the film alleged to have been taken by Abe"Silverstein"Zapruder.

Read Fetzer, Doug Horne, and many others e.g. John Costella, David G. Healy, et al.

Far more of the truth is out there. Don't be lazy.

7:15 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

I have Fetzer's book on the Zapruder film and it has lots of good info. Online, it's hard to find thoroughly good info, there is so much out there. Please provide links, to those Youtube videos and to articles that are good. I'm not familiar with Capella, couldn't find anything on youtube with that name.

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

8:37 PM  

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