Humint Events Online: Making It Up as They Go Along, Part 2

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Making It Up as They Go Along, Part 2

In this post, I linked to a Democratic Underground thread discussing how thie FBI changed the names of the hijackers on flight 11 early on in the investigation. The story as presented was confusing.

This article from Frank Levi basically presents the same story in a much more coherent and easy to understand manner.

The point being that four of the hijackers on flight 11, whoever they were, used fake names. But also that they used names of Saudis that were training in flight schools. Basically, they were creating a false impression.

Interestingly, the article links to a scanned FBI document talking about the hijackers and a rental car they had. But most interestingly is that this FBI affadavit appears to say that Abdul Alomari was on the flight 11 manifest (they only list Abdul Alomari and Mohamed Atta as being on the manifest). But Abdul Alomari is alive and living in Saudi Arabia-- so he clearly wasn't on the flight. In fact, four of the original five hijacker names were changed by the FBI from the original list due to various reasons such as the person was already dead before 9/11 or they were still alive. So where on earth did the FBI get the new names? The new names can't have been on the manifest in the first place-- otherwise the FBI would have listed them initially.

And while we are on it-- why, after three years now-- haven't we seen the real flight manifests from the 9/11 flights? And why haven't we seen the security videos of the hijackers boarding the planes? (We have only seen Atta being screened in Portland, Maine, which is worthless), and two of the flight 77 hijackers in a strange video without a time or date stamp.) And why haven't they shwon the ticket stubs from when they boarded and the times they got on the planes? Hmmmm????


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