Humint Events Online: Proof that a Phone Call from a 9/11 Hijacked Flight was Faked?

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Proof that a Phone Call from a 9/11 Hijacked Flight was Faked?

There are a lot of strange tidbits in the 9/11 commission report, things that almost seem like little planted clues by one of the authors of the report-- who couldn't say anything more explicit.

One of these was something I posted earlier, the discussion between the FAA and NEADS where NEADS asks if this is "real-world or exercise?" What a strange thing to put into the report when there is no mention otherwise of the hijacking exercise that was being run on 9/11.

The interesting tidbit I also found was the phone call from Peter Hanson to his father Lee. Peter Hanson was on flight 175. This call started at 9:00am, right before "flight 175" rammed into the second tower.

Here is the excerpt of the call from the report (it is actually the second call Peter Hanson made to his father):
It's getting bad, Dad-- a stewardess was stabbed-- they seem to have knives and mace-- they said they have a bomb-- it's getting very bad on the plane-- passengers are throwing up and getting sick-- the plane is making jerky movements-- I don't think the pilot is flying the plane-- I think we are going down-- I think they intend to go to Chicago or someplace and fly into a building-- don't worry, Dad -- if it happens, it'll be very fast-- my God, my God

There are a few curious aspects to this call.

1) flight 175 took a path southwest initally then turned 180 degrees to go northeast towards manhattan. It is almost incomprehensible that at the time the call was made, that it wasn't fairly obvious that the plane wasn't headed to Chicago-- it was headed AWAY from Chicago. It is also odd that he makes this statement about Chicago AFTER he says the plane is going down.

2) how would Peter Hanson find out what the hijackers' plans were? Surely the hijackers didn't announce that they were going to Chicago to fly the plane into a building. This is just very odd that he gives this information.

3) the general tone of his remarks just seems OFF. It's getting bad? After all that has supposedly happened, it's just then getting bad? They seem to have knives and mace?

4) What event inspires the "my God, my God"? Surely he can't see the plane is about to hit the tower, since he can't see straight ahead from the passenger compartment. It's hard to see that he would be saying anything if they were actually impacting the building. This just seems fake.

5) probably the most interesting thing is the Chicago remark. The reason this is interesting is because of the note from Delmart Vreeland predicting the 9/11 attacks. He listed the Sears Tower and the Navy Pier-- two prominent Chicago landmarks-- as targets. To me, this is too much of a coincidence. Probably targets in Chicago were chosen initially for the attacks and then later this was changed. But why would Peter Hanson know this?

One explanation I can think of for this call is that the call was actually pre-recorded during some sort of early "terror drill" prior to 9/11 in which Peter Hanson participated (or possibly a Peter Hanson sound alike). He was told during this drill that the "hijacked plane" was headed for Chicago to hit a target there. Certainly, if the call was made live during a "terror drill" on 9/11, it is not clear why he would refer to Chicago.

Thus, I can't see how this call makes much sense unless you assume that this call was made at an earlier time before 9/11, when the Sears tower was being considered as a target for a hijacking attack.

I know this sounds bizarre, but the call is bizarre all by itself. The idea here is to try to make sense of it.


Anonymous Holly said...

Are you sick?!

Read these please. It is NOT "impossible" to make calls from a plane if there are seat back phones aboard the plane.

3:33 PM  

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