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Saturday, December 31, 2005


Mark Crispin Miller, in "Fooled Again", does a good job in laying out the extreme fanaticism, paranoia, projectionism and delusion of the modern American right-wing.

In the context of his book, this paranoid and delusional fanaticism explains the motivation for the lengths they would go to steal the 2004 election for Bush.

But their paranoid and delusional fanaticism can also explain many other things, such as the invasion of Iraq, 9/11 and the many other mind-numbing outrages they have perpetrated over the past five years.

Thus, the Bush administration is very likely delusional about the threat posed by "the bad guys" (Al Qaeda and Iraq), and the extreme paranoia of the Bush administration can explain their "attack them before they get us" mentality.

Interestingly, this paranoid and delusional fanaticism may even explain why they might actually stage a false-flag terror attack on US citizens.

The idea is that 9/11 was set-up as a pre-emptive terror strike on America-- specifically to shock Americans into the same sort of paranoid and delusional thinking about the enemy as the mentality held by the right-wing (and to a large degree it worked!). Thus, the most extreme elements of the right-wing who were behind 9/11 could rationalize killing Americans as a necessary evil if it furthered their global goals.

Although Miller doesn't talk about 9/11 per se, the key point that he drives home is that the Bush administration is run by extreme fanatics who will stop at nothing to achieve the manifestation of their (apocalyptic) worldview.


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