Humint Events Online: Was Bush Set-Up to Take the Fall in the NSA Spying Scandal?

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Was Bush Set-Up to Take the Fall in the NSA Spying Scandal?

Previously I went over some possible reasons why Bush would break the law to spy on Americans without a warrant.

But there is yet another reason I didn't list for why he did this: he was SET-UP.

The idea is this-- the NSA spying by itself is worthless, it is not an effective way to catch terrorists or stop terror plots.

Yet Bush was told that the spying was essential to prevent another 9/11, presumably by the real power brokers in the government. They knew Bush would go for it, knowing his reckless nature.

Thus, he was set-up, as yet another way of gaining control over him.

A weakened Bush is a more easily manipulated Bush.

Is this what happened for sure?

I don't know.

But it makes some sense.

Of course, the White House could have been using the system in the worst way-- to target political opponents. But there is no evidence for this yet. Moreover, it is not obvious that career NSA officials would go for outright politically-oriented spying and remain silent about it. But newer revelations could well change that.


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