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Friday, December 30, 2005

The Recent Dearth of Posts


I went away and was unable to post as much as I expected. Regular posts will resume shortly.

Some articles of interest:

1) Taibbi on Bush and Iraq: a must-read. (Great line: "Bush in person always strikes me as the kind of guy who would ask a woman for a hand job at the end of a first date. He has days where he looks like she said yes, and days where the answer was no. Today was one of his no days.")

2) An article on Bush's special CIA covert "GST" team created to go after Al Qaeda. So why is it that if these guys have so many powers, they can't find bin Laden or his right hand-man al Zawahiri?

3) What a surprise-- the former CIA man in charge of going after bin Laden, Michael Scheuer, has a bit of a credibility problem.


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