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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Going for the Environmental-Awareness Trifecta Here

Man-induced global warming WILL BE much more catastrophic than 9/11.

How ironic that the people who are most clueless about 9/11 tend to be in complete denial about global warming.

In that regard, this is rather twisted:
This site is intended to inform you about the nature of the religion of environmentalism. Supporting that religion, is supporting, ultimately, a terrorism that dwarfs the actions of 9/11/01. Environmentalism, indeed, promotes fear and terror about all of the actions of humanity - and the most extreme (which means, the most consistent) environmentalists have no problem with committing crimes ranging from vandalism, to personal attacks, to murder (the Unabomber was an explicit environmentalist.) But the main damage that environmentalists have inflicted, and continue to inflict on a growing scale, is the ongoing attack on modern industrial civilization. It is modern civilization - modern technology - that permits you and your loved ones, and the vast majority of the rest of humanity, to live. An attack on industrial civilization, on technology, is a mass attack on humanity. The environmentalists are well aware of this fact. You should be, as well.

For the record, I am against destructive acts-- including those done by so-called environmentalists. And there are indeed environmental extremists who do more harm than good (although, many times environmentalist groups are actually infiltrated by COINTELPRO-type agents who actually promote bad acts-- much like just like Islamic groups are infiltrated by agents who promote terrorism; often times such groups are manipulated to pursue the agenda of the powers that be).

But two points here:
1) you can be FOR the environment and also FOR modern society and civilization-- as I am. The point is to find the right balance.
2) the people who promote the idea that environmentalism is bad are in complete denial about humans can do to the planet, and this is insidious thinking. One has to wonder what motivates these extremists.


Anonymous j said...

Unabomber was an explicit environmentalist.

zarkowie was a tree-hugger! tree-huggers are terrorists!

12:32 PM  
Blogger Biranta said...

I agree with you... again!

7:34 AM  

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