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Friday, July 27, 2007

"We Are Not the First" by Andrew Tomas

I found this book on my bookshelf right before I left for my recent vacation, and took it to read. I don't think I'd read it carefully before; I think I bought it used when I was in college. In any case, I've finally read the book now.

The theme of the book is the idea that ancient humans (0-10,000 BC) had amazingly advanced knowledge and technologies and that advanced extra-terrestrials most likely imparted the advanced technology to humans. This was a popular theme in the late 60s and early 70s, but seems to have completely disappeared from our popular culture (disturbingly). Erich von Daniken's "Chariots of the Gods" was the most popular work of this genre but there were others who expounded this theme. Now, some of the information that relates to this theory, may contain disinfo or misinfo-- particularly the more popular von Daniken work. Like the 9/11 conspiracy world, my guess is that the von Daniken misinfo/disinfo was used as part of a deliberate campaign to discredit the whole idea-- where the general idea is completely sound but obvious lies are used to discredit the whole topic. Clearly, the flaws in von Daniken's work are widely used to ridicule the general idea of advanced knowledge and advanced technologies derived from aliens. In any case, "We Are Not the First" contains hundreds of fascinating examples of ancient mysteries consistent with alien visitation and impartation of knowledge, and is more credible than "Chariots of the Gods". One major problem with von Daniken was his insistence that aliens were the only explanation, whereas Tomas is generally very careful in his interpretations.

What is abundently clear is that after the dark ages, human technology and knowledge declined catastrophically from a peak thousands of years ago. How much it declined has always been unclear, in part because so much ancient knowledge was destroyed in the burning of huge ancient libraries. Of course the current thinking is that right NOW we are at the PINNACLE of human achievement. I think the popular view of technology is a massive, global misconception-- in fact I think it is part of the biggest cover-up in history, and that "the powers that be" have deliberately obscured the past achievements of man, as well as ET contact, from the bulk of humanity. You might even call it the "ultimate conspiracy".

Finally and importantly, it makes sense to me that all religion is derived from physical and mental contact with advanced (extraterrestrial) beings over the centuries rather than from a supernatural all-powerful creator entity. I think the thesis of "GOD" = "ETs" is a powerful and ultimate truth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

imagine if there was a creator entity who created the universe, maybe in his workshop.

our solar system including earth is only 1 of 100's of billions of solar systems in our milky way galaxy which is only 1 of 100's of billions of galaxies in this universe.

it would take quite a godly microscope indeed to focus in on humanity, wouldn't it.

5:19 PM  

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