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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About UFOs and ETs But Were Afraid to Ask

I don't claim to be an expert on this topic, but I finally finished reading Jim Marrs' "Alien Agenda" and I think it is an excellent overview of the topic.

Despite your level of skepticism on this topic, I think it would be hard to come away from this book saying there is nothing to this issue at all, or that it isn't a vitally important part of our global situation.

The UFO/ET issue clearly is complicated, with layers of disinfo, probably starting from the highest levels.

Nonetheless, I think the scenario laid out by "Anonymous Physicist" here does a good job of making sense out of many many disparate threads in this whole incredible arena of knowledge-- an arena of knowledge that is ignored and/or mocked by the media as matter of course, not unlike the way the media treat 9/11 "conspiracy theories".


Anonymous Thinker said...

Here's my two cents on the UFO matter: I do really think that most of the people who report seeing UFOs are genuinely seeing what they claim to be seeing flying around. However, I tend to think it is of terrestrial origin rather than alien and I base this on the following: In late World War II, the Nazis had started (among other aeronautical projects) a program to develop an aircraft that would have the advantage of its entire underside being a lift surface, thus what we would call a "flying saucer". This project resulted in at least one working prototype which was demonstrated for a very small, very select group of Allied military generals in (I think) Prague in the summer of 1945. Bear in mind, the U.S. and the Soviets, immediately after the capitulation of Germany (and in some cases, just before!) had tried to both get their hands on as many German scientists as possible, and offering them immunity from prosecution from war crimes, spirited them away to the U.S. and the Soviet Union respectively. This was (in the U.S.) called Project Paperclip or alternatively Operation Paperclip. It brought dozens of "former" Nazi scientists over and they began working for the U.S. government, the most famous of them being Werner von Braun, without whom N.A.S.A.'s space program would have been nowhere near what it was and is. It is the suspicion of myself and others that the aeronautical scientists who developed the German "flying saucer" craft were among the ones brought to the U.S., and that they of course brought their prototype with them, and continued its development work in the U.S. This would explain why people in the U.S. started seeing flying saucers when? In 1947, I guess when the German scientists got their prototype (and other prototypes) perfected and were ready to make longer flights in testing them. But how can many of them make what eyewitnesses have described as "insect-like" movements, creating G-forces that would easily kill a human pilot? I would suspect the answer to that is that most or all of them are remotely-piloted. But why have different people described craft that have significant differences in appearance? Easy. They are different models of it; I would find it hard to believe that in 2007 the government would be flying the same model of flying saucer as in 1947 just as the Air Force certainly isn't flying the same models of aircraft they were in 1947. It's a steady development process. That the technology is so advanced would explain why the government covers up matters involving UFOs, and I suspect the "aliens" meme is part of the cover, to distract people and point them down a blind alley instead of toward the real explanation, that they are of earthly (specifically Nazi German initially) origin.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What trivial vacuity.
Explaining less than nothing. Addressing nothing, as was done here:

In fact there is far more truth here:

Although it is nice to see the regime sending over a seemingly higher level of pseudo-intellectual disinfo agent than the other jerks they have sent.

However still nothing but non-think in that post. But don't stop not trying.

2:19 PM  
Anonymous Thinker said...

First of all, I agree that 9/11 was an inside job though that isn't the topic of this thread. I'm anything BUT a disinfo agent.

Secondly, just because I don't agree that UFOs are from outer space being flown by aliens doesn't mean that I am a disinfo agent; further, I think they are government craft as I explained above. I think there is a definite cover-up surrounding the UFO matter, as I stated. But I just tend to think it's not as exotic a matter as many people make it out to be, rather I think it makes greatly more sense that it is earthly in origin. Otherwise, anonymous, wouldn't you think it's a mighty biiiiiig coincidence that 1.the Germans were developing that very thing during WWII
2.many German scientists were taken to the U.S. as part of Project Paperclip
3.people started seeing "flying saucers" very soon afterwards??
That doesn't strike you as far too much to be a simple coincidence??

I don't even like the idea of UFOs being discussed on a website about 9/11, because it only gives ammunition to the official story shills who will scream "See?? The 9/11 "conspiracy theorists" are a bunch of UFOlogists!!! What's next?? Bigfoot researchers??"

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Anonymous Thinker said...

These pages might be a good place to start regarding Nazi UFO technology:

And for the record, I am not one to block out contrary information, that goes against the scientific method and defeats the whole purpose of trying to find the real reason behind something. That's the main fault with 9/11 official myth defenders is that they almost always refuse to even look at evidence that shows it had to have been an inside job. Did I know from day one that it was? No, frankly I was partying a lot in that time period and I didn't look into the details, just taking it at face value but figuring "As much as America has fucked over people all over the world for many many years, I guess somebody finally gave them a taste of their own medicine". It wasn't until a couple years later that I heard someone say the WTC were controlled demolitions and so I decided to find out more about it, and in so doing, very quickly I could see that yes the WTC were controlled demolitions and with that epiphany I realized that the official explanation for 9/11 was utter bullshit. Then, being curious, I looked into more details of it and found that basically every facet of the official myth has more holes than a colander. So I am not someone who either jumps to a conclusion based on nothing or someone who will cling to a belief in the face of evidence that renders it impossible. I just want what (I think) you want anonymous: to find out the real reasons why certain things have happened. I'm not here or anywhere for the purpose of being a troll or a shill or anything like that. Actually, I first came to this site in the hopes that Spooked could help me find that Killtown page regarding the pre-existing trenches right where the fake Shanksville crater would be, since I have seen him post before regularly on Killtown so I figured maybe him and Killtown are friends. I want to get at the truth, same as (I think) you, and I hate the plane huggers with a passion, they use the same twisted "logic" and ignoring of facts that the official story Neanderthals use. We are (I think) on the same side.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I doubt we are on the same side, but I am open (only a little bit) to it...

You sure act like a disinfo agent.

1. If you want to contact another blogger, that should be easy for you to do directly. Why do that here???? Trying too hard to create a legend?
2. Posting numerous long-winded palaverous comments--and now forcing me to do similarly, AFTER my short reply was IGNORED--all the while you continue to ignore that article, and all its many details that Spooked wrote explained various phenomena far better than your trivial "Nazi UFO" stuff. Yet you continue to ignore what Spooked recommended (and I again cited), and bring up "Bigfoot" yourself--like all the disinfo agents do. That's almost always a shill give-away--saying "Elvis" or "Aliens" or "UFOs" or "Bigfoot."

When all this is about ascertaining the deepest meaning as to why 9/11 was perpetrated and what may be coming next, and trying to prevent that. And what all the Wars and evil has been about. Long before there were 1930s "Nazis." Indeed if you were better read, such as Marrs' books Spooked cited, or far better books (in this regard) like the "Gods of Eden" where that author was able to see that all the wars were not about money, and the like, and found the hidden truth and cited much evidence of eyewitnessed saucer craft for hundreds and thousands of years, long before "Nazis" or its creator/sister regime (the British/American Regime) was in existence. Get it?

You would do well to read the recent book, "Hitler was a British Agent." Even before this, it's long been acknowledged that Canaris (Head of their Military Intel--if you didn't know) was a British agent. And even Wikipedia/CIA says that Chief Exterminator Himmler surrendered to the British (only), and was shocked that he wasn't treated like a hero. (Coming home to papa--only papa then abandoned their agent), and killed him--it was no suicide.

So either you are a disinfo agent, or your level of knowledge is vastly below what you think it is--which is OK (each of us had to start somewhere), as long as you can continue onward. But, not knowing the deeper conspiracy facts is a sad, common finding (for me) in the 911 "truth movement." As is the fact that nearly all "leaders" and bloggers, are disinfo agents. Read that over and over again. The more one knows, the more obvious this is.

Often made to look like they are fighting against each other, as is happening now, on other blogs--everyone's cover is being blown. This was obvious to me instantly from virtually each one of them, at first glance. And when one of them isn't a govt shill (Spooked), the regime will send all sorts of disinfo agents to "cover" his blog. (Yeah, I know the trivial response to this. But Spooked is intelligent.)

If you truly want to know what happened on 9/11, read all the evidence of nukes and China Syndrome at Spooked's
No "Nazis" or "UFOs" needed.

But that other article, Spooked recommended, and I cited, even logically put everything together, including the real reason for WWII--creation, and use, of nuclear weapons (not the now laughable/trivial "fighting Nazis and fascism,"/fighting for "democracy")--and then the real reasons for tens of thousands of nuclear ICBMs, and for nuking the near Earth Space and the dark side of the Moon by the supposed enemies (NOT). All the while, that article stated the real reason for having all these nukes and ICBMS. So it's not about "Bigfoot", it's about defending ourselves against those who wish to destroy all Mankind, and 9/11 WAS "JUST" A JUMPING OFF POINT FOR THE FINAL PUSH.

And your "Nazi" stuff is so superficial, and official, in fact.

If you are not a disinfo agent, you would do well to read that article many times until the new ideas sink in. (If you are a disinfo agent, skip ahead to spreading your disinfo.) And then comment on each of the startling new points that put everything together, as Spooked found (or at least better than all the superficial other things out there), including the sham Nazi UFO thing. In case you still don't get it, I have no trouble conceiving that the "Nazis" may have had advanced saucer craft--who do you think gave it to them? Who do you think has pushed for the creation of ever more effective nuclear, biological and chemical weapons that can, AND WILL, destroy all Mankind--including any leftover "Nazis," and all the idiots in the British/American Regime who are helping them.

Of course, many cannot change and absorb anything new or global, and just go back to superficial "history." So most "truthers" sadly are shills, or deniers (when the truth gets real bad or real deep), or "can't change/think muchers", or the REAL arrogant/unintelligent ones who believe that "I am brilliant and if I can't see the meaning of these new ideas, they can't have merit," or all of the above.

But this blog has some readers who have gone beyond the "conventional"--both in terms of WTC demolition, and of simplistic/superficial thinking. If you aren't a shill, I hope you bypass the "beam weapons"/DEW/EXO-Weapon Limited Hangout, and see all the nuking evidence and EMP evidence and China Syndrome source of GENERATED heat released here and archived at

So Thinker, I am glad you are not a plane hugger. Learning that brought me here myself. And nothing would make me happier than to find that rare someone who is not one of the above (shill or denier or limited or other).

But I won't hold my breath for reasons laid out at the very top. Which gets us back to why didn't you contact that other blogger directly?

Those of you here that are honest, for your own sake, take the time to read the deeper conspiracy material, now that you were given a time-conserving jump-start.

For trying to understand 9/11 without having a deep, and correct (non-disinfo), background, is like trying to understand intergalactic forces while living solely inside a cave. Like the proverbial mushroom, you will only remain in the dark and feed on bull*%#*.


Oh what the hell,
Anonymous Physicist

9:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

operation paperclip - nazi ufos -
whether true or not they don't take into account ancient drawings and heiroglyphics etc depicting weird bubble helmeted guys flying around on weird flying platforms etc.
chariots of the gods
did ancient humans simply have vivid imaginations ala george lucas or were they more likely depicting events that they had witnessed?

2:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well yes, very good anonymous 2:18. It's nice to see knowledgeable, intelligent people here.

First about ancient advanced technology. Perhaps the most graphic proof is the Abydos temple "hieroglyphics": some 4000-5000 years old. You can clearly see an (Apache-looking) helicopter, and what also looks like a submarine, airplane and saucer craft.

See e.g.

The thing that people need to be aware of, IMO, is that having such technolgies only occurred near the end of such civilizations. Something likely to be atttmpted now again, in the scenario laid out in my "ultimate truths" article, up at Spooked's separate site he created for this work of mine:

So yes, good of you to realize 2:18, that we don't need modern Nazis to have saucer craft and other advanced technolgies that the ancients had--because, of course, the others "cast down" here have been in charge of all this at all times. And what do the disinfo web sites say. "These helicopters and submarines were ancient toys." I was expecting something like the Clavius laughable Apollo Hoax debunking site to say, a la the Lunar Rover excuse, that yes, the ancient Egyptians built large helicopters, submarines, and aircraft and saucers, but they only carried them around on their backs for show.

But lets get back to those Nazis and Op Paperclip you cited. For those who want to stick to more recent events.

I am often amazed at how people cannot see Operation Paperclip for what it really means; and the books/authors who write about it don't dare go there. That the US/British regime saved and brought over the most foul human beings who did the most foul things to other human beings, is a clear indication that those in charge of the US/British regime were also in charge of the Nazi regime! So again it's just coming home to Papa or one of his relatives, for the evil doctors and other mass murdering criminals. The "country" DOESN'T MATTER, it's the monstruous rulers behind the scenes that matter.

As a related example. In the late 1930's, a Jewish family barely escapes Nazi Germany alive and comes to the USA. The young son, in a few years becomes of age and is drafted into the U.S. Army. He gets into Army "Intelligence." And just after the war, is involved in saving/hiding/sending to the USA and other countries, the most evil mf'ers you can imagine, the Dr. Mengeles, the Claus Barbies etc the Peenamunde rocket scientists--AND YES WHAT YOU WON'T READ ABOUT ELSEWHERE, the Nazi scientists that made the A-Bomb for the Germans--who weren't allowed to use it. (Hitler was not insane, when at the end of the war, he proclaimed the Nazi regime had the "Super" weapon that would reverse the War even at the last minute. Is it clear what I am telling you? Op papeclip sent over more people than you realize, or that the books on it will let you know.

Anyway, getting back to this young Army Intel guy. He is happy to save and work with and safeguard the monsters that murdered and experimented on his own relatives just a short while ago. His complete lack of morals and scruples is brought to the attention of the Rockefellers. They quickly get this slow talking, slow thinking vermin a Harvard PhD; and proclaim him to be a great genius and nuclear strategist. (He should be a great nuclear/ICBM strategist, he met and brought over the original Germans who created all that, years earlier. See some more connections.) He gets pushed to the top Govt jobs, seemingly controlling the world (but not really, which is another story). All because of his foul role in Op Paperclip. Of course, I am writing of Henry Kissinger.

Just read "Hitler was a British Agent" and Stalin was too--tortured and mind controlled at the same Tavistock Institute in London (a few years apart). [But that's a strange book, in some ways, which is another story.]

BTW, I saw a different set of comments at another article here at Covertops. I see that I was right; the disinfo agents are out in force. Writing about "asbestos" and 9/11 was done for "money." What a joke. I already wrote here that the Bush family (ran "security" for the WTC) and the Silversteins, Rockefellers (the latter originally owned the WTC land--nuclear borer?) and their ilk can easily steal billions, indeed trillions of dollars without needing to kill thousands, and then millions of human beings. See what I wrote RE the Bush family and stealing billions during the savings and loan scandal and the missing 2.3 TRILLION $ announced on 9/10/01.

They could have done anything they wanted with the WTC and its "asbestos problem" without needing to nuke it, and kill 3,00 and then millions of people around the world. The control everything and get away with everything. It's not about "asbestos" or "money." It's far worse.

Don't let the disinfo agents stop you with their limited hangouts. As I expected, once I got the China Syndrome and the radioactivity/molten steel/high temps/months later, info out there at this site, the disinfo agents have to try to come back with "breathing in asbestos" as the cause of all the illnesses unfolding now, (and as a bogus cause for doing 9/11.) Asbestos DOES NOT cause thyroid cancer and leukemias and lymph cancers, nor Felipe David's hanging skin. Radiation does. But the regime has apparently sent over more intelligent disinfo agents in the last few days, than they had here in the past. Let us thank them for this.

Nonetheless, those of you who care, should be promulgating the China Syndrome scenario, from me (and separately William Tahil), far and wide if you care about the truth of 9/11 and its now unfolding horrible aftermath. And what it all means, as revealed here.

I have done my part without fame or fortune and at risk. Please disseminate this crucial info, you good, non-shills here. Thank you.

Anonymous Physicist

4:06 AM  
Anonymous Thinker said...

I reiterate, I am not by any means a disinfo agent; I only mentioned "Bigfoot" as an example of why (in my opinion) it isn't a good idea to mix 9/11 research and UFO research, as it gives a ready-made stick for bashing 9/11 researchers to the regime. Might there be more to the UFO matter? There might be, I certainly am open to other possibilities. But that distracts the 9/11 research community from its main purpose. If I was a disinfo agent I wouldn't have brought that up, rather I would have encouraged this blog to morph into a combination 9/11-UFO website and probably would have tried to CONNECT the two. However I stated just the opposite, that I don't think UFO research has any place in the 9/11 research community, it makes it easier to discredit all of us (whether the UFO-aliens matter is true or not, it makes us all look wacky and like we are "conspiracy enthusiasts" instead of truth seekers). THAT was my point with the comment I made.

As for why I didn't contact Killtown directly, I am not registered on his blog, which doesn't take comments from people who are unregistered. I don't register on ANYBODY's blog, I don't like giving out my e-mail address. These days it is hard to know who to trust, as you proved by bashing me as a "disinfo agent" for disagreeing with you on something. This isn't your fault of course, as this is the environment we have to live in because of the actual disinfo agents who have infiltrated and in many ways manipulate the 9/11 truth community. Hence the fake 9/11 truth mantra that if you don't agree that Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon, then you "must" be not genuine, when the opposite should be true, if you look at the Pentagon crash and still say Flight 77 crashed there then someone would be most likely disinfo. I might add however, this would be likely one of the things that turns some people off to the 9/11 truth movement, that every five minutes somebody is accusing somebody else of being disinfo. Granted, that shouldn't dissuade people who care enough about finding out what happened, but most Americans have a short attention span and if they can't get a clear idea of what a community is trying to say then they rapidly lose interest or tune it out. Turning people against each other, that's how the FBI effectively destroyed the American Indian Movement with "snitch jacketing". Everyone suspects everyone else and then soon nobody can get anything done. That's what they're doing with the 9/11 truth movement. Yes, I have noticed many of the "leaders" are disinfo. So can we please stop discussing UFOs on here? We can agree to disagree about their origin, that's fine, but can we agree that the subject is vastly more destructive to the 9/11 movement than any perceived benefits of discussing it?

As for the big picture, if you look at every theater in the "war on terror" you will find that each is intimately connected to oil and/or natural gas exploration, extraction and transport to market. That's what it's really all about, when you look at it in that context it all fits together. The "war on terror" is nothing but an effort to get as much (American) control over as much of the world's remaining oil and natural gas resources as possible. That's it. It's a giant energy war. 9/11 was just the pretext for it.

5:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"""So can we please stop discussing UFOs on here? We can agree to disagree about their origin, that's fine, but can we agree that the subject is vastly more destructive to the 9/11 movement than any perceived benefits of discussing it?"""

this blog has been up oneside of 9.11 and down the other for several years now, usually being accompanied by regular denigration, but it has left other 9.11 sites way behind.
there is no real 9.11 movement other than personally taking it upon oneself to spread the truth as one sees it.

i don't believe it is merely a giant energy war.
if so, the asian economies would not be so willing to foot the bill for their american "rivals" to grab all the remaining oil.

7:43 PM  
Anonymous Thinker said...

Anonymous 7:43, I really do think (energy) resource domination is at the heart of it. Since we both agree it wasn't "Islamic terrorists", then what other reason would the U.S. have in invading Afghanistan if not to scotch the Bridas Corp. deal and remove the Taliban who wanted terms they weren't willing to agree to? The Taliban was removed and replaced with the puppet Hamid Karzai and (ambassador) Zalmay Khalilzad of Unocal. A few months later, surprise surprise, the puppet government agrees to terms friendly to U.S. energy interests, and the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan pipeline plan is a go. Why else would they be there? Iraq, well, everyone with any sense knows that being the world's 3rd-largest oil producer that's why the U.S. is there and why it wants permanent bases there. What about Somalia? Is the U.S. really that scared that the "Islamic Courts Union" was going to make Somalia into some kind of "terrorist academy"? No, it goaded Ethiopia into invading it to emplace the puppet "government" that until then only controlled Baidoa and its environs, so that once in power they could grant oil exploration concessions to U.S. oil companies (Somalia is sitting on a large but undetermined amount of oil and natural gas). What about the Philippines and the fighting against "Abu Sayyaf" on Jolo and Basilan? It's been proven several times that "Abu Sayyaf" is directed, supplied and armed by the Philippine Army intelligence. And where is the oil in the Philippines? Why, it's right there on Jolo and Basilan in the Sulu Sea. Why has the Cheney regime got such a hard-on for establishing an "Africa Command"? Because in the next few years the U.S. expects about 25% of its crude oil to come from Africa, mostly from Nigeria, and "training African militaries to help fight terrorism" is their excuse for building lilypads there.

So yes, if the "war on terror" isn't a resource war then it sure as hell does a pretty good impersonation of one.

8:42 PM  
Anonymous Thinker said...

World domination by resource domination, securing "Pax Americana" with America as the "world's only superpower" for the foreseeable future, forestalling the rise of any rivals for "supremacy", ultimately trying to "manage" the rise of China (and soon, India). The idea the P.N.A.C. and probably other think tanks had had brewing since the early 1990s if not before in general terms. Probably the documents relating to Cheney's "Energy Task Force" in the summer of 2001 would reveal the more detailed blueprint for their resource wars thinly disguised as a "war on terror". But almost all of it is still classified. We all know the big oil barons wrote U.S. energy policy so what is Cheney hiding by not making public the documents relating to his Energy Task Force? Because it would show the "war on terror" for what it is.

10:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a joke/disinfo--to keep harping on things disproven.
First, obviously the owner of this blog has clearly found deeper truths to be at the heart of 9/11, and has made that determination, and what to post; and truth is not easy to put back in a box. Like I wrote, It's like trying to understand galactic forces while living solely inside a cave. Trying to understand how and why 9/11 was done, and what will come next while only looking at the events of 9/11 has led to the Babel of 9/11 "truthers" out there who understand so very little. You have plenty of sites to pick from that do not discuss such ultimate truths. It is absurd, or disinfo, with these pretenses, to go to a website that has a wiser outlook and includes things that others don't.

So why are you here, and not there, if they are with you on your mutual limitation??????

Don't try to control Spooked or anyone else. It won't work. Why not just go where they only discuss what you only want to be discussed??? Again, why are you here, and not elsewhere. Why are you trying to limit and control?

This limiting is just what other 911 "truthers" want to do with the no plane theory. Truth is truth, and it means nothing is out of bounds--ESPECIALLY IF ONE FINDS CERTAIN THINGS EXPLAIN EVERYTHING FOR THE FIRST TIME. Some people won't be limited just because others don't like where the truth leads.

Then you show yourself to either be total disinfo agents, or not very knowledgeable or intelligent.

You posit the usual Peak Oil disinfo scam. I and many others elsewhere have demonstrated both 1. that there is vastly more oil than officially proclaimed while you cite official govt LIES for said amounts (total disinfo), and 2. it is abiotic. Furthermore all the non-oil energy sources of solar, geothermal, wind, tidal, cold fusion and many more could easily have replaced oil a long time ago.

And what does oil have to do with 9/11, if you only want to talk about 9/11?

I, and many others, have already proved that 9/11 was not about money or oil. It is far worse. And the disinfo agents/NSA/CIA just won't let any blog site put out any information that goes beyond the obvious lies of the peak oil scam, or it's about money scam-- when they create money out of thin air anyway, and as detailed can steal trillions anyway..

And your other explanation is ludicrous--you don't trust that other blogger, but want to interact with posting here.

As I wrote, why are you at a site where the owner has decided to go beyond the trivial, the commonplace, and includes a more enlightened and wider set of facts and knowledge. Why aren't you at the many, many sites that are limited to what you want the discussion to be limited to???? Why are you taking so much time to try to control things here, when you could be at all those other sites, that agree with you????

Anonymous Physicist

10:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

u.s. energy interests?
do you suppose that energy co's belong to the u.s?
if it is a resource war then why is china, who would be america's rival for any resources, footing the bill for the iraq war? unless american forces are spreading D.U. around as if it were bug spray so that the oil companies (who surely must be owned by china by now anyway) can sell the oil to china?
certainly iraq's oil is not doing the u.s. any good is it.
maybe it is more about limiting the flow of oil?
i don't know.
but i doubt if 9/11 was conceived and carried out just to enable "u.s." energy interests.

10:05 PM  
Anonymous Thinker said...

1.I'm not trying to "control" anything.

2.If there's so much more oil to go around than what it appears then why have they been pressing to drill in the ANWR?

3.If you think mixing UFOlogy and researching 9/11 on the same blog is a good idea, and NOT something that hands a cudgel to the regime's tools to bash anyone looking into 9/11 with, you need to have your head examined. And you think I'M a disinfo agent??

4.Why are you trying to chase someone away who just got here? Who's a disinfo agent when I'm offering suggestions and if it doesn't meet the "orthodoxy" of this blog's dogma then you try to muzzle it by whipping out the "disinfo" scarecrow? You realize that (if you are what you claim to be) we agree upon the most important things regarding 9/11, that it was an inside job, the LIHOP people have shit for brains and it's a limited hangout, that it's obvious that the Twin Towers and WTC # 7 were controlled demolitions, not "collapses" from "damage and fire", that the Pentagon crash and Shanksville were not A.A. Flight 77 and U.A. Flight 93 respectively. If you are NOT disinfo then one would think you would cautiously welcome a newcomer here who doesn't come in with that official myth or LIHOP or plane hugger bullshit. If that newcomer has opinions that might differ on some aspects, one would think that somebody that really cared about an honest discussion would both 1.not bring into the discussion something completely uninvolved (UFOs) that can be used to tar genuine 9/11 researchers or approve of/defend bringing that in considering the obvious potential consequences; and 2.not be a closeminded asshole and try to shout down and marginalize anybody whose MIHOP opinion regarding 9/11 SLIGHTLY differs from your MIHOP opinion. What the hell is a discussion worth if brainstorming isn't "allowed"? Are you for real? And since you seem to speak for this blog, is this blog for real?

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You sure are proving who you work for with every post.

1. As usual, you did not answer the crucial question:

2. I do not speak for this blog or anyone here, or Spooked.

3. I just saw your comment on another article here, where you called Spooked, "Quick Draw McGraw". What a stupid insult. Spooked is in fact too kind to all the perps who put up insulting or moronic stuff here after every article that is enlightening. I wish he would get rid of them. But he is too good in that sense.

4. You continue to NEVER address any of the issues I raised, naturally. You actually bring up LIHOP, which Spooked and the people here have gone far beyond ages ago.

5. You were the one who first brought up "UFOs," not me. I was just trying to shut up your efforts to shut us up.

6. So you are at a website that is unique, and you want to get rid of its uniqueness. What a shill. Answer the questions at top.

7. I am not trying to chase anyone away. As I said in an earlier comment, I would welcome another human being if he were actually a "thinker" instead of being a "self-proclaimed thinker" who just posted trivial, wrong, and basically official, or limited hangout things every time.

8. I notice you never say the n-word. Care to comment on the nuclear demolition of the WTC? (Another giveaway.) Please get permission first.


In the couple of days that you "thinker" have been posting non-think, hang-outs, the more assinine shills HAVE NOT COMMENTED AT ALL!!

NSA/CIA/Militray "INTEL" you fu#*ed up big time! It is clear that you either sent a more intelligent person to disinfo this site, or you got the a brain implant for the old moron(s). But you shouldn't have done the timing so exactly.

You gave it away, by stopping the moronic arsinine, non-comments while starting this "thinker" at the same exact time!!!!

And if you now bring back the moron(s), at this time or tmow or so, you will once again prove that this isn't a coincidence.

So I thank you for sending a somewhat more intelligent disinfo agent with his Nazi UFOs, his peak oil scam, LIHOP graduation, and other trivia. Can you send over Jones or Wood next? I feel sorry for Wood, and believe she has been tortured and worse for many years (that coma etc), and don't blame her for what she is forced to put out--the hangout about "DEW" of which there has never been any evidence and of which her "evidence" is so clearly proven to be from nukes. But the other one, well we might not need any oil now, if he didn't help shoot down cold fusion. He is evil incarnate.

But back to you, Thinker, please answer my questions.

Anonymous Physicist

P.S. Moronic shills wait a few days, it will look better.

11:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous Anus,

I suppose digital diarrhea goes hand in hand with your Anus nickname, huh??

Jesus Christ you are a prolific bullshitter! I haven't looked at that much crap since I saw that backed up toilet in Odessa!

Do you do this for a living? Clog up virtual toilets with your shit? If not you should! You could make quite the living out of it.

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


"""3.If you think mixing UFOlogy and researching 9/11 on the same blog is a good idea, and NOT something that hands a cudgel to the regime's tools to bash anyone looking into 9/11 with,"""

the regime has plenty tools with which to bash already - and it is non-stop.

first it was controlled demo that was foolish, then remote controlled stand-in planes were promoted and simultaneously bashed as foolish.
no-planes is currently being bashed and the nuclear demo of wtc will be the next to be bashed.
some theories or claims pan out and some do not - obviously remote controlled stand-in planes does not pan out.

a cudgel (of foolishness) is only effective if it is stronger than that being bashed by it.
much like a lightweight thin-walled aluminum flying beercan with a plastic nosecone (a real 767) trying to cudgel a massive steel and concrete structure.

let them bash away all they want.

11:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

personally, i believe that the decision to demolish the entire wtc complex was separate from the plan to take over the oil rich regions (while simultaneously spreading around the poison of D.U. and villifying the people being poisoned and destroyed).
it was a stroke of (evil) genius to frame-up the oil-rich muslims for the illegal demo of property and parlay that into a seemingly endless "war on terror".

and regardless of whether the regime can invent money out of thin air, it IS costing trillions of dollars for this bogus war on terror. the greedy evil from top to bottom have to get more than their share no matter the cost to humanity or even ecology.

but at first glance the 'peak oil' motive does seem to be a legit motive for the troubles of these times, so if that is the truth that you (thinker) endorse, then by all means you should promote it as such.
but this blog has gone beyond that, and if i have anything to say about it, will not take what i consider to be a step backwards at this point.
however, it is spooked's blog, not mine, so only he can decide that.
spooked has for the most part endorsed what Anon Phys posits and since i cannot refute what Anon Phys says (no one else has either) i endorse his claims, ridiculous as they may seem AT FIRST GLANCE, as well.

the rest of you should either step up or eff off.

12:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I almost hate being proved correct some times.

See the ANALytical regime shill back again at 10:06. Right on cue, after their "thinker" was outed, and taking back over from him.

So we either get retards from the regime, or seemingly more intelligent ones desperate to plant disproven limited hangouts.

Of course, this is a microcosm of the whole 9/11 field: Brainwashed fools believing the official, impossible, pancake theory; despite seeing the 2 towers exploding. Then the limited hangouts of DEW and thermite. Despite the fact that there is no evidence of the former, and the latter has a wealth of evidence against it.

But now Thinker, you must reappear, else it will prove that you are one of them. Or are you and the ANALytical one, one and the same? Just posting at different (pseudo-)intellectual levels as ordered?

But you must now re-appear, Thinker. And when you do, answer the questions I already posed. And do tell us what you (and your masters) think of the nukes at the WTC, the China Syndrome, and Felipe David and his hanging skin.

Anonymous Physicist

1:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AP, either your posits will be refuted or not.
i believe that they will not, my opinion reinforced by the simple fact that TO DATE THEY HAVE NOT.
it does not matter if thinker is a shill agent or simply has his heart in the right place but maybe misguidedly.

in fact, it has been my experience that a commentor who refers to himself by such monikers as "implement of truth" or "truth out" or other such nonsense is as far from the actual truth as can be.
but please do allow thinker to either rise above or dig his own hole, as "implement" of truth has already done.

your posits will either be refuted or not.

real shills have no power over thoughts. and thoughts are the very bottom line in one's psychic make-up.
right, sword?

2:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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