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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Safety Factor or "Factor of Safety"

Factor of safety (FoS) can mean either the fraction of structural capability over that required, or a multiplier applied to the maximum expected load (force, torque, bending moment or a combination) to which a component or assembly will be subjected.


Appropriate design factors are based on several considerations. Prime considerations are the accuracy of load and wear estimates, the consequences of failure, and the cost of overengineering the component to achieve that factor of safety. For example, components whose failure could result in substantial financial loss, serious injury or death usually can use a safety factor of four or higher (often ten).

If we assume that the WTC had a factor of safety of four (and this is a typical number used by various sources), this means structural columns could lose 75% of their strength (from heat or other damage) and be just fine. In fact, the columns would be better than fine, as the factor of safety is calculated for the maximum load of a building, which generally is not reached by the weight of the inner contents.

But simply put, the safety factor means that ALL of the columns on one floor of the WTC would have to lose more than 75% of their strength at the same time for the floor to collapse. Given the fact that fires were contained to a fraction of the area on each floor, the fire-induced collapse explanation cannot account for the destruction of the towers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"If we assume..."

You just made an ass out of "u"'r self.

So what else is new?

8:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"""the fire-induced collapse explanation cannot account for the destruction of the towers."""

and given the fact that both towers were rendered completely into powder and that much of the massive pieces of steel disappeared into thin air before they even hit the ground would suggest that some high energy device was employed in the destruction of said towers.
Anonymous Physicist suggests that nuclear demolition was the cause of the demise of the WTC...

is he correct?
no one has yet refuted his theory.

3:43 PM  
Anonymous Thinker said...

The perimeter columns were rated to be able to withstand their live load levels being increased to 2000% of their norm before failing. Imagine how much the larger core columns could withstand? These were very redundant, very sturdy buildings.

6:09 PM  

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