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Monday, July 20, 2009

The Latest NASA/Apollo Hoax--LROC is a CROC

by The Anonymous Physicist

The following fakery was totally expected. Indeed, the only thing surprising is that it took NASA so long to trot this out. To “celebrate” the 40th anniversary of Man not walking on the Moon for the first time, NASA has released photos purporting to show Lunar Module descent stages, scientific apparatus and (wink) even footprints from 5 of the 6 Apollo “Lunar landings.”

These are allegedly from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) launched last month. I will now point out the latest fakery. This purports to show Apollo14’s descent engine, its scientific package, and a long trail of footprints.

Note the Lunar Module is an obvious insertion of a square object, whose sharp borders you can see give away this insertion. Then note how its shadow does not come from the entirety of the inserted object. That is, the top part is NOT casting a shadow to the right of it. Then the scientific package either has no shadow, or the dark stuff seen does not emanate from it. Then we come to those lovely footprints. First see how they appear continuous when they shouldn’t be-- what with that 1/6th g on the Moon, the astroNOTs would have been making those leaps and bounds. Then realize the width of their feet is only 3-4 inches or so--well beyond the resolution limit of this camera as we can tell from what is in these photos. No such trail would be visible due to these limitations. (Remember I have described how covert operators often slip up by trying too hard, and end up showing impossibilities or absurdities.) Note I also cannot see this alleged trail going back to the LM. How’d they skip ahead?

The Apollo 11 photo has the descent engine having too long a shadow based on other shadows in craters. And some craters do not show any shadow.

Likewise the Apollo 15 photo has numerous craters without any shadow, especially in the bright regions to the right of the alleged LM. (Being bright does not negate needing to show a shadow-- indeed against the brighter stuff, the shadows should have been even MORE noticeable. Not showing shadows only indicates that these bright regions were doctored. One can only wonder what may have really been in these regions?)

The Apollo 16 photo also has far too long a shadow going past the far end of the large, nearby crater. Some craters again do not show any shadow, and the large crater near the left top seems to show a shadow and no crater.

The Apollo 17 photo
also has some craters with no shadow.

There are many other indications of fakery and doctoring that I can see, but this will suffice for now. So after having 40 years of planning to remastermind such photos, the regime comes up with this “one small step” for photo alteration, “one giant leap” for poppycock. I was the first to spell out the reason for the whole Apollo Hoax, in that the Quarantine does not allow Man to leave low Earth orbit. Others, including Tsarion, incorrectly stated that the Moon is where the Quarantine is at. It is not; low Earth orbit, is the limitation for Man that is imposed upon us due to our DNA having some from the monsters who created us. Indeed in one of my recent books, “Quarantine: Mankind Held Hostage: The Ultimate Truth of Hiroshima, 9/11 & Man’s History” I detailed that one of the reasons Man was created was to act as a Guinea Pig in Quarantine-escape, or Quarantine-testing events.

In remembering the Apollo Hoax, on the upcoming 40th “non-iversary”, we should never lose sight of the fact that the American Gestapo regime enforced the Apollo Hoax on the remaining AstroNOTs (and the rest of Humanity) by burning alive the three men they trapped in Apollo 1-- Grissom, White and Chaffee. Grissom, in particular, apparently could never be bought or controlled, and would never have stood for faking the whole thing. The others got the message. So on July 20, let us celebrate the lives of these brave men who apparently would not go along with the Apollo Hoax. Their own gutless colleagues, in going along with the Apollo Hoax-- mock their existence-- but we should not.

(Note, the wiki page "Apollo Moon landing hoax conspiracy theories" has these LROC photos prominently displayed-- Spooked)

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