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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Update on the Michael Jackson Assassination: The Curious Case of Conrad Murray, M.D.

by The Anonymous Physicist

Previously, I highlighted how a Canadian reporter, well published in the newspapers of London (MI5 control), had predicted to within a day, that MJ would be dead six months later. And I predicted that his claim that MJ was a total invalid with several disabling lung diseases was bogus. I was soon proven right about the bogus lung diseases by video of MJ’s dancing, 2 weeks before his death.

Now if MJ died of a drug overdose, it would be easy to place the whole blame on him as a druggie. Or to claim that it was due to an accident. But I assert that that reporter, Ian Halperin, has given the MI5/6 Op away with his claim, that attained the A.P. key of absurdity or impossibility. His knowing that MJ would be dead exactly 6 months later (with the one day off, thrown in so as not to be clear that he was told the date), and his ludicrous, bogus claim of MJ having several, severe lung diseases, highlight the absurdity and the foreknowledge, only the murderers would have known.

It appears that MJ’s private, live-in physician, (at a claimed $150,000 per month, paid by the London group that was allegedly to bring the 50 year-old MJ to London for the 50 gigs), Conrad Murray, M.D., has played a prominent role in MJ’s death as noted here. This contains strong indications of possible, deliberate murder. Although great negligence may be substituted/claimed at any upcoming trial. Let us examine the TMZ piece. It has classic indications of malice aforethought. During the “event”, Dr. Murray allegedly left MJ alone after allegedly administering the precarious IV of Propofol. Apparently he didn’t want to see what would be happening to MJ. Then he may have made sure MJ was irretrievably gone, and didn't come back to him, until such time as it would be certain he was hopelessly dead. Then he puts on an act, and attains absurdity [the A.P. key] by working on him in the ER, long after MJ was irretrievably dead. Indeed, from earlier reports, EMTs reportedly wanted to declare MJ already dead upon their arrival at MJ’s residence. Earlier reports were that Dr. Murray did not call for an ambulance until after working on MJ for half an hour. Of course, I highlighted that the PTBs beloved “33” was the 9/11 dispatcher’s number.

Now there is this claim that MJ was already dead for 2 hours, unattended by Murray, while dying from an apparent OD of, or other fatal reaction to, Propofol. Of course, if this was murder, the actual agent used, could have well been something else that we may never know about, if the intel agencies are involved here, as I assert they are.

Let us look more closely into Murray now. Curiously Wikipedia/(CIA) still does not have a bio on Murray, even though millions would likely want to view it! Murray's attorney has a bio on him, which should be taken with a grain of salt. It proclaims: "Dr. Conrad Murray was born in St. Andrews, Grenada... At age seven he moved to Trinidad & Tobago to join his mother and stepfather. He later became a citizen and completed his primary schooling under the British education system...When he was 19 years old he bought his first home. The proceeds of its sale later funded his education in the United States... In 1992, he completed his internship and residency at Loma Linda University Medical Center [LLUMC], in Loma Linda, CA." This bio details his extensive training in cardiology, but does not address that he was not board certified in cardiology, according to all the other sources. Strikingly, Murray’s lawyer’s site proudly proclaims Murray as a Freemason “for three years” with this photo!

Now the LLUMC is part of Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, California, and is under the auspices of the Seventh-day Adventist religious organization. The Seventh-day Adventist Church proclaims that it has 5666 primary schools around the world. The LLUMC is undergoing a "seismic upgrade project" headed by Turner Construction Company of New York, NY. The latter--a "construction management company"--was deeply involved in the World Trade Center clean-up/([nuclear] cover-up.)

Now hypothetically, what if Dr. Murray is an asset of British intel, or of some secret society ultimately out of Rome? Can we guess what may be the ultimate outcome of this? Usually the PTB let their assassins go scot-free. But not necessarily if there is great public light on an event, as is the case here. What then? They have several options. Murray may have an “accident” any time now. There may be a show trial on negligent homicide or such; and a jail term along with a dearth of interviews, à la Noriega, Sirhan Sirhan, etc.

Several California medical examiner’s offices, I have already pointed out, have a notorious history of being subverted by the American Federal, Gestapo, intel agencies. This occurred in the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe (and I am sure numerous others.) And this I have said may be why the Jackson family did their own autopsy. But that family, I have pointed out, from the book of a sex slave, may have been totally controlled by intel during the entire lifetime of MJ; with the father likely giving over his son(s) for torture and rape in exchange for fame and fortune. It is important to understand that the fame and fortune aspect does not negate the victim from still being--FOREVER MORE--nothing but a slave/sex slave, till the moment of death.

All of Jackson’s alleged drug seeking may have been an intel legend for his upcoming demise at the hands of the intel agencies. This would be like Lee Harvey Oswald’s created legend as a “Comma-nist” [I prefer LBJ’s pronunciation] sympathizer, defector, un-defector, patsy, etc. I have detailed what may have been the first claim that LHO was also a likely early sex slave/courier, and may have been tortured and raped at an early age. So just as LHO had orders to parade around as a “Marxist-Leninist” for his later denouncement as a “lone nut Communist” assassin to jump start the Cold War--that Kennedy was ending--and to have the massive build-up of nukes and ICBMs, for ulterior purposes that I have elsewhere revealed, MJ’s legend was his allegedly begging for many drugs. This legend includes his allegedly seeking the drug that would officially kill him.

So we may soon see Dr. Murray proclaiming (assuming he does not suffer an “accident”) that he was “star struck,” and “just” did what MJ requested. Curiously this happens just as American TV commences a weekly show on “concierge doctors.” Also curious is the show’s title, “Royal Pains” on the USA network. But the TMZ piece above, if true, indicates possible, deliberate action to ensure MJ would die, and could not be resuscitated. And all Murray’s efforts to do so seem to have been initiated AFTER this was no longer possible--attaining the level of absurdity. And again remember, if intel is involved, others may even have been in the MJ residence assisting; and that the Medical Examiner’s office will be totally subverted by the Gestapo agencies. So the MSM and the Court proceedings will likely conclude MJ died of a drug overdose based on his own addictions, and only negligence on the part of Murray is involved. But some of us will know better.

Note that malfeasance on the part of the police or medical examiner’s office may already have occurred! Recall the fact that investigators had to go back one or more times, for things they missed the first time! This is a serious admission, and a serious “error” in investigative technique. While they are claiming that they found drugs and paraphanalia, etc., on subsequent visits, my above logic indicates that the case may already have been subverted by intel agencies, early on--and all sorts of things may have been allowed to be removed!

The only real question from my POV, is just what was MJ trying to reveal to the world that made the PTB decide to poison, and do away with him? Was it any crucial Ultimate Truths as Mozart, Beethoven, and even myself, were trying to reveal to the world? As depicted here. Or was MJ trying to inform the world of his own sex slavery, given over, by his father, to American Intel filth for rape and torture as a child?

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