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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More on the LROC Lunar Landing "Proof"

AP discussed the recently released LROC photos here.

But this photo deserves further examination--

There are potential anomalies with the LM size and shadow, but I want to focus on the "footprints". There are a couple of problems here noted by AP. First has to do with the size, and the second has to do no obvious return track-- assuming the parallel track is not the return.

Using the scale bar, we can measure the footprint track. One of the footprint lines corresponds to 2 meters wide-- or over 6 feet-- on average.

CLEARLY, a 6 foot wide track cannot correspond to one person's footprints. One the other hand, this 6 foot wide track is unlikely to be made by two astronauts walking side-by-side, as they would have had to stay very close, next to each other, for the whole walk of over 100 meters-- and they would have had to shuffle their feet the whole way (in contradiction to the low gravity on the moon), and do so in a way to disturb the dust to make a larger 6 foot wide track! Clearly this is an absurdity!

So these footprints are clearly, blatantly bogus.

But beyond the size, there is the matter of the two tracks. The second track HAS to be a return track, but this makes little sense. WHY would the astronaut/s walk-- in a completely new and exciting environment walk almost perfectly parallel to their outgoing tracks, no more than 20 feet away? Wouldn't they want to check out NEW areas on the moon and take a much different return track? Were they afraid of getting lost just a few hundred feet from their LM? It's completely nonsensical and more evidence of poorly thought-out fakery.


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