Humint Events Online: Cancer at Ground Zero: Toxins Versus Radiation, and Nuking

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cancer at Ground Zero: Toxins Versus Radiation, and Nuking

To recap, a recent study showed 4 cases of multiple myeloma cancer in young ground zero workers. Since multiple myeloma normally occurs in old people, four cases out of this specific population of ground zero workers is a very high rate, not explainable by random chance.

There are really only two plausible explanations for these cases of cancer:
1) toxic chemicals, such as benzene, produced by the burning debris/rubble pile
2) radiation from radionuclides leftover from the nuking of the WTC towers

The critical point here is that cancer is almost certainly due to radiation for the following logic:
a) people have been exposed to toxins such as benzene before, but don't develop cancer for ten to twenty years.
b) the ground zero workers developed these cancers in three to four years.
c) radiation can induce cancer in a short period of time.

Now one could argue that the toxin level at Ground Zero was so extreme that it caused cancer much more rapidly than normal. However, this really doesn't hold up for the following reasons:
i) high levels of toxins getting into someone's system are more likely to cause immediate acute systemic illness-- that should have been noted for these cancer victims if it occurred
ii) there must be many other cases of people being exposed to high levels of aerosol carcinogens, yet there is no clear connection of these toxins and rapid cancer development
iii) people who worked at ground zero for any extended period wore protective breathing equipment, which would have limited toxin exposure but would have done nothing for radiation exposure

Importantly, multiple myeloma is NOT the only suspicious cancer showing up in Ground Zero workers-- there is also
thyroid cancer, which is strongly linked to radiation exposure. There are also many blood cancers showing up in the workers.

Finally, note that even the toxins ultimately can be explained by the nuking. First, the power of the nuclear demolition fragmented and fried interior contents of the towers-- leading to immediate toxin production. Second, the China Syndrome of unextinguishable fires in the WTC rubble is due to the nukes-- and was also the source of toxin production.


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