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Friday, February 26, 2010

Typical Shill-Like Behavior from Simon Shack

It's certainly quite possible that video fakery-- greenscreen technology-- was used in this footage. The lack of sound of the landslide may be the biggest clue. The problem is that the "proof" that Shack offers is so totally flawed as to be self-negating.

YouGeneDebs tears away Shack's deception pretty easily here:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually that landslide does look real and since it is just a slow moving mass of soft dirt sliding down a shallow incline, there is no reason for simon to expect it to make very much noticeable sound.
rather than being deceptive, i suspect that simon is simply a moron.

10:04 AM  
Blogger nickname said...

Sorry to have to disagree, ap, but
the landslide looks fake to me and
frankly, I think Simon's video is
very well done.

The Deb's video seems pointless and
wholly without merit. Perhaps the result of jealousy of Simon Shack.

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Intel Early Wynn/Bill McWilliams/Nickname/Remasterminder:

The top post is not from Anonymous Physicist.

In the future I will probably not bother to refute idiotic claims that others are me when this creature assumes it,


11:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nickname has been pretending that he thinks that i am you for a long time now - i don't even care anymore.

i still think that landslide looks like a real landslide. i grew up in AZ and we had landslides like that all the time after a heavy rain. once i was even standing on a patch of ground that slid like that - at first it was scary but after i realized that we were in no danger it seemed kind of fun.

i should clarify ny earlier comment about simon being a moron rather than deceptive; in this instance he seems more moronic than deceptive - others have pointed out other instances where he is most likely being deceptive.

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ap, if you were poisoned by intel goons how would anyone know it, other than by what you post and how you phrase things?

If you aren't anonymous, how would you know it?

12:42 PM  
Blogger engineer said...

What happens to these views by election time?

63 % says incumbents out of congress

Ron Paul - on US assassinating own citizens will be on a roll

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What would be the point in faking this landslide...TV Fakery practice?...just for a goof? What's the purpose? I mean was this actually shown on the news or is it just someone's home video project?

1:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The issue of whether the earthslide is genuine or more TV fakery is not at all important.

I am not convinced either way from the 2 videos. Mostly a waste of time compared to more important matters. AS I have said, there's never been anything but fakery on TV--that's the purpose of TV for the masses.

What is somewhat interesting is the new forum that "Simon Shack" has now.

It appears to take up the slack or "shack" from Killtown's intel forum. As I have said for 4 years now: Every single 911 truth, and every single general conspiracy, forum is run by the intel agencies and their agents/assets.

The perfect example was both Rick Siegel and Killtown proclaiming that what brought down the towers did not matter to them, and was not an important issue. And that TV fakery was the most important issue.

The Op-Plan I pointed out long ago was of course to get anyone who could think and question, to avoid the Ultimate Truth of 9/11--that the US regime nuked its own people in its own largest city, and that the China Syndrome resulted.

The intel agents coupled TV fakery (which is true) together with "DEW" the ludicrous, evidence-free mechanism of WTC destruction) to again steer people away from the UT of 911.

And this foul Op-Plan continues, as expected here, at Shack's new forum. It welcomes all the Killtown posters (mostly other intel assets).

Its second main forum topic is that "nukes don't exist." (After the topic of the Apollo Hoax which is a true hoax.) "All the photos of Nagasaki and Hiroshima were doctored and nukes don't exist."

The photo "analysis" looks like it could be baby-talking Judy Wood again. And someone else who pretends to know some physics looks like it could be Webfairy. But these could be other assets

But I trust the Op is clear? Shack says it is an important issue and could well be true--that there is no such thing as nuclear explosions.

Later SimonShack forum topics seem like they try to pin it all on Israel or such. So we have Killtown Redux--everything is "Jews and DEWS."

So they couple one true hoax with another fantasy. The true Apollo Hoax with the fantasy that all nukes are fake--

with the obvious Op that nukes couldn't have taken out the WTC because "there are no nukes."

Now with this blog, the best that they can do is have intel agents post daily pseudo-liberal crap and try to cause internal problems and such as with "nickname" and maybe others here.

But imagine if every 911 videographer made a video of the nuking of the WTC and the China Syndrome Aftermath?!

The changes that might have been made. The outrage that could have been generated!

There still has not been one single video made of the China Syndrome Aftermath at the WTC. Indeed even the attorneys for the stricken 911 responders likely are in on the Op to blame "toxins" instead of radiation for the many cancers are that are usually due to radiation exposure.

Anonymous Physicist

9:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW, I would advise the ASSets at the above named forum to try this experiment. Stare at the Sun for an hour. After all, no harm can occur to you because the Sun is fake, as physicists claim it derives its energy from continual fusion nuclear reactions, and it and all the stars therefore are fake.

Anonymous Physicist

Legal Advisory: Do NOT try the above experiment, you will be blinded by the truth of nuclear reactions and the radiation they release.

9:08 PM  
Blogger Killtown said...

AP = cuckoo

Spooked, it doesn't help your credibility when you associate with such paranoids as AP.

The truth movement has become overrun with too many paranoids.

4:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AP = trustworthy

the China Syndrome Aftermath continues to cause cancer in the 40,000 responders and millions of local Metro NY area residents!

4:38 PM  
Blogger spooked said...


what exactly is cuckoo about what AP wrote?

And are you saying I have a credibility problem?

5:46 PM  
Blogger Killtown said...

AP says the following lies:

Calling the old 911m forum mine and an intel forum. It was neither mine, nor or an intel forum. It was owned by Slick and co-founded by Quest. I was just the 3rd admin brought in. It was also a 'free speech' forum where anybody could express their beliefs, apparently some AP didn't like. People like Shack had no control over that forum at all.

I never said what brought down the towers wasn't an important issue, or that TV fakery was the most important issue.

Insinuating that I think the 'Jews did it' (what does that even mean???) and that I believe in DEWS. I don't believe DEW @ WTC and never ever said I did.

Admin Quest was a big believer in Nukes @ WTC btw.

It seems like AP doesn't like/trust me because I don't mention/praise his work which makes him one very arrogant person, not to mention paranoid.

But the worst part of it Spooked is that you allow him to post these lies and slander of me on your blog.

7:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wait K, aren't you an intel filth? evidently i am.
i thought that everybody was!
james ha.

7:51 PM  
Blogger spooked said...


thanks for the response and for the clarifications. I have never had a problem with you and always appreciated your work.

I do give AP free rein here -- freedom of speech and all*. His opinions aren't the same as mine. Nonetheless, I think he has made really important contributions to 9/11 research and he definitely has the most comprehensive explanation of the grand conspiracy-- the "ultimate truths". So I do give weight to his opinions, even though I don't always agree with his assessments of people.

*Yes, I have deleted some comments here for various reasons.

8:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Killtown most certainly said that he did not care what brought down the towers.

He is lying now as expected.

I emailed proof of this when he wrote it years ago, to Spooked. I recall sending Spooked urls where both KT and Siegel said almost the same exact words!

About the very same time, both he and Rick Siegel proclaimed that.

Now I am not sure that this is retrievable, as his "forum" is gone, and as above seemingly duplicated by Shack's forum now.

Killtown's forum (and I recall him--not anyone else--posting at Siegel's asking people to join HIS new forum) also had the same individuals posting that there was no such thing as nukes.

It is Killtown that thus has no credibility!

And being linked to him, not me, lends to a loss of credibility.

Denial of how many are intel in "911truth" has been the way for some, until it is too blatantly obvious.

And in almost every case that I had said that someone was intel, it usually was months or years later, that Spooked was able to see and admit it.

Indeed when I first came on the scene, and did not know if there was anyone who could be trusted (as I knew with the JFK Assassination 99.99% of "truthers" are intel as Bill Cooper noted), it was Spooked's comment below to me that helped convince me.

Spooked said he didn't know why but he (Spooked) would cite Killtown's "work" but he (Killtown) never cited his (Spooked's) work.

That helped convince me which one was likely intel, and which one likely was not. (Intel operators only post what Big Brother dictates is allowed to be posted by all the other intel operators.) But that is far from the only reason. Many recognize what I wrote about KT. He banned numerous people from his forum that dared to speak out against him.

And again he most certainly said that "it doesn't matter what brought down the towers" and that he "didn't care" about that.

I could not care less what an asset like Killtown does ordinarily. It is not the fact that he did not cite my work that matters, but that he never cited nuclear and China Syndrome matters.

I have previously detailed that he did not ever show how my article citing his interview of Ondrovic proved EMPs at the WTC from nukes. A non-intel 911truther would have.

Indeed no one else has ever been able to find Ondrovic before or since to my knowledge. And I don't believe for one second that she sought him out. The proof that she is not some "interested truther" herself is that to my knowledge she has never appeared on any 911 forum before or since KT's interview.

People need to look beneath the surface all the time, and to be aware of denial. Bill Cooper did not have a need to associate with other "JFK truthers" and had no difficulty in seeing that virtually all were fake and intel.

Killtown used to terminate people at his forum for far less that the name calling he did above of me, and that post should still be removed now.

It is telling if a post containing nothing but name calling is allowed to stand.

KT is most certainly lying now and most certainly did write that he didn't care, and it doesn't matter to him, what brought down the towers.

And he and his forum had little credibility for many reasons including the heavy emphasis on limited hangouts, DEWs, Jews/Zionists did it, and "there is no such thing as nuclear explosions" and other nonsense.

His "explanation" of who and how his forum was taken down is more lying intel crap. (A "lone nut" did it. Sound familiar?)

And he could have put another one up somewhere else, but orders are orders.

And as noted above, Shack has now put up a nearly identical forum with the same posters and limited hangouts ("there's no such thing as nuclear explosions") as KT's forum had. With the same amount of credibility.

Anonymous Physicist

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So far I have not been able to use search engines to get into 911movement’s urls or threads, at all. It seems to be totally blocked.

Maybe KT can give Spooked a key or such for all of 911movement’s archives and Spooked can give it to me and we can search for KT’s own words.

I did find where not only did Killtown say he “didn’t care” how WTC7 was “demo’d”, he pretended to speak apparently for all of the 911 conspiracy field. But this is not as strong as the blanket statements he made at his own forum, that I have not been able to get into.

This was at the JREF (intel) forum page 9:

[Reference to previous post] Originally Posted by sleahead
Still waiting for an answer on this one , Killtown.

[Killtown]: “Inform him that they are going to pull his building to keep him up to date, duh.

""pull it" (CTspeak for blow it up)"

No, CT speak for demo a building. We don't care how it's demo'd.
[End quote from JREF]

So KT wrote, “We don't care how it's demo'd.”

I presume his abbreviation, “demo’d”, stood for demolitioned.

And the thread was about WTC7 destruction, and Silverstein’s “pull it” remark (which I have written about.)

But again, Killtown pretends to speak for the 911 conspiracy field and falsely projected his own—“I don’t care” what took down a WTC tower onto the entire 911 conspiracy field.

I strongly diasagree with KT here. I have written extensively on WTC7 destruction. Showing how the earlier explosions felt and seen by Barry Jennings indicated the likelihood of fizzled nukes. And I have pointed out that it was the evidence of VAPORIZED steel seen by Fire Engineering Professor Barnett beneath the rubble of WTC7 that led him to declare that that was proof of “extraordinarily high temperatures.”

That quote, which slipped into the NY Times, then had all the intel perps desperately trying to explain away, when I believe Barnett was cleverly stating that the only thing that could have done that was nukes. (Thermite, e.g might possibly be able to melt some steel but not vaporize any appreciable amount of steel at all.)

So while KT may “not care” what “demo’d” WTC7, and WTC1 and WTC2, he should never use the “we,” because—unlike him—to some of us, the nuclear destruction of the WTC and the China Syndrome Aftermath are the most important 9/11 issues.

And the “extraordinarily high temperatures” Dr. Barnett spoke about, indicate that the WTC was nuked—as opposed to KT’s non-credible forum which allowed and emphasized such idiotic, and obviously intel-sponsored, limited hangouts as “nuclear explosions do not exist.”

Anonymous Physicist

1:18 PM  
Blogger Killtown said...

My god AP, obsessed with me much? You're like a creeper. You might as well join fellow creepers Genghis and Cressy in their character assassination stalking campaign against me, or egomaniac Ace Faker who also thinks I'm a shill for never quoting his "brilliant" work. lol

4:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one is obsessed about you.

Because Spooked did not do the simple and right thing and remove your insults, I showed some proof.

You are right though in that you are a waste of time.

I note that again you merely offer more insults.

1. Address the fact that just above you said that you did "not care" what brought down WTC7, proving you to be a liar.

2. Allow someone to check all your archives so we can see how often you said that about the two main towers' destruction.

3. Address the Ondrovic matter, as detailed above.

4. State what you think brought down WTC1 and WTC2. Since you now, all of a sudden, allege that you have changed and do care.

It's never about one intel agent/asset; it is about trying to show those who are genuine in the community just how widespread and insidious the intel infiltration is.

(Interesting that this one himself above cites that most in the 911 field consider him to be an agent/asset.)

As just above we see that those, such as KT, can offer nothing but more lies, obfuscations, and more stupid name calling when pressed.

We await your replies to the 4 points above. Thank you.

Anonymous Physicist

5:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Killtown was long ago exposed for what he is.

He wrote pieces claiming that Frame 312 of the Zapruder film was the kill frame, when everyone knows it is Frame 313. To again discredit what every honest JFK researcher knows that SS agent Greer fired the fatal head shot.

He posted the same piece on youtube under a different name. So he is also a general disinformationalist.

How sad that some are in such a state of denial about how "911truth" and virtually all conspiracy forums are intel-run.

There is no credibiity for anyone not denouncing him. He first attempted to get his legend by getting "banned" at other (intel) sites.

He is so easy to spot for what he is.

As expected, he did not answer when proven to be a liar above.

A 911truther who not only proclaimed that HE does not care to find out, or know, what took down the towers, he actually claimed to speak for the whole community, and stated, "WE don't care what demolished a tower..."

Translation: "WE at the CIA do not want the people to know that the towers were nuked, let's get the truthers distracted, with other matters, by our assets. And if confronted, just have our assets lie some more."

3:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shilling goes way back...

6:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

5:27 PM  

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