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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A Crucial Aspect Regarding the Lists of Dead 9/11 Eyewitness and Whistleblowers

By The Anonymous Physicist

The video (posted below) of dead 9/11 eyewitnesses and Spooked’s significant addendum of additional dead witnesses and whistle-blowers are both important for the 9/11 truth movement. Here I wish to emphasize that one overarching factor needs to be included. And I have some additional people that perhaps should be included in this list of those likely murdered.

The overarching factor that is missing from that video is that several of those witnesses may well have been murdered because of their knowledge that the destruction of the WTC on 9/11 was nuclear. Barry Jennings, I have written, may well have witnessed fizzled nukes going off, with the need for replacements several hours later. Jennings related how firemen, or those dressed as such, told him not to even look at the dead bodies around him. Video of his accounting made by the Loose Change gang and Alex Jones has him stating that he “worked for the NYC Housing Authority for 33 years” as that video’s creators insert firetruck engine 33 going by.

The video also states that the firetruck of NYFD firefighter Salvatore Princiotta had strange damage and that Princiotta was later murdered. But his truck was Ladder 9, Engine 33. Years ago, I revealed that the official story is that Engine 33 was the first on the WTC scene. [The 33 being code for the PTB and nuclear matters.] And that numerous vehicles sustained damage that was most likely due to Electromagnetic Pulses (EMP). Other accounts state that firetrucks were tossed about during the “collapse” that may have been from the blast effect aspect of the small nukes. There were many surviving firemen. If Princiotta was singled out, the nuclear aspect could be the reason why.

Now the details of his murder are the following— and they may (or may not) be related to 9/11. Princiotta had moved to Arizona for the lung disease he suffered post-9/11. Allegedly he was murdered by someone who stole his coin and Elvis memorabilia collection, supposedly worth some $20,000. His alleged murderer, Jeffrey Lynn Bigham, 56, was subsequently tracked to California, and shot himself after running from, and being surrounded by, police. It is stated that Bigham met Princiotta at a Las Vegas Convention and befriended him, and then made frequent contact with him, with the goal of stealing his collectibles. So “simple” robbery” may be the motive here, or that may be the cover story. Most thieves do not make such elaborate long range plans, nor choose a tough firefighter type to rob and kill. I have been unable to find anything at all on his alleged murderer, Bigham, other that the accounts of the deaths of Princiotta and Bigham. So I do not know anything about Bigham, other than that he had homes in both California and Arizona, and allegedly shot Princiotta four times while stealing his memorabilia. Could the stolen valuables have included something else related to 9/11? Could Bigham have been eliminated to end the matter? Was he, at least partly a[n intel] patsy? Should Bigham’s name be added to the list?

Then the nuclear aspect of 9/11 certainly includes Kenny Johanneman. The video points out that his alleged suicide is likely bogus. He was a witness both to the sub-basement blast timed to coincide with the upper blast of the alleged plane crash into WTC1, and the melted, hanging skin of Felipe David. Johanneman stated that he assisted Felipe David out of the tower. Separately, “the Janitor” claims he carried out David. David’s own words are that he went out on his own. His own words also were that his skin melted off his body without any fire. It is most probable that Felipe David’s injuries resulted from the thermal rays of a small nuclear bomb. (Many Hiroshima and Nagasaki survivors had similar melted, hanging skin.) But again I ask, where in the world is Felipe David? Are there any real reporters or journalists left in the world? Why is no one trying to track him down? Is he still alive, or should he too be added to the above list of dead (nuclear) 9/11 eyewitnesses??

Then we come to engineering graduate student, Michael Zebuhr. He was associated with Judy Wood, PhD, the creator of the DEW hangout. The murder of Zebuhr does look like a deliberate assassination. His murder was used by the Wood/DEW camp to claim that 9/11 perpetrators rubbed him out because he was trying to show that “DEW did it.” But I have amply demonstrated that the hangout of DEW was always a ludicrous, evidence-free “theory,” that was designed to subvert and pervert the evidence that the WTC destruction was nuclear, and that the China Syndrome resulted. And so the real reason for murdering Zebuhr is more likely to have been one or both of the following. He saw that there was nothing to the “DEW hypothesis,” and his analysis led to his planned proclamation that it was a nuclear destruction. The PTB take particular exception to those who “switch allegiances.” (Note the Pat Tillman assassination—most likely a deliberate, “friendly fire” event.) If he was at all close to Wood, Zebuhr may also have found evidence of her being an intel asset charged with putting out that hangout.

Perhaps the list of dead 9/11 eye-witnesses can be categorized into three groups--

1. Those who witnessed, and/or could prove that the destruction of the WTC was nuclear, and/or that the China Syndrome resulted.

2. Those who knew that no “commercial hijacked” planes impacted the Pentagon, and the WTC towers.

3. Those who could prove that the alleged 9/11 perpetrators, are a hangout and that the US regime did it, and/or that Al Qaeda is Al-CIA-duh.

I have stated that one reason the American Gestapo regime has claimed the power to torture and kill anyone, anywhere, is simply to eliminate those who could prove that “Al-Qaeda” is Al-CIA-duh. Many of those tortured and killed were likely on American or British intel agencies’ payrolls. The American regime has claimed the right to kill “Al-Qaeda” or “terrorists” anywhere in the world, at any time by any means. This is analogous (as I have pointed out here) to how the German Nazi regime killed its own intel agents (the SD, the intel wing of the Gestapo) that were involved in faking a Polish attack on a German radio station as the ruse to start WWII.

In this light of exposing the real nature of “Al-Qaeda,” perhaps former (and potentially future?) Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, should also be added to Spooked’s list? She had stated that despite perennial videos, Osama bin Laden was dead. She had indicated American Gov’t involvement in numerous matters, in tandem with the Pakistani regime that she had hoped to supplant. Her autobiography was released posthumously. In it, she wrote that Osama bin Laden’s son was trying to kill her. But we must realize that she was no longer alive to testify whether she really wrote what was published by a major British publishing house (MI 5/6).

Another aspect I wish to make known about this matter, is that several of these eyewitnesses were killed shortly after they were involved with certain videographers. As much of the 911 Truth movement indicates, many of the videographers cannot be trusted. They all seem to have their own agendas, hangouts and gatekeeping. Could the videographers be involved (as deep undercover intel assets) in the deaths of at least some of the witnesses? I have written that in all conspiracy matters (and well documented in the JFK matter), over 99% of “researchers” or truthers, especially the popular ones, are highly likely intel assets emplaced, in the words of Lenin, to “lead the [bogus, gatekeeping] opposition.”

The list of murdered eyewitnesses and whistle-blowers is probably larger than we realize, due to what happens behind the scenes. It is hoped that the above categorization will be useful, and that as with Nazi killers, no timetable ever limits their killers being brought to justice for murdering these eyewitnesses and whistle-blowers.

In particular, we must emphasize protection and publicity for any surviving eyewitnesses of the nuclear destruction of the WTC and the China Syndrome Aftermath. This is one important function, I think, of this blog, as much else in “911 truth” self-vaporizes after serving its purpose.

Anonymous Physicist

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