Humint Events Online: Suspicious Untimely Deaths of People Involved in 9/11

Monday, March 01, 2010

Suspicious Untimely Deaths of People Involved in 9/11

Excellent video:

That is:
Barry Jennings
Beverly Eckert
Kenneth Johanneman
Michael H. Doran
Christopher Landis
Bertha Champagne
Paul Smith
Deborah Palfrey
Major General David Wherley
Salvatore Princiotta
David Graham

I would also add to the list:
William Cooper
Michael Zebuhr
Hunter S Thompson
Dan Wallace
Prasanna Kalahasthi
Katherine Smith
Daniel Pearl


Blogger engineer said...

Seems British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook was assassinated (heart attack) for clarifying real meaning of Al Qaeda

Standard believable version.

Have you ever read about the Mossad induced heart attack?

This website though, has an article that has 19 Israeli Terrorists flying the "planes". As always, the author of the article has not volunteered to give us a demo flight.

4:55 PM  

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