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Monday, March 08, 2010

Hard to Believe: Voting Systems in the US Now Even Worse

ES&S buys up Diebold, now has virtual monopoly on electronic US voting machines.

Mark Crispin Miller has some good commentary on this story.

Which reminds me-- in the early days of this blog, a lot of time was spent on the extremely fishy Bush "win" of 2004, and the multitude of data suggesting there was rampant voting fraud. Obama's big win in 2008 pushed a lot of those concerns to the back burner, for most people, it seems. And certainly there are enough outrages to be concerned about since then. Still, the important point remains that US voting is very susceptible to widespread manipulation and major fraud, and not a lot has changed since 2004. Once again the media did a bang up job sweeping everything under the rug.

UPDATE: The DOJ is looking into antitrust violations against ES&S.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ya the '04 election was very fishy indeed.
the '08 election didn't even need to be vote fixed - all they had to do was run a lying neo-con/half-wit (mccain/palin) against the *change* candidate (obama).
of course obama would win.
but where is the *change*?
obama has not only continued the bushco policies but has expanded them - trillions of $ for wars of aggression and crooked wall-street bankers, expansion of fascist patriot act and torture is continuing to this day.
do the math: obama = bush 3.

can't wait to see who bush 4 is!

12:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

October Surprise

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The states cannot even send out tax refunds, yet Israel continues to get billions from the US Government.

How Much Military Aid to Israel......Do You Provide?

3:44 AM  

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