Humint Events Online: How Fucked Up Is the Catholic Church?

Saturday, April 03, 2010

How Fucked Up Is the Catholic Church?

A senior Vatican priest speaking at a Good Friday service compared the uproar over sexual abuse scandals in the Catholic Church — which have included reports about Pope Benedict XVI’s oversight role in two cases — to the persecution of the Jews, sharply raising the volume in the Vatican’s counterattack.

The remarks, on the day Christians mark the crucifixion, underscored how much the Catholic Church has felt under attack from recent news reports and criticism over how it has handled charges of child molestation against priests in the past, and sought to focus attention on the church as the central victim.
What this guy says: "Comparing the well-earned disgust the entire world rightly feels over the system-wide rape of women and children by Catholic priests to the demented bigotry of Anti-Semitism is way, way, WAY beyond offensive."


Blogger nickname said...

Leaders of corrupt institutions and organizations have all "made their bones". Whether in organized crime, Presidential politics, the military,
law enforcement, the judiciary, large corporations, Hip-Hop culture,
KKK, CIA, religions, "religions" (Scientology, Jim Jones, the 38(?) year old Hindu Swami who was recently
shown in bed with two women) etc.,
no "bones", no possible rise to the top of the heap.

4:33 PM  

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