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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Other Pumpitout Pentagon Witnesses: Steve Storti

Steve Storti: Interesting guy, but kind of all blowhard know-it-all, too eager to talk, he happily went on for an hour with Hill. The biggest problem with Storti's account is his view wasn't that close-- about half a mile away, and he says he saw passengers moving in the rear windows of the plane. Says the plane came up 395 then banked right, says it was clearly an American plane. His address of 14th and Eads doesn't exist, but 15th and Eads shows up on Google maps. His annotated map can be seen here. He can't have seen the impact with the building from his perspective, says the fireball was 600 feet in diameter (sure).

Other points--
1) May not have represented his dealings with Craig Ranke properly (see link)-- possibly was trying to sow dissension in the field.

2) Basically supports official 9/11 story, with corruption and incompetence as the explanation. Strongly argued against WTC demolition. But also supports the idea of all conflicts being engineered by elites. Says US media publishes lots of lies, but doesn't indicate specifically what are the lies. His thoughts seem somewhat incongruous in these regards.

3) Not clear who Storti works for now, says he does counseling for stress. Trying to go to Iran to help deal with their "massive" drug abuse problem (?). Said he was having trouble getting a VISA for Iran as they suspect he is CIA.

4) Very annoying how happy the Pumpitout crew (particularly Shure, Broken Sticks, Yougene Debs) are to find a plane witness and prove Ranke wrong. They are highly biased towards the plane story and against Ranke. Though from what I have seen, Ranke seems reasonable.


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