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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Further Thoughts on "The Simpsons Movie"

Just watched some of this 2007 movie on TV, and again, struck by how blatant the quarantine references are.

The new thoughts I just had were:

1) very interesting how a sinkhole (which have been in the news over the summer, e.g. here) was used as a method of quarantine escape by the Simpsons.

2) in the move, Homer can be thought of as the primordial evil creature responsible for the placing of the quarantine -- and he and his family escapes from the Q via the sinkhole.

3) interesting how the angry mob chases the "evil" Homer Simpson -- much in the way that humans should chase the evil ultimate PTB on earth. Also, interesting that the mob chases the Simpsons into a hole in the ground (the sinkhole)-- somewhat analogous to the idea that humans on earth have chased the ultimate PTB into deep underground bases.

UPDATE: One other interesting meme in the movie is the Alaska theme, given the strong Alaska theme in national politics that appeared afterward, in 2008, with Sarah Palin.


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