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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Omnibus Post

Over-reaching intel watch-- personal spy drones on their way, probably already in limited use.

Obama intel watch: growing up in Indonesia, Obama's nanny was a gay man, who later became a tranvestite.

Article in NYTimes describes how China puts trouble-makers in mental asylums-- never would happen here, amirite?

The DEA "ignored" signs that their informant David Headley, plotter of the 2008 Mumbai attacks was becoming an Islamic radical.

Left and right meet at Orion Strategies-- Orion being code for the PTB.

In long interview with Rachel Maddow, Jon Stewart dismisses calling Bush a war criminal since many US presidents have committed war crimes -- and notes Obama could be considered a war criminal.

Airport security patdown madness-- article admits it's worthless at the end. Madness all around-- X-ray full-body scanners are clearly dangerous to frequent travelers. More here.

Houston, Texas covered up radioactive water-- and a classic 33: "The federal legal limit is set at 15 picocuries (a measurement for radiation), and the water system measured between 33 and 43 picocuries in all six of its most recent tests."

Israel madness-- Republicans pledge allegiance to Israel over US.

The CIA loved them some Nazis.

Bush's book even lamer than expected.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sad to see that there is no checking a little deeper when it comes to putting out certain limited hangouts. Why?

The predictable Greenwald diversion piece on Eric Cantor omits that Cantor went to George Washington University.

Even Wikipedia admits:

"The George Washington University, like much of Washington, D.C., traces many of its origins back to the Freemasons. The Bible that the presidents of the university use to swear an oath on upon inauguration is the Bible of Freemason George Washington. Freemasonry symbols are prominently displayed throughout the campus including the foundation stones of many of the university buildings. The Freemasons feel a special bond in helping the school throughout its history financially."

And where did Glen Greenwald get his B.A.?

Yes, the same George Washington (Freemason) University.

So they may even have the same controller at which ever intel agency and.or secret society they ultimately take orders from. This is also a favorite intel agency/secret society tactic. Have one agent appear to be "exposing" the other, all the while they are buddies.

And of course, perhaps every single member of Congress owes their allegiance to the same intel agency or secret society. They are all, or nearly all, slime. All the while some are involved in putting out the diversion away from their true masters, with obvious hangouts for those happy to count the wrong things.

BTW, the same Freemason bible that GW was sworn in on (which itself is a violation of the Constitutional freedom FROM all religion) was also used to swear in Warren G. Harding, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Jimmy Carter and GW Bush.

That it goes all the way back to George Washington in 1789, and the founding freemasons is telling as to who was in charge then, and still is to this day. With a major Op-Plan to pretend allegiance is owed to where it is not. It's a continuing Op-Plan at many places. Here too?

It's been made clear here that these perps consider all human beings as their enemy and are just waiting for the right time to incinerate us all. Diversions help them in controlling everyone. But this has been said many times before here.

Instead of looking for covertoperations, when it comes to this Op, the PUBLIC diversion/bullshit keeps getting promulgated here. Why?

You bet that EVERY member of Congress has sworn a foul secret oath. And it isn't to any country in the middle east.

1:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the CIA-Nazi thing is old news, of course.

But it too shows to those who can think that while the PUBLIC pretense of prosecuting Nazis was underway, the much higher level of intel agency/secret societies was involved in safeguarding these creatures. Because they had done what those in charge of the intel agencies and secret societies wanted.

Again there is a level of control that is far above the level of seeming autonomous countries. And the intel agencies and secret societies are part of that higher level. They will always safeguard those who do the most evil things to human beings. Countries, wars, justice, etc are all irrelevant. Of course,when things get too public, they will discard their own favorite people too.

Again showing how many more of the People there are, and their fear of being exposed or countered en masse.

They could lose, or have to show themselves in a full blown conflict, which OTHERS will then get involved in if, and when, they go too far.

2:09 PM  

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