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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Finally Fighting Back Against GOP Election Theft

It seems quite plausible that Anonymous stopped Karl Rove from stealing the election:

When I first heard about Rove being against calling Ohio live on FoxNews, I automatically suspected that he was up to no good, and undoubtedly had some plan to steal Ohio that hadn't kicked in yet.  The fact that the Sec. of State computers crashed in Ohio again in 2012 on election night, really support the idea of skullduggery, and that somehow the plan didn't work right-- presumably because Anonymous stopped the vote manipulation.

Some interesting history about the GOP stealing the presidential election, including the quite obscure case of Nixon sabotaging the Vietnam peace talks which is bolstered by a recently released tape of LBJ discussing the incident with a Republican leader and keeping it secret from the public.

In any case, this sort of history again goes to show why the GOP is the biggest threat we face, and any priority of an election is keeping those psychopaths out of national power-- only then, can we work on reforming the Democrats and getting better politics.

Further, the fact that LBJ covered up Nixon's treason, goes to show how all politicians cover up conspiracies-- in order to avoid "shocking the people" and to keep them from realizing that national politicians can commit such evil.  But the problem of course, is that maintaining such cover-ups, maintains the evil status quo.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is maybe one of the most important posts ever published here.

Because it teaches us that our history is no more noble than that of most other countries since time immemorial.

Our leaders and "leaders in waiting" -- aka Congressmen, Senators, and Governors, are all subject to the same dark impulses that constitute the "worser angels"
of our nature, and they are therefore just as capable of evil as any leader that ever lived.

We all need to know more about history, in order to prevent as much as possible, the repetition of it.


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Blogger spooked said...

A related piece on US crimes here:

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