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Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Global Terror-Drug Forever War

For the first time ever, Treasury has designated a key Taliban member–Mullah Naim Barich– not a terrorist, but a drug kingpin.
The Treasury Department has previously sanctioned Taliban leaders and affiliates for their support of terrorism, as well as money-exchange housessupporting the Taliban, but Thursday’s designation marks the first time the department has designated a senior Taliban official for narcotics trafficking.
Treasury said Thursday that Mullah Naim Barich, the “shadow governor” of Afghanistan’s largest opium-producing province, is a narcotics kingpin.
“Today’s action exposes the direct involvement of senior Taliban leadership in the production, manufacturing, and trafficking of narcotics in Afghanistan and underlines the Taliban’s reliance on the drug trade to finance their acts of terror and violence,” David S. Cohen, under secretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, said in a news release. “Treasury will continue exposing links between the international narcotics trade and terrorist networks, in Afghanistan, and wherever else they exist.”
Now, the Taliban and other Afghans have been neck deep in the opium trade forever. Indeed, Wikileaks just released a 2007 Stratfor document claiming that DEA had been ordered to back off Hamid Karzai’s now-deceased brother Ahmed Wali Karzai’s drug involvement.
Yet, as WSJ notes, Treasury has always gone after the Taliban via terrorism designations, not drug ones.
Terrorism designations will be more difficult to sustain if we “pull out” in 2014 declaring victory in Afganistan.
Worry not! We’ve got the Global War on Drugs in Afghanistan now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the Taliban and other Afghans have been neck deep in the opium trade forever.

the taliban are neck deep in the opium trade?
other afghans aside, the taliban had almost totally eliminated the opium trade in afghanistan until the US invasion/occupation. since then, the opium production has increased exponentially. here are many photos of actual US troops not only guarding the afghan poppy fields, but actually loading the stuff onto trucks. probably for the benefit of the CIA.

view photos here

6:29 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

good point-- it seems the Taliban was opposed to the opium trade, which makes this drug trade designation for the Taliban leader even more grotesque. Though possibly there is just some sloppiness here in who they are calling "Taliban", and these people aren't really Taliban?

9:08 AM  

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