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Sunday, November 18, 2012


I want to note a couple things I think are striking about Jim Fetzer:

1) He totally has moved towards the 9/11 scenario I have held for quite a while-- and blogged upon here (quite uniquely I might add) for some years-- the hijackings were a hoax, no planes hit the WTC and Pentagon and crashed in Shanksville, and the WTC towers were nuked.

 2) Like me, he is politically liberal and even supported Obama's re-election (though saying he preferred Ron Paul).  Note, Ron Paul is NOT a liberal and has some pretty obnoxious views of the same sort that cost the GOP the last election-- but at least Paul is against the American empire and the National Security State, which are hugely important issues.  If the election was between Ron Paul and Obama, that would have been awesome, but obviously that was not the choice we had.

Overall, he's kind of a blowhard, but in an endearing way, I think.  He is generally logical and he is very articulate.  His major downside is how he is overly gullible and/or non-challenging to his interviewees.  Oddly, he never seems to consider the idea of paid or intel 9/11/conspiracy shills.  Further, he never seems to synthesize a deeper overall conspiracy. Mostly he seems to blame conspiracies on Israel/Zionism and bankers. He hasn't synthesized anything about UFO/alien issues, and in this regard, may be a bit of a gatekeeper.

Still, I have to find points 1 and 2 gratifying, to a certain degree.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mostly he seems to blame conspiracies on Israel/Zionism and bankers. He hasn't synthesized anything about UFO/alien issues, and in this regard, may be a bit of a gatekeeper.

hmmm. blaming conspiracies on zionism is gate keeping from the real culprits who are UFO/aliens?
i submit that most conspiracies can be traced right back to their zionist roots.

6:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fetzer = bit of a Gatekeeper? Well, he does some things in common with a guy I used to know that I still believe was somehow involved with intelligence services work in Ghana. He was a former Marine Corps officer and graduate of Yale.

In Fetzer's case, I've corresponded with him about rather esoteric topica related to critical thinking - which is his academic field, as well as his analysis of the JFK, 9/11, and Senator Paul Wellstone cases, and based on what I believe is a very thorough knowledge of his
thinking with regards to these matters, I can say that I have wondered about whether he might be a gatekeeper, but I confess that I have not found any evidence that I think points in that direction.

He certainly is loathe to miss any opportunity to skewer Josiah Thompson (author of Six Seconds in Dallas) and he, Fetzer, has written extensively about disinformationists - and he strongly implies that is what Josiah is, whether paid or not - and I concur.

Fetzer DOES have a PR problem and is in need of some effective reputation management counsel.

11:06 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

6:19pm-- obviously, I am not one of those who thinks the whole UFO/ET field is pure disinfo. I also have trouble with blaming every evil conspiracy in the world on zionism.

11:06pm-- thanks, that's interesting. A.P., whatever happened to him, was convinced Fetzer was intel and a gatekeeper for the JFK assn. A.P. of course really thought Greer shot JFK, and that anyone who denied this was intel. I think there is some indication for Greer shooting JFK but it's not a slam-dunk case. Nor do I think it is such a make or break issue for what was clearly a massive conspiracy against JFK.

9:16 AM  

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