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Monday, April 29, 2013

Fake Boston Bombing Victim?

See here, here, here, here.  I'm sure there's many more.  I'm not going to post the pics because they make me queasy, but there are some interesting questions being asked. 

So-- the guy with the two legs gone and the left tibia sticking out from a stump has been analyzed heavily, and clearly it is a freaky, freaky scene.

Some of my thoughts:

1) the oddest thing overall is how this guy had two lower legs blown completely off and no one around him looks severely injured -- certainly nothing comparable.

2) how often does the media show something this gruesome? (though not really clear where this footage and the photos are coming from-- wish I could see the source)

3) the blood color looks fake, but hard to know for sure

4) why is this guy rolling around on the ground with two legs gone, and he is being FUCKING IGNORED by those around him???  Other people getting more attention. Totally bizarre.

5) wouldn't this guy have passed out??? But he is lying there grabbing his legs, then getting carted away, with just a dazed look...

6) I don't know about the whole bleeding versus cauterized argument-- it's not a slam-dunk that he would have been bleeding heavily, depending on the type of blast wound.

7) being pushed in a wheelchair down the street seems bizarre-- wouldn't you put this guy on a stretcher and make sure he had good tourniquets?  The tourniquet on him is a joke. Some video claims he was wheeled down the street twice, but really hard to see for sure.  Also that his prosthetic fell off while they were wheeling him.  Hard to see what really happened.

8) Why of all the amputees that are supposed to have occurred in the bombing, we only see this guy (at least, at the time of the bombing)?

9) the guy, Jeff Bauman, seems awfully chill about the whole thing in this interview here.

10) apparently he doesn't have enough health insurance and is looking for donations.

Really hard to know what to make of all this.

I think none of this would even be an issue if-- a) the official Tsarnaev story wasn't so lame, and b) there wasn't an announced bomb drill right before the blast, and c) a clear history of this sort of funny business in recent years.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

good points, I also thought about that a lot. fake victim would mean that he lost his legs in some other accident. then there probably would be other people who know this and who could tell that this is a hoax.
"1) the oddest thing overall is how this guy had two lower legs blown completely off and no one around him looks severely injured -- certainly nothing comparable." I thought so too until I noticed that krystle campbell who died on that day was pretty close to the location where he was. here is an animated gif, she is near the fence in the blue shirt screaming:
here she is already dead I think:
intelius says she really existed and I honestly don't think her injured bretzel legs are fake. another juicy pic of jeff bauman: note the severed foot in front of the red haired woman on the left, that is some gory detail that could be authentic. as far as the bright colour of the blood is concerned: debunkers say that this is because arterial blood is a bit brighter. dunno. I noted something in this pic though: it is jeff bauman handing a birthday gift to another victim, of course this is an arranged event. his legs are supposed to be amputed right below the knee but they appear shorter in this pic but it is hard to tell. I also noted that his legs were blown off but his face and arms look nearly unaffected by the blast.

Since it seems krystle campbell died near jeff bauman, I have no idea how they could place actors right beside real casualties. But the guy in the hooded sweater who puts on his sunglasses right after the blast looking really chilled - that is too strange. here is a nice article about cowboy arredondo: he is busy all the time wrestling with the scaffolding at the site or with his hat. jeff bauman lies there with his legs blown off and he only cares about his hat? he seems to be pretending some activity while waiting for his signal to rush a victim to the ambulance heroically. this really seems staged. it is possible that arredondo had a prescripted role in this scenario and waited for the right victim to be rushed to the ambulance. the devastated legs just look more awesome in a wheelchair than on a stretcher, possibly? the claim that he got rushed along the cameras twice: i don't buy that. I didn't really recognize anything in that footage, way too blurry. that they stopped to keep the fake prosthetics from falling: I didn't see that either. they did stop but I can't tell what they did. Anyway the scene of cowboy hero rushing the key witness to the ambulance really appears to be enacted. Why were there no ambulances on the scene? they would have blocked the view for the great propaganda footage.

what is really odd, is jeff baumans witness account right after his surgery, that he saw the guy putting a bag below his feet looking at him, not having a good time. The person then went away leaving his bag there. Such a behaviour should be highly alarming to anyone, this is an odd account. Who would look at someone while putting a bag with a bomb on the ground? It doesn't add up.

5:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

btw I'm not aware of any pictures taken at the site of the second explosion. it was further away from the finish line, I know - but no pictures at all?

6:03 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

yes, I totally agree with all of your points... parts of this seem very real and others staged. I didn't see that it clearly was Bauman they wheeled by twice, nor put back a prosthesis.

One other thing is someone with severe leg wounds, seems you'd want them lying down, not sitting, because of further risk of losing blood flowing down, plus big risk of going into shock from blood loss and loss of circulation to head.

It is odd how there are no pics from the second bomb site.

7:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

one would die within moments of severing both femoral arteries, and real blood starts turning brown almost instantly upon contact with air. i suspect that "blood" on the ground is movie blood or even red paint.

8:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know how quickly you bleed to death, when losing both legs in an accident. I used to see a video of a woman who lost both legs in an accident, she was lying on her belly trying to get up, conscious. the video lasted a few minutes, I asked myself how one can film this and not bothering to do anything for her. She reportedly died on the way to the hospital.

I have also heard a story about someone who killed himself. he cut both wrists and in addition to that he cut the carotid arteries on his throat. he walked around in his apartment and messed the whole place up with his blood, even the ceiling.

It is strange how bauman could lie there in front of the mysterious hooded guy with the sunglasses without completely covering him with blood. Could the blast have cauterized part of the arterial wounds? Did the shock keep more blood inside the victim?

Rushing him in a wheelchair is absolutely hilarious. "Why of all the amputees that are supposed to have occurred in the bombing, we only see this guy (at least, at the time of the bombing)?" ... and why of all the amputees is he the one who recognized the terrorist?

It appears staged like the robbie parker family of the sandy hook tragedy. other families of victims were never seen anywhere and the parker family was all over the media. another parallel between parker and bauman: fund raising.

9:09 AM  

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