Humint Events Online: Fake Boston Bombing Conspiracy Gets Picked Up by Press

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Fake Boston Bombing Conspiracy Gets Picked Up by Press

  • 'Disgusting' Facebook group called 'Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is innocent' attracts more than 11,000 fans worldwide
  • Conspiracy junkies believe double-amputee veteran pretended to be marathon spectator whose legs were blown off
  • Growing movement accuses the U.S. government and a private security company of staging the April 15 massacre
  • Grainy news footage and off-angle photos are evidence for claiming the Tsarnaev brothers surrendered but were killed by police
  • One theory holds that 'two men in drag planted the bombs'

My current theory is that Tamerlan was a brainwashed CIA patsy, who somehow recruited his brother to go along with the plot in some way.  I really am unsure about fake victims, though the idea of taking a guy with two legs blown off, without proper tourniquets and without stabilizing, and racing him down the street in a wheelchair is just freaking absurd.  The problem with fake victims is it just brings way too many people into the plot who need to be kept quiet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, what an article. "Conspiracy junkies", "a bunch of unbelievable idiots", "morons", "lunatics", "preposterous conspiracy theory", "These people need to use a thicker brand of tinfoil for their hats" - lots of slander.

this whole issue caused a lot of young facebook and twitter users to awaken to the government's lies as well as some real-life friends of dzhokhar tsarnaev. of course these youngsters fall for a lot of red herrings. Although it can be clearly heard in the footage of the shoot-out that one of the brothers is yelling "we give up, we give up - we didn't do it" inspite of dailymail saying this is not so.

another funny detail I wasn't aware of is that tamerlan tsarnaev had a youtube channel where he had posted some favourite videos and playlists with islamic music videos and videos about jihad. under his real name. now that would be an odd thing to do for someone planning terrorist acts in the US - posting such playlists on CIA google's youtube.

I can't wait to see how the younger brother will act in court during his trial. now the prosecutors said they may not sentence him to death him if he willingly describes details of the crime. will he be a drugged patsy, will he be capable of speaking?

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