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Monday, June 16, 2014

Parachuting from the WTC?

I was thinking about the WTC jumpers, and wondering if any of them thought of trying to fashion an impromptu parachute from curtains or whatever material they might have, to try to float down rather than plunging to their doom. I know they would have been stressed, and not thinking clearly, and it was risky and might not work. But still, anything would have been better than jumping to certain death. It's still hard to comprehend the whole jumping thing. I know some think they were fake (I don't) or forced out by psychological methods (maybe), rather than people wanting to avoid getting burned to death.

Which reminds me of this old thread, where I asked why firemen never tried to use an airbag or anything like that to catch the jumpers. The shills were all over me for that.  I don't think it's such a crazy question, even if it wasn't practical.

Did anyone ever try to map out what floors the jumpers came from and how many total there were? Did they come from many places or a few?

So many unresolved questions about 9/11, still.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Videos showed only a few (alleged)
jumpers. Certainly nowhere near 200.

What evidence convinces you that there were ANY jumpers?

Dummies, maybe. but not humans.

P.S. is Captchpa STILL necessary?

7:00 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

Re Captcha, yes, there is a lot of spam.

I'm not sure how strong the evidence for jumpers is. I never looked into that carefully. I think the Simon Shack people think they are fake, which kind of turned me off, since those people go overboard with the whole fakery thing.

10:11 PM  

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