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Monday, June 16, 2014

Slate Columnist: Don't Share Bogus No-Planes Articles on Facebook

This is an odd piece all the way around.

It's good in a way, that people are passing around a no-planes video on Facebook, and good that Slate is advertising this too. It's a 2 minute "analysis" of the famous Hezarkhani "ghostplane" video that first mentions how the plane slices too easily through the building then focuses on the wing going behind a building when it should have gone it front according to the narrator. And of course, the whole point is that the no-planes "proof" shown in the video is stupid and easily debunkable, which is of course why Slate is publishing this article.

Naturally, Slate ignores the obvious other fakery shown in the video-- the cartoonish image and movement of the plane, the bogus entry into the building. They naturally laugh off the whole idea of no-planes, and are offended that people would "unquestioningly" share this on Facebook.

For Christ's sake, isn't it laudable that people are posting something interesting and of major significance, if true, on Facebook, rather than the usual trite and trivial crap?

Of course not, according to the shill author of the piece, Scott Huler.

At the same time, we need to have questions about who put together the original bogus no-planes video "proof", and wonder what their real agenda was. How did it get 2.5 million hits???

Also, what is this site "Tell Me Now" and when did it become so popular as to even get people to post no-planes stuff on Facebook 187,000 times?  That's a bit weird in its own right, though I guess once something gets on Facebook, it can take off easily. Plus, a lot of non-Americans may be more open to no-planes, and Facebook is all over the world. The TellMeNow site is an odd mix of things, never saw it before; I'm not sure what to make of it.


Blogger Saul Trane said...

More 9/11 No-Planes debunkery here:

Don't be a dupe. And spread the word.

11:23 PM  

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