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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Slaughter of Gaza

It's really hard to know whether this is my particular media bubble, or something wider, but I see a lot of people calling out Israel for their war crimes in Gaza... and there is a sense people are more receptive to the idea that Israel has gone way too far.

I must say that Democracy Now! (even though they suck on certain topics), has done a tremendous job of reporting from Gaza in the past two weeks, and showing the Palestinian side. For instance, the latest report today is typical of what they have been doing lately. Focusing on Gaza like no other news agency I've seen. It's upsetting how most "liberal" blogs are totally ignoring the Gaza situation. Particularly pathetic is Talking Points Memo, which has completely ignored it, and probably no coincidence the owner of the site is Jewish.

Back to Democracy Now!-- this report on the protest at "Friends of the IDF" was very moving to me. The fact that there is an organization in the US that raises $ for the Israeli Defense Forces, is just sick. I'm glad to see decent people were protesting these assholes.

Once more with feeling-- Fuck Israel!
And that does not mean I support Hamas.

No ceasefire without justice for Gaza


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