Humint Events Online: Is Ferguson the Start of an Engineered Race War?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Is Ferguson the Start of an Engineered Race War?

A major race war has long been the prediction of right-wingers. The continued protests and upheaval in Ferguson, MO signify something very major going on.

The Ferguson police have repeatedly exacerbated the situation. The latest oddity I found this morning regards the famous robbery video of Michael Brown.

1) the attorney for the market where the video was taken says no one called 9/11 to report a robbery. HOW did the police know about this tape then? Why was it even released?

2) a different video tape that hasn't been widely released shows Brown at the store counter, apparently paying for goods and walking calmly away. How does this fit with robbery?

3) the US DOJ apparently told the Ferguson police not to release the video. But the police did it anyway, certainly inflaming tensions, and then making it worse by saying the cop who shot Brown did not know of the robbery.

Was there even a robbery? What is the Ferguson police doing here? Why have they repeatedly taken inflammatory actions?

Another oddity is how the cop who shot Brown seemed in a daze after the shooting, had no explanation for what happened. Was he mind controlled in some way?

I imagine the rioters/looters are led by agent provocateurs.

Who is running the Ferguson police? It doesn't seem to be the Feds, at least not the DOJ.

Of course Alex Jones is going nuts over this... and as usual, he's partly right, but largely off-base.


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There's a "33" in the Twitter link from Mike Brown you posted...

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