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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Real Benghazi Scandal

-- was the CIA running guns and arming and building up ISIL/ISIS in Benghazi. Perhaps the attack on the compound was to cover this up. Of course neither party really wants to dig into this aspect of the story, which has basically died now, even though the GOP went nuts convincing themselves there was some vague Obama perfidy involved. 

I suspect the reason Benghazi has disappeared as a scandal, is to allow the media to focus on how enemy #1 is now ISIL/ISIS, and we need to (spend billions to) bomb them in Iraq. And of course, there is hardly any secret that one main thing we are bombing is US military hardware that was left in Iraq.

The age-old pattern of the US military-industrial-intelliegnce-banking complex. Create an enemy and then build up a case to attack it. Of course, the ISIL/ISIS leader al-Baghdadi was apparently radicalized during time he spent in a US military prison...

Another thought is that part of the reason for building that huge US embassy complex in Baghdad was to have a good reason to intervene when they brought in ISIS to destabilize Iraq...

Finally, even dropping humanitarian aid can be, errr... complicated:
WASHINGTON -- The Pentagon says it is changing the color of the food aid packages being dropped over Afghanistan because of fears they could be confused with unexploded cluster bombs.

Both are yellow and approximately the same size.
In future the food packages, known as Humanitarian Daily Rations (HDR), are likely to be colored blue -- although the decision on the new coloring has yet to be finalized.

Announcing the change Air Force General Richard Meyers described the possibility of a mix-up between the HDR packages and unexploded cluster bomblets as "unfortunate".

However, he said with thousands of packages already in the pipeline it would be some time before the new ration packs were available to be airdropped.

Speaking at a Pentagon news conference Meyers said that since the bombing campaign began on October 7 more than a million food packets had been dropped.

The dropping of food aid as well as bombs on Afghanistan has been an important part of the public relations campaign pushed by the Bush administration, which has repeatedly stressed that it has no quarrel with the Afghan people themselves.


The U.S has dropped leaflets warning Afghans how to tell the difference between bombs and food packages. 
The individual cluster bombs units used in Afghanistan -- known as 'bomblets' -- are metal, shaped like a soft drink can and packed with high explosives.

The HDR packages are rectangular, of a similar size to the bomblets, covered in yellow plastic and contain a 2,000 calorie meal.

Yay, freedom.


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