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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Our Fucked Up World Can Be Overwhelming

Was flight MH17 shot down by Ukraine?

Ebola-infected patients brought to US.

Toxic Algae Blooms Threaten Water Supplies All Over

CIA's illegal spying, and ridiculously idiotic lying, over torture cover-up.

9/11 was a British/Saudi job? What countries were redacted from 9/11 report? LaRouchites have an idea.

and then... there is Israel-Gaza

The Israeli war-crimes continue (note this was from Sunday 8/2).
A cease-fire apparently has taken hold, Israel has withdrawn for now.

Twitter has the most gruesome Gaza news.

Democracy Now! has been amazingly and refreshingly pro-Palestinian during this horrible war. They even did a piece questioning the Iron Dome systemThey had a great interview with Norman Finkelstein today,  about brutally evil Israel, the tunnel scam and their missle scam.

Excellent overview of the Gaza situation.

Tunnel propaganda from the NYTimes.

A good piece on what the bombing of Gaza looks and sounds like.

How Israeli media propaganda works.

Israel insanely tries to control freedom of speech in Europe.

Israel's genocidal tendencies, here is where is starts.

Great and fascinating piece from lefty Jews visiting Israel during the war.

Why Israel should stop teaching the holocaust and evil.

More criminal Israeli acts-- here, here, and this is fucked up.

Good basic info about Israel:

Cut off all aid, yes, but won't happen in the near future.

Until then-- Boycott, Divest, Sanction = BDS


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