Humint Events Online: The Problems with the Sandy Hook Hoax Being Part of a Gun Control Plot

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Problems with the Sandy Hook Hoax Being Part of a Gun Control Plot

As has been alleged by Fetzer, Halbig, Smallstorm and their allies, the Sandy Hook shootings were a hoax was a plot, run by the Obama administration (masterminded by Atty General Eric Holder) to enact a strict gun control agenda.

Though I admit that the Sandy Hook shootings do look like a hoax, I have long had issues with this gun control idea, for several reasons:

1) why aren't the Republicans, who have been uniformly against gun control, going after the Obama administration on this most obvious, traitorious and nefarious of plots? Particularly this is confusing since they have gone after him on so many other conspiracies (birth certificate, Benghazi, etc).

2) where is the NRA? They have no problem with wild accusations and conspiracy theories, and you think they'd be all over this one.

3) why did the Obama administration only try to promote the mildest of gun control legislation (mandatory background checks) after the shootings, if they set up this massively sympathetic argument for major gun control?

4) where is the evidence that any national politician is trying to take away guns in any serious way (banning one type of gun does not count)

Any good rebuttals to these points? I'm open to any logical arguments.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

there is so much evidence for sandy hook being a hoax that it is almost comical.
that the PTB that perpetrated this hoax have failed in their feeble attempt at gun control is even more comical.
but don't worry - there will probably soon be a massive nuke attack courtesy of 'iran' or 'russia' to justify more U.S. war-mongering.

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Politicians that don't have a dog in a specific fight, avoid taking s stand that would cost them more votes than they might gain.

None of what you said means they don't all support a disarmed public.

Besides, gun control legislation may not have even been an important reason for the SH exercise/hoax.

What makes you think it was?

6:35 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

It's obvious on so many levels that the Sandy Hook shooting story is an elaborate hoax... But so obvious that it's almost TOO obvious - if someone had the power to set this up there's no way they would have made so many glaring mistakes. Couldn't they have easily made a fake video of the shooting (instead of having no video), etc.? And wouldn't it have been much easier to just orchestrate a REAL school shooting instead of an elaborate hoax of one? No I don't think it's about the gun-control agenda either... Much more to this story than that.

8:26 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

6:35 pm-- most people who talk about Sandy Hook being a hoax, seem to think it was about gun control.

Basic background checks were all that was really pushed at the Federal level after Sandy Hook. They are very popular in the public, except the GOP staunchly resisted even that, apparently due to the influence of the NRA. So it's possible that the GOP was corrupt enough to be swayed by NRA donations but too worried by public opinion if they promoted "conspiracy theories".

7:51 PM  
Anonymous subg88 said...

The Republicans and Democrats are and have been playing the same game, that's you first problem. You've got to look for the man behind the curtain.

8:18 PM  

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