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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Charlie Hebdo, Etc

I'm not sure what's more frustrating-- that all these major terrorist attacks occur from people well-known to the authorities and that should have been under heavy surveillance, or that our blessed media never seems to care about this fact.

Every ... Single ... Fucking ... Time.

Because of course, the intelligence agencies always have our best interests at heart and could never do anything wrong, and must NEVER be questioned.


Let's not return to the scheduled programming.

Is there any doubt that in the aftermath of these smaller scale terror attacks, that there will be an even larger police state required to deal with this never-ending terrorism?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are numbing our minds with hilarious facts like the passport left in the car by one of the Kouachi brothers and all the other nonsense that never adds up.

And it is interesting that such events always happen, when it suits the PTB. And of course the authorities stopped the surveillance of the Kouachi brothers and of Amedy Coulibaly a half year ago. What a coincidence. How convenient!

How stupid do they think people are to believe this crap?

2:37 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

enough people seem stupid enough for their purposes...

4:11 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

and of course the French go crazy over this, and approve military action against ISIS...

This Syrian Girl video is decent:

And this is good:

4:15 PM  

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