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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bernie Sanders

It's no secret that I am politically liberal, and in the past few years I have downplayed justice for deep conspiracy crimes to work towards social justice and world peace-- more traditional liberal activities and less controversial forms of activism. In large part, this is because conspiracy matters still face a massive wall that our society can't seem to overcome-- and at the same time, we are making real progress in social awareness and progress, I think largely thanks to the internet and social media. So I have not changed my views on 9/11 or deep politics, but I have refocused my energies slightly (my energies such as they are).

So clearly Bernie Sanders has created a massive amount of excitement in the political world (for instance)-- like nothing seen for a long time if ever. There's no doubt his basic political views align well with mine, and obviously he is a huge improvement over Hillary and the vast array of GOP idiots.

He's not perfect by any means, and if elected president, he's not likely going to give us breakthroughs on 9/11 or other deep conspiracies. But in my opinion, his basic sensibilities are in the right place for peace and social justice and economic justice. His policy ideas actually align very well with what most Americans want, and he is not even a vocal proponent of gun control. He's brutally honest about many issues and seems remarkably uncorrupted. Coming in from outside of the Democratic party to run as a Democrat is a good thing too, and it's very wise move for him and for Democrats.

So, basically, this is a long post saying that for now, I'm totally on board with Bernie Sanders for president.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

If only Senator Sanders had the skills of LBJ when it comes to getting legislation passed, but maybe public opinion will sway Congress into doing the right thing- if only just to buttress their own re-election chances.

The public has always supported the issues that Senator Sanders supports.

2:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I can overlook his Zionism and support for Israeli war crimes. Plus his foreign policy record is not all that good in other ways. Of course, he's no worse than Hillary or, presumably, whoever the next Republican presidential nominee will be, but I'm not sure I can vote for someone who defends Israel, and who has defended U.S. "humanitarian" aggression in the past.

Domestically, I tend to agree with him.

4:10 PM  

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