Humint Events Online: "New" Proof of WTC6 Demolition

Thursday, July 16, 2015

"New" Proof of WTC6 Demolition

Wow, this is pretty much a slam dunk proof of some sort of bomb going off in WTC6.

I think I had seen it a long time back, but it never really sunk in before.

This is the key:

This was clearly before WTC1 went down. And even if we assume that the smoke is from WTC2, that tower was too far from WTC6 to do that kind of damage.

There is more evidence for early WTC6 damage described here.

Now one odd thing is there seems to be some WTC7-like debris in the street, near the hole. Remember how WTC7 had that odd straight gash down its front?

This fits two other things:
-- Barry Jennings' story of WTC7 blowing up before the WTC towers went down
-- EMT Patricia Ondrovic's story of flashes in WTC6 before the towers went down.

What's really needed is the original photo here-- can't 


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