Humint Events Online: Does Election Fraud Show that Bernie Sanders Is a Fraud?

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Does Election Fraud Show that Bernie Sanders Is a Fraud?

As I posted here a couple weeks back, there is decent evidence that the Democratic primary election has been manipulated in favor of Hillary Clinton, and against Bernie Sanders.  

And this issue hasn't gone away, despite the MSM totally ignoring it.

However, Lee Camp on RT has done a great job keeping the story alive:

Recently there was a study done by researchers associated with Stanford, supporting the idea of fraud.  The link there is from the famous debunking site Snopes, and they really did not even debunk it at all!

And the vote count in CA and CO has changed as counting and recounting continues.

So, we certainly have prima facie evidence of election fraud.

Where is Bernie Sanders on this? Why isn't he calling for investigations and bringing attention to it?  Is he ultimately another sell out?

Despite the many good things he has said in this campaign, he clearly is no beacon of truth on terrorism or 9/11, etc.

But he's brought a lot of energy and excitement into the campaign-- that now will likely get channeled towards Clinton. He's come very close to beating Hillary.

So why hasn't he pushed the issue of election fraud???

Is he ultimately a member of the dreaded "fake opposition Democrats"???


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bernie lost his chances almost a year ago. He's a wimp. Hillary's a fighter. Dirty fighter. Bernie has convinced many progressives to vote for Dr. Jill Stein. She's not a fighter either, but she WILL be on the ballot.

8:55 PM  

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